5 sweet points on Gillette’s new “Flexball” razor

5 sweet points on Gillette's new
5 sweet points on Gillette’s new “Flexball” razor
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The shaving industry is going through a difficult time lately. Beards are there, women do not shave anything else, and “luxury” shaving products and shaving clubs are becoming more and more popular. How will big shaving companies compete? With … uh, bullets?

1. You will not have to buy new blades

First of all, to answer the first concern, no, you will not have to throw your five-blade Gillette Fusion razors. This is essentially an update of the Fusion line, where you can pay $ 11.50 for the “manual” version or $ 12.50 for the silly version that has a battery in it for no explainable reason. Seriously, why is there a pile in a razor that makes it vibrate? At least the FlexBall technology makes sense.

2. It pivots much more

Essentially, the key point here is that it rotates more. You know how, when you try to get this last group of hairs on your face, you twist it as if you had eaten a whole lemon? Gillette claims you do not have to do this anymore, and you can fit their Flexballs into all those little hard-to-reach crevices on your face as it turns left and right as well as up and down. Yes, there are Flexballs in the handle. They are giant and orange. Yes, it sounds silly.

Yet, honestly, it’s a very good idea. Every guy has this problem, and it’s true that it’s minor, but hey, razor businesses need to add features too.

3. This adds to more efficiency, in theory

Gillette calls for two improvements by making a more flexible razor. The first is that you will lose 20% less hair on your face, which is important enough for the shaggy. And that makes sense. If you are able to shave more effectively, you will naturally get the hair that keeps growing between your nose and your cheek. The other claim is that the razor gets your stubble of 23 microns shorter.

No, you will never notice 23 microns less on your face.

4. Apparently, these are for men only

What we need to ask … really? Come on, why do you always keep this particular fiction? Each man at one point used a “women’s” razor because that was what it was, just as every woman at one point used the razor of her father or brother. It’s not like you’re dipping them in testosterone before shipping them. It puts a little emphasis on how clumsy shaving products are they expect us to believe that a thin, thin piece of steel will not cut you off based on genetics.


5. It will be available in June

You will not have to wait very long to test Flexballs yourself: they will arrive in mid-June and will probably be the subject of a strong marketing push. We’ll be curious to try them, but in the same way, if you subscribed to Dollar Shave Club, it will be hard to argue with Gillette, no matter how many balls they add to their products.

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