Avoid illegal restraint of handcuffs with TIHK key (video)

Avoid illegal restraint of handcuffs with TIHK key
Avoid illegal restraint of handcuffs with TIHK key (video)
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Being stopped is not fun, of course. But what if you are illegally handcuffed for no good reason? Most likely, you will not do anything if you are illegally restrained with handcuffs, fearing punishment if you fight or question the law. But now you do not have to do it with the creation of the TIHK – Tiny Inconspicuous handcuff key that is currently a campaign on Indiegogo. Since there was no handcuff escape solution that really worked (looking for something appropriate to choose the spell under duress seemed out of the question), the TIHK idea was born.



The TIHK is essentially a small clip that attaches to your clothes so that it is ready when you find yourself in difficult situations. Its minimal form factor easily goes unnoticed when it is sought after and detailed, while it is designed to fit all standard “unparalleled” single and double lock handcuffs. All you need to do is put it on an area of ​​your clothes easy to catch when you are handcuffed (think of the back of your pants or shorts) and you will be able to escape holding the forces of the order, military, and security professionals. But remember, if you are arrested for doing something illegal, you are alone. TIHK should only be used to counter illegal detention and in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws by law enforcement, military, and security professionals. Product manufacturers discourage abusive use by civilians is not approved or encouraged. Get a pack of 3 if you promise $ 15 or more.


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