Adobe’s Mighty Project Incorporates Touch Ruler and Stylus

Adobe's Mighty Project Incorporates
Adobe’s Mighty Project Incorporates Touch Ruler and Stylus
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Maybe I’m old school, but if I want to brainstorm, I have to use a pen and paper, or in other cases a whiteboard and a dry erase marker. I do not know about the facts, but I’m willing to bet that the process involves the creative part of my brain that is otherwise left out when I tap a keyboard. Anyway, I’m much freer with an ink-based writing tool and so the idea behind Adobe’s Project Mighty.

Project Mighty is purely in the concept phases, although Adobe’s vice president of product experience, Michael Gough, attests to using it for the past year. Unlike Wacom’s stylus, which includes hardware for detecting pressure changes on the tip of the pen, Adobe is designed to do it through the app. And the app can discern between a finger, say for erasing or zooming, relative to the pen, which should greatly reduce frustration and increase efficiency when scribbling. One rule is also included, one for a tablet drawing accessory and another that will definitely help bridge the technical gap between a Wacom touch screen and the Adobe Mighty Project on a tablet PC. It is not entirely clear how this will work, but the application will be able to detect the position of the ruler, help draw straight lines and probably a myriad of other features. Of note, the stylus also includes a memory storage and a rechargeable battery.

Although I know that the Mighty Project Pen and the rule will connect via Bluetooth to the iPad , we still do not know when and if it will happen on the market. Adobe has not talked much about the accompanying app, so at this point everything is in the air. That being said, the iPad is not exactly an appropriate replacement for a Wacom tablet or a touch screen device, as there is still a very obvious backlog when drawing, something that Microsoft Surface is supposed to miss.

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