Best Radar Detector 2018: Long-Range Driver Protection

Best Radar Detector 2018: Long-Range Driver Protection
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To make our list of the best detectors 2018 radar, each unit must meet or exceed the following criteria: twin radar antennae, longer range capabilities, false filtering positive, GPS, setting the automatic sensitivity and radar detection protection . As an added bonus, we also sought a model that could block the laser traps, which can not be detected, but rather upset.

What is the top radar detector for your driving needs? Whether on the road or in the city, the last radar detectors are equipped with application compatibility, new customization options, and a longer range than the older models. Here are some of the best options around.

Top Radar Detectors Compared

9500ci radar detector detector escorts ix-radar detector Beltronics-gt-7-radar
Escort Passport 9500ci improved Escort Radar Laser Detector iX Beltronics GT-7 radar detector
Rang # 1 – Editor’s Choice / Best police radar detector # 2 – Best Escort radar detector # 3 – Best Radar Detector for money
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K-band, Ka-band and X-band green check mark green check mark green check mark
Laser green check mark green check mark green check mark
Filtering False Alert green check mark green check mark green check mark
laser Jammer green check mark rouge-x-icon rouge-x-icon
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Price 499 $ 418 $ 389,99 $
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Choosing us the best radar detector

It is evident in the list above that there is a bias towards radar detectors Escort / BEL. Initially I infamous V1 included (Valentine 1), but could not recommend it in good faith that modern radar detectors have left V1 in the dust. From my experience, the V1 encounter an excessive number of false alarms and the current hardware does nothing to mitigate how Escort done with AutoLearn.

The criteria for selecting a modern radar detector:

  • Dual radar antennas (front / rear):  All radar detectors use two antennas, but it is a plus.
  • Range:  all detectors mentioned above – show a radar range / upper laser ( has a large amount of data on tracks).
  • False alarm filter:  using digital signal processors and AutoLearn.
  • GPS:  Since the implementation of the photo is widespread, you need a GPS radar detector that cross a basic speed reference data / red light cameras with your GPS position to help you warn their location.
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment:  at lower speeds sensitivity is made back to prevent the nuisance signal detecting radar as automatic doors.
  • Detector protection detector radar:  The police Virginia RDD can use devices (detector radar detector) as the spectrum for detecting the illegal use of radar detectors. Most radar detectors manufactured today are immune to the Specter detection, but it is a good idea to check your radar detector if you are driving in Virginia or Canada.
  • A Plus:   Laser jammers (also called ‘Controllers’). Traditional radar detectors that have laser detection depend on cars prior to being targeted by laser to warn you. But if there is no vehicle in front of you and a target vehicle police officer laser, then it is probably too late and you’ll get a ticket. However, if you are willing to invest money and are interested in preventing full tickets and almost guaranteed, while laser shifters are the way to go.

Why you should by a new radar detector?

The most obvious reason to buy a new radar detector is to have the latest technology available to help reduce the chances of getting a ticket. Former model of radar detectors are annoying due to their high frequency of false alarms, and packaging drivers to ignore threats legitimate when they occur. The new radar detectors use GPS and camera databases red light / speed to help you alert areas and intersections where you need to slow down and take precautions. The new radar detectors also commonly use AutoLearn to eliminate the automatic doors and similar false alarms when driving around town, what makes your driving experience much more enjoyable and anxiety free. Another feature of modern radar detectors is that they integrate with smartphone applications to take advantage of the coming community based on speed traps,

By far the best reason to get a new radar detector is to ensure that your insurance rates are not rocket sky after getting a speeding ticket. According to Forbes, a single speeding ticket can increase your insurance premiums up to 22%. Think of a radar detector as insurance against the high insurance premiums.

Why should you trust me

I’m automotive engineer and founder of  CarSumo  , and have used almost all brands of radar detector on the market today, including but not limited to Cobra, Escort and Valentine radar detectors.

If you wonder why the Valentine V1 did not list that is because he has not the essential features that a modern detector, such as GPS, alarm filtering false, AutoLearn and integrations smartphone. In addition, you must purchase a separate key to make it compatible with your Android or iOS device.

#1 Pick Escort Passport 9500ci Enhanced – Editor’s Choice/Best Police Radar Detector

9500ci radar detector

The 9500ci radar detector offers the most robust and more expensive.

Price:  1443 $  | Hidden:  Yes | Laser Jammer:  Yes | Smartphone Compatible:  Yes

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   The full etmeilleur radar detector package.

If you are looking for the Lamborghini radar detectors, then you are at right place. This nominal best radar detector comes with all the bells and whistles, including laser jammers, radar remote mounted for discreet installation, false alarm Autolearn to filter alerts annoying automatic doors, and more.

But the top radar detector on the market comes with a high price tag that the Passport 9500ci Optimizer run you nearly $ 2,000 (~ $ 1,500 on Amazon). The price is high because of laser jammers included – that give you peace of mind knowing that you essentially never get a speeding ticket. Traditional radar detectors without laser jammers have the ability to detect laser only if the vehicle ahead is targeted by laser, but if a 5-0 specifically targets your vehicle and you do not have laser jammers – then it’s too late slow down to avoid a ticket.

One of the nicest features of this system is its ability to AutoLearn. The 9500ci uses GPS to remember where false alarms are detected. If a false alarm is detected three times in the same place the detector will not sound an alarm the fourth time that the location is past. If all this were not enough, the 9500ci takes a step further by tapping into a national database of red light and speed to alert you to the place where they are to give an extra level of defense against the system.

If you accelerate (for good reason), this superior radar detector system (and laser jammers) you can buy. That all said, it’s also discreet, if the cops do identify from afar, even when you are not using it, which can often get involved in a ticket excess speed.

# 2 Pick  – Escort long distance iX – Best Escort radar detector

radar detector Escort iX

The Escort iX does everything, except the jam lasers.

Price:   377.98 $  | Hidden:   No | Laser Jammer:   No | Smartphone Compatible:  Yes

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   excellent detection with additional caractéristiquessécurité etalertes.

If the Enhanced 9500ci is a bit beyond your budget (do not feel bad), then consider the iX Escort he performs at a comparable level but without laser jammers and is not remotely mounted.

It has an upper radar and laser range made possible by the front and rear antennas face for protection 360 degrees, a digital signal processor for filtering false alarms, and has a sensitivity depending on the speed so that when you drive around a low-speed parking lot radar detector ignores things like automatic doors. And just like the Enhanced 9500ci, the iX comes with Defender light red and database radars to help the audible alerts of their locations. Last but not least the iX pairs with Live Escort smartphone application to help recognize the speed traps submitted by other drivers using Escort and BEL radar detectors.

# 3 pick  Beltronics GT-7 – Best Radar Detector for money

beltronics gt 7 radar detector

As the models Escort (same owner), this radar detector provides superior protection with a slightly lower price tag.

Price:   $ 349.99  | Hidden:   No | Laser Jammer:   No | Smartphone Compatible:  Yes

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   Excellent range and detection abilities.

Since BEL and coaching are divisions of the same company, you will find that radar detectors share many of the same performance features and differ only in the original packaging, and GUI (Graphical User Interface). That said, it is undeniable that the GT-7 is by far one of the sexiest radar detectors we have ever seen. But clearly if you make your decision to buy a radar detector based on the way it is sexy, then you probably should not buy one.

Anyway, the GT-7 has a similar radar range to high-end models such as the Enhanced 9500ci, has the function of speed sensitivity to block low-level threats at lower speeds, and uses the GPS in conjunction with Defender database owner of the red speed light cameras to detect threats to avoid costly excess speed. Like other products Escort GT-7 is good to filter out false alarms with its powerful digital signal processor and uses AutoLearn to remember the location of nuisance signals such as automatic doors when you are driving in the city.

Mention Honorable  Escort Max360

escort max 360 radar detctor

The Escort Max360 provides robust protection but at a high price.

Price:   $ 449.99  | Hidden:   No | Laser Jammer:   No | Smartphone Compatible:  Yes

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   Easy to use and operate complete avecprotection.

One of the best radar detector 2017 is the Max360, offering all around protection, easy installation and an intuitive smartphone app. After using Max360 for a few weeks, I can honestly say it is one of the best radar detector on the market. It is perfect border, and the price, while a small, easily defensible because Escort will pay for your first post, if you get while using it.

In addition, the Max360 provides 360 degrees of protection (hence its name), self learns where false positives are to your daily movements via GPS, and has a fairly intuitive iPhone application.

What else to think

It is important to know that radar detectors are illegal in Virginia, Washington DC and military bases of the United – States. So if you plan to use in one of the states mentioned above – I suggest to purchase  our # 1 choice  , what is hidden in the system. Of course it is expensive, but the opportunity cost of using another model, which can be seen, will probably net out at a higher cost (eg fines).

That all said, speeding is illegal, so in effect you still break the law while avoiding the trouble. To this end, while accelerating may seem justifiable to go from one point to another faster, there is no piece of technology that can turn an accident or worse, death. We must provide prudent practice while exceeding the speed limit and use wise judgment when leveraging the power of a radar detector.

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