ASUS ROG G752VT Gaming Laptop Review

ASUS ROG G752VT review
ASUS ROG G752VT Gaming Laptop Review
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We are looking for the   best gaming laptops  in 2017

, The question remains: is the new ASUS -this G752VT what to the top of this list? Continue reading our   Asus Rog G752VT review  to see what is right – and the many areas in which still has room to improve the laptop.


Summary:   The ASUS ROG G752VT Gaming Laptop try to live up to the pedigree established by his older brother, but does not respond in critical areas that make a gaming laptop is worth the investment.

Price:  1649.00 $ on Amazon   Available:   now  Model #:   G752VT

What we liked

  • solid baseline performance for a notebook in its price range
  • Keyboard was spacious and comfortable
  • impressive connectivity options

What we have not

  • The design is not my favorite
  • very heavy
  • Screen was not great to look at, despite the G-Sync compatibility
  • Battery life was unimpressive

Asus G752VT Specifications


The hull of the ASUS looks like something straight out of the mid 90 years … and not in a good way. Despite how much nostalgia I have for this time, the beige case matted and pale orange accents look positively prehistoric compared to competitive machines, which is strange when you consider how drop dead gorgeous the G751 managed to be.

Unfortunately, the inside is not much better. The gray color scheme of orange looks even worse when the red LED backlit keyboard are thrown into the mix, and it’s a little disconcerting how the design was signed in the first place.

Only children 90 have the design of this notebook.

Of course, this does not even take the simple weight of the system into account. At 8.8lbs, the G752VT is one of the heaviest notebooks we have to date raised around, and it is not nearly as comfortable as should be on the arm in a bag on the knees or purse backpack strap. The lip added to the back of the laptop takes up space that would otherwise put more distance between where your eyes rest and the rest of the screen, which can make it more or typing sessions intense play.

Overall, we prefer the design of competitors as  the laptop Acer Predator game 17  , which strikes a nice balance between the edge of PC gaming, and really well thought out design.


As Acer, ASUS has included its own suite of proprietary software support, overclocking programs, and system monitoring tools.

Not annoying, but not very helpful either.

The bloatware added was not intrusive or annoying, but it also did not provide a ton of useful utility either. The play center monitoring tools GOR has given you brief overviews of the current state of things as the clockspeed and temperature of the laptop, and although we could imagine Macro ASUS key application could see use with the game hardcore MMO, for us it was a little wasted space.

Last there was a free trial to the WebStorage cloud service, but with more than enough space on the hard drive included 1TB and 128GB SSD, it did not really feel any need of include the stock.


As one of the leading gaming laptops in its class, an area where G752VT certainly does not slouch was in the hardware department. With a sixth-generation base Skylake i7-6700HQ quad-core processor, 3GB GTX 970M graphics card, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and a 128GB SSD on board, the Asus was equipped with just about everything a player would need to get the absolute most moving performance they need on a machine at this price.

The only area of ​​G752VT shines is its power under the hood.

The connectivity options are equally impressive, with 4 USB 3.0 ports, Thunderbolt, USB 3.1 3, 1 microphone / headphone / combo ports, 1 HDMI and RJ45 Ethernet connector with an SD card slot.


For the price, the G752VT admirably, keeping the  Predator 17  happens to almost $ 1,000 more to the fund. While the speed of the hard drive would certainly have been better (we recorded a slow turtle score of only 157MB / s write time on the internal SSD), the sixth generation Core i7 and GTX 970M Asus strikes helped scores solid in both Geekbench and 3DMark tests.


The internal WiFi performed honorably as well, with 251Mbps download and 201Mbps upload at a distance of 30 feet, with two walls and a door blocking the path from the laptop to the router.


laptops games are not generally known for their stellar battery life, but the performance we got out of the G752VT was surprisingly poor, even with the expectations set so low that they were out of the door. Paid with The Witcher III at full brightness, GT752V puttered on only 2 hours and 53 minutes, well below the threshold of the RPG session of the average player.

Idle-free activity and to 100% brightness screen, we could not squeeze a meager 4 hours and 38 minutes on the G752V, which is barely enough for half a day’s work finished before you need to find an exit.


I’m still not sure what it is with the recent trend of gaming laptops splurging on some the finest possible equipment to fall pitifully short regarding the quality of the screen.

The G752VT 17.3 “1920 x 1080 FHD IPS screen is   good  , but again, not great. When playing games there was a strange wash of colors that do not appear to true aesthetic of the game, and watched movies … eh. One theory is that the G752VT includes G-Sync compatibility (which can be an expensive item to add), this cost has kidnapped the quality of the general screen.

The G752VT may have the power, but without a good screen there was not much to do with it.

Anyway, I found myself preferring the experience of the notebook when I should not look at the screen, but he plugged an external monitor instead. When you get a gaming laptop, you go for something that looks as well at home as on the road, and if you open the notebook in both cases, it is likely that you will be disappointed with the results.


Normally when a newer laptop takes the mantle of an older model, you expect it to changing improvements in all areas. Unfortunately, ASUS G752VT does not seem as good as the  G751  , does not work much better, and costs a little more. If you want a gaming laptop that is light enough to go anywhere you do, reliabily runs, and does not look just out of aa time capsule, there are many other more attractive solutions on the market offering similar performance in a much prettier package.

The  G752VT  tries to take the mantle left by his predecessor, and carried out with comparable notebooks twice its cost. Despite this, we still prefer to pick up much had the G751 runs until the ASUS remaining kinks in the design department and decide whether G-Sync is really the compromise.

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