Aerus Air Purifiers Review and Numbers Analysis

Aerus Air Purifiers
Aerus Air Purifiers Review and Numbers Analysis
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Aerus Holdings LLC is a company based out of Dallas Texas. They own 9 companies, several of which carry air purification product lines. They carry 4 models under the Aerus Company brand. Aerus technology uses HEPA standard filtration, carbon odor filtration, ionization, and Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology in their air cleaner systems. These air filtration systems change the air in a room 7-9 times in an hour. This is clearly one of the stand-out features of these systems. To really get the particle count low to help an asthma sufferer, the purifier should be changing the air at least 5 times an hour.

Aerus purifiers range in coverage from 100 to 2000 square feet. They also have a commercial product covering 2500 square feet. We were only able to gather enough data to analyze the AQ 1000 and Lux Guardian, which by our estimates costs in range from 26-35 cents per square foot covered per year. These estimates are based on costs spanning ten years. The cost to cover 3000 square feet with these air cleaners ranges from $7848.98 to $10585.89 over 10 years.

These Aerus systems are highly efficient at particle removal and carry quality filters. The Lux Guardian provides the best cost-benefit value because it combines the most air cleaning technologies and has the lowest cost per square foot when it is used. Aerus does not provide the same warranty to all its air purifiers. Some Aerus systems only carry a one year warranty. Others carry up to a 5 year warranty with certain exceptions. For example, some Aerus purifiers carry a 5yr warranty on the motor and fan, but only a one year warranty on all other parts. Some systems that Aerus warranty’s for one year can be upgraded to a 5 year warranty under certain conditions. If you are looking to purchase an Aerus purifier, you should consult with the company about the warranty.

Aerus air purifiers are average when compared to the options available on the market. They provide excellent filter efficiency and meet HEPA standards but they are average when it comes to cost per square foot. These air purifiers will certainly provide satisfaction to customers but they are not what we consider one of the best buys available on the market. However, these air purifiers will do well in a valuable niche market because they are quality products that address the needs of some asthma and allergy sufferers.

Best Aerus Air Purifiers for Your Home

Do you know that most people buy the worst air purifier for their homes?

Not knowing how to choose the right machines, these people allow the late-night infomercials to educate them on the right air cleaning machines to buy. And of course, letting those spokesmen tell you what to do is like leaving your neck on the chopping block.

I will let you know how to buy the best air cleaner for your home. It will not be based on the infomercial knowledge but based on my experience as an air cleaner salesperson. These are the things that should be in your checklist if you are shopping for one.

1. Avoid Ozone Producing Machines
This should be your first priority. Ozone producing models are hazardous for your health. If you do not believe me, please Google for “ozone + health effect” and see it for yourself.

To make sure you do not buy ozone producing machine, buy one labeled as HEPA air purifiers. These are military standard filters designed to clean the air from harmful gases. The machines are more expensive but they are safe. If the machine is labeled as “ionic” or “electrostatic” air cleaning machine, it may produce ozone.

2. Check your spaces
If you are planning to buy a machine just for your room, you do not have to spend up to a thousand dollar for a machine. Estimate the size of your room and find a machine that is suitable for the size.

A lot of machines are expensive because those are designed for big spaces – such as your living room. So, if you choose a smaller one that fits your room size, you will save a lot of money.

3. Calculate carefully
Be a savvy buyer. Calculate the long term cost of owning an air purifying machine before you say yes to the salesperson. A lot of machines may look cheap but will bury you to no end with short lived filters.

Find a machine that has long warranties. Warranties for air purifier varies from one year to a lifetime.

4. Keep your eye on the brands
Because the market is lucrative, the number of companies entering the air cleaning business is huge. The best bet is to buy machines from companies with good track records.

Machines like IQAir, BlueAir, Austin or Alen have all been proven effective either by a virus outbreak (where IQAir was used) or by independent testing by manufacturer associations.

Ignore machines that comes out of a TV infomercials. Those machines are cleverly marketed but are mostly ineffective.

5. Buy one that fits your needs
Air cleaners vary from one that is designed to clean indoor air pollution to one that controls toxic gases.

If you have no respiratory problems and live in a normal neighborhood, a simple machine like one from Alen is suitable. However for more serious pollution you can look at IQAir for better control. For those who are very sensitive to multiple substances, Allerair may be more suitable.

In short, there are a variety of items tailor to the needs of certain group of people. Just pick the one that is suitable for you.

I write this guide to help those who are about to buy the right model. I have seen many people asking about this in forums and Yahoo Answers. I hope you would find it beneficial in your quest to find the right air purifier for your home

So you have decided that maybe it is time to purchase an air purifier for your home, but with so many choices, brands, and styles out there, you have no idea where to start. How to choose the best air purifier depends on several factors, and it’s important to sit down and consider these before you make the purchase to be sure you will be satisfied with your results.

There are two main factors you need to look at when beginning your search for the perfect air purifier. First, what are the primary reasons for purchasing one of these units? These can greatly vary from family to family or among different individuals. Secondly, how large of an area do you need to clean? When you start to look at all of the choices available, you will see that many units are designed with unique features and functions, and it’s in your best interest to review as many of these as possible. Also, a third consideration may be cost, but this should not be your primary decision-making tool. Depending on the severity of your situation, the old adage “You get what you pay for” may be appropriate in this case.

Air purifiers, or air cleaners as they are often referred to, can remove a variety of pollutants from the air in your home or office. These can include dust mite allergens, pollen, bacteria, animal hair and dander, mold spores, tobacco smoke, viruses and other airborne particles which can be harmful to us. Some machines concentrate on a few of these trouble areas, others cover a broader range. Therefore it makes sense that a person with severe allergies or respiratory ailment needs to do his / her “homework” and find the unit best suited for handling this type of situation. Likewise, if your home or office has suffered water damage and you are concerned with breathing in mold spores, than you will need to purchase a unit that is best suited for this purpose.

If you have pets in your home and want to remove odors caused by them or some other source, or maybe you just desire clean, fresh smelling air in your living or work area, then you need to choose an air purifier that has this function. All of them do not have the same ability. Therefore, it is useful to take notes as you do your research, making sure to include the important functions and features of each model you look at relating to your personal issues. This will help you stay organized and not forget any important points as you move along.

HEPA air purifiers are considered by many professionals in the industry to provide the most highly efficient cleaning results. It is important to be aware when reviewing the many units out there, that ones using True HEPA air filters are more effective than those that are HEPA-Type. The difference, according to the American Lung Association, can be as much as 1,800 times the cleaning power. So dependent, once again, on what your personal needs are, this may be an important factor to consider and take note of.

There are many companies offering products in the air purifier / cleaner industry, and some are considered more favorable by consumers than others. This is also an important factor to consider, as consumer confidence in certain companies over others dictates that more of their products have been purchased and used with satisfaction. You can definitely have more security buying from one of these more popular suppliers.

As I mentioned above, you have to be aware of how big an area the air purifier you are considering purchasing is designed to clean. The Home Appliance Manufacturers have made this easier by coming up with a measurement called the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). This can let you know what the machine’s true cleaning capacity is. Most units list this number in their product features section. You can then use a simple equation by taking the CADR and multiplying it by 1.5, giving you the square feet of the room the unit is able to clean effect. This makes the process of selection considering room size much simpler.

After you’ve done all of the technical research, there is one final thing to look at and possibly use to complete your selection process. Let’s say you’ve narrowed your choice of a brand new air purifier down to 3 units, but are unsure how to pick the one to buy for your home or office. This is a good time to read some reviews on the products you are considering. You will definitely learn a lot when looking through the eyes of consumers that have already purchased and are using these machines right now. Pay close attention to what the most common positive ones are, and weigh this information against any negative factors. Do most people feel the product performs well? Are the major of reviews in agreement that the machine runs quietly? Is it easy to operate and move from room to room, if need be? All are very important points to think about.

Do not totally rule out a possible selection just because there are a couple of negative comments, if there are many more positive ones, as well. Some people just like to complain. It’s good to take all factors into consideration and then make your decision based on that. I have purposely tried not to promote any particular brands or models during this discussion, as doing this may affect your objectivity when doing your research. I hope you found this article helpful in determining what the best air purifier is for you.

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