Best 4K TV for 2017: Top 5 Rated & Reviewed

best 4k tv
Best 4K TV for 2017: Top 5 Rated & Reviewed
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But it is only until recently that manufacturers have finally started nailing the perfect balance between quality, features and coût.Dans this spirit our list of 4K TVs is broken by the size, allowing you to find the best ultra HD TV for your room. After all, it is likely that you have already chosen one or two sizes to suit your space. Now it’s just a matter which is the top 4K TV for this place. Otherwise, you’re in for a treat (especially if you can make room for a  set of 70-inch  ).So who is the ultimate 4K TV for 2017? Read more in our in-depth guide that breaks all on a size by size basis to find for yourself.

Top 4K TV is 2017

Hisense-50H7GB2-50-Inch-Smart-Model-1 91eMdW0dxbL._SL1500_ VIZIO-P602ui-B3-60 pouces 4K TV LG-65UF9500 91Td0PfLbXL._SL1500_
Hisense 50H7GB2 Samsung UNKU6500 VIZIO P602ui-B3 LG Electronics 65EF9500 Samsung UN70KU6300
best-4k-TV-1 best-4k-tv-2 best-4k-TV-3 best-4k-tv-4 best-4k-TV-5
Rang # 1 – Editor’s Choice / Best Value 4K TV # 2 – Best curve 4K TV # 3 – Best 4K TV for games # 4 – Best 65-inch 4K TV # 5 – Best 4K 3D TV
Amazon Note 4.5stars-News 4.5stars-News 4étoiles again 4.5stars-News 4.5stars-News
Smart TV green check mark green check mark green check mark green check mark green check mark
Wifi green check mark green check mark green check mark green check mark green check mark
ports 4 HDMI, 3 USB,
1 RCA, 1 Component
4 HDMI, 3 USB,
1 RCA, 1 Component
4 HDMI, 2 USB,
1 RCA, 1 Component
4 HMDI, 3 USB,
1 RCA, a component,
3 HDMI, 3 USB,
1 RCA, 1 Component
Display Technology LED LED LED YOU ARE LED
3D rouge-x-icon green check mark rouge-x-icon green check mark green check mark
120Hz refresh rate green check mark green check mark green check mark green check mark green check mark
Price 499,99 $ 947,99 $ 2,014.98 $ 3,400.00 $ 2,097.92 $
Buy now Buy now Buy now Buy now Buy now

Meilleur 50 “  Hisense 50H7GB2 4K TV – Choixéditeur / Best Value 4K TV

I have not heard of Hisense before? Do not worry: we had not, until we did a double-take on that price. 

I have not heard of Hisense before? Do not worry: we had not, until we did a double-take on that price.

best-4k-tv-editors-choicebest-4k-TV-1Price:  $ 499.00   | Features:   LED display technology, refresh rate of 120Hz, Smart TV capability

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   The Hisense 50H7GB2 combines good picture quality with good price marchédu under – ground.

This is a 4K TV has simply no case as expensive as it is, and looking as good as it does at the same time. How this unknown Chinese manufacturer (usually a huge red flag) was able to pack as many high-end features in a 4K television out prices most HD sets the standard in its cost level is still a mystery … but all we know is that it looks great, and it’s all on a dime.

But cheap price is not enough to mark a spectacular viewing experience. The cost makes a little more sense when one sees the thickness of the assembly with respect to other models (the assembly is a heavy 3.2 “back to front), and contrast ratio (3050 1, an efficient means of its class) could certainly be better. That said, if you’re in the market for a set 4K, but are shopping on a budget, can not be beat 50H7GB2 Hisense. This is why we call our best 4K TV for the money.

Best 55 “  Samsung UNKU6500 – Best curve 4K TV

Samsung UN55KU6600 Meilleur 4K

The curve on the Samsung UN55KU6600 will let you lose yourself in your media like never before

best-4k-tv-2Price:  947.99 $   | Features:   LED display technology, image reproduction PurColor, dimming UHD

WHY IS A TOP PICK:    slight curve Samsung UNKU6500 gives an immersive viewing experience unlike anything else.

Love ’em or hate them, there is no denying that the curves flat screen TVs are here to stay. Tech journalists and consumers were flooded at CES each year with dozens of TVs that offer higher levels of immersion and more cinematic viewing experience, but very few deliver UN55KU6600 how Samsung did.

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As part of the level 6 of the series Samsung 4K games, this is not necessarily the best the company has to offer, but for those who want to find the best thats TV strikes a balance between an environment of budget range with image quality as the new UN55KU6600 is as good as you’ll get.

Because it’s a TV 4K curved viewing angles are not always up to what you would see on a flatter model, and the panel is also quite a bit thicker (12.2 “to his point wider) as the chassis needs to put a slight bend in the way the image is displayed. If these two factors are not really a problem though, the Samsung UN55KU6600 is one of the best you can find 4K TVs at this price

Best 60 “  VIZIO P602ui-inch Ultra HDTV B3 60 – Best 4K TV

VIZIO has spent years behind the competition - now it opens the way to the front.

VIZIO has spent years behind the competition – now it opens the way to the front.

best-4k-tv-4Price:  2014.98 $   | Features:   64 LED active areas, the refresh rate of 240Hz

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   Vizio is not stuck on the bottom of the battery more.

When HDTVs were first gaining popularity in the early-aughts, there was a time that the brand “Vizio” was synonymous with “cheap piece of junk.”

Maybe the company eventually grew tired of being the last of the race, or they just wanted perhaps to their game to compete with the big boys, but anyway, the Vizio P602ui-B3 is a solid entry and affordable in the market has a range of smart TV applications next to a beautiful full-range LED 4K image.

Best 65 “   LG 65EF9500 65-inch 4K TV – Best 65-inch 4K TV

Best TV 65 inch LG 65UF9500

The 65EF9500 65 inch LG LCD uses LED display technology and has a large wide viewing angle.

best-4k-tv-4Price:  3334.00 $   | Read the  full review:   LG LED 65EF9500 TV Review   | Features:   OLED display technology, HDR-compatible webOS 2.0 smart features

WHY IS A TOP PICK:  OLED technology creates a rich picture, beautiful for all media.

The LG 65EF9500 took the top spot on our list of top 65 “TVs for 2017 list; and for good reason. The ultra-thin TV depth of 0.25 inches and stellar viewing angles is a crowd favorite, and its 120Hz refresh rate ensures that you will never miss a moment during the next big game.

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OLED technology is really what distinguishes 65EF9500 hand, suitable for unmatched contrast ratios that provide black, Inky abysmal unlike anything we have seen on other TV to date. All the representation of beautiful colors do not exactly come cheap, but what it lacks in accessibility it more than for the quality and image of the features that put it over the head and shoulders the rest of the competition.

Best 70 “  Samsung UN70KU6300 – Best 3D 4K TV

Samsung UN70KU6300 Meilleur 4K

Samsung continues its winning streak in 2016 with the help of 70 “4K TV UN70KU6300

best-4k-TV-5Price:  1997.99 $   | Features:   120Hz refresh rate, intelligent wireless functionality, ultra-thin design

WHY IS A TOP PICK:  OLED technology creates a rich picture, beautiful for all media.

With the same pump blood through his veins like our top 55 “choose the Samsung UN70KU6300 shares many of the same features and spectacular image quality with his cousin, veering slightly to go the traditional” flatscreen road “instead.

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4K TVs curves can be extremely costly to do once you enter the realm of 70 “sets, which is why Samsung chose to keep things a little more horizontal with UN70KU6300. That said, it still comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect, including Smart TV functions, HDR decoding of premium content, and patented color accuracy PurColor Samsung.

What to look for in the Ultimate 4K TV

Clarity  : Of course, the first reason that anyone who decides to move to 4K is a better image quality and pixel clarity leads the pack on what you want to look for most. While all TVs 4K on this list have the same resolution, what really sets the differentiation is the clarity and quality of these pixels.

Price:   4K TVs are still in a weird space right now, where the highest price does not always mean it’s the best TV and does not mean lower than what is the worst.

Connectivity:   This is not necessarily unique 4K TVs, but it is something you should always be sure to keep an eye on every time you shop for your next game With so many devices that require a space. precious harbor, always be certain that 4K TV you possibly think has enough HDMI ports (with appropriate gear) to support the inputs you need for the ultimate visual experience.

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Mistakes to avoid

Do not skimp on the cost:  Although the price is not always a direct indication of the quality that you should expect, it’s usually a good idea to avoid any price “in the market – ground” for TV 4K ( except for our entry standout in the category 50 “). These are matched refresh rate, contrast ratios, and display technologies that are well below the standard for what you expect from a set of 4 KB, and the last thing you want to do is skimp on quality when you upgrade to become a part of the revolution 4K.

Double-check the number of available ports:  As we mentioned above -, always check to be sure your choice of TV has enough ports to support all game consoles, streaming devices, and Blu-Ray players at the same time.

Do not buy a game … again:   People use their TVs 4K for all types of media, but unfortunately for now, the game is still lagging a bit behind the curve. No consoles on the market are able to support 4K resolution, and even if you need to connect a high-power PC, the response time of these sets are much higher than a gaming monitor 4K dedicated it just does not make sense to play them until the manufacturers are able to bring these figures to a competitive level.

Do not fall prey to marketing speak:  Many TV manufacturers 4K today rely on the ignorance of consumers to drive up the price of sub-par sets. Never assume that because a TV comes with “Ultra-View” this or “Super Color” that it is automatically better than anything else out – down.

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The most important features

Display Technology

  • The display technologies that 4K TVs can now come in three different flavors: LED, LCD, LED and OLED
  • There is still much debate on which technology is best for 4K TVs specifically, but that is true of each side of the argument usually descend to the manufacturer of the TV itself
  • LG is known for the production of OLED TVs can outperform most LED LCDs, however, that performance does not come cheap.
  • In contrast, Samsung has some 4K sets based on high quality LED serious that could put OLED cheaper to shame games, all for a price that will not leave your wallet limping on one leg when you walk away from the checkout counter

Refresh Rate

  • The refresh rate of any TV – 4K or otherwise – refers to the frequency screen refreshes the image he tries to display
  • In general, 60Hz is enough for most movies and Blu-ray, while 120Hz is made more for action moving fast, as you would find in a sports game
  • Although there are 1080p sets can also sport high 240Hz refresh rate, due to the best resolution currently the highest refresh rate on a set of 4K is still only 120Hz

Screen Design

  • 4K TVs almost always come in the flat plane design, but lately more policymakers began importing design “curve” of HDTV standards in this newer style of display.
  • shows curves are fine, but they can limit the viewing angles in some models and put into living page, which can look each side much harder for your guests.

Contrast / Color Accuracy Report

  • All these extra pixels you pay for will not make you a good shot if the entire contrast ratio specifications is not to save.
  • The increase in resolution is just the beginning of what makes 4K TVs are worth their price rose, and a 1080p HD screen with better color accuracy and contrast ratio will still miles better than a TV with 4K opposite set of specifications.

What is 4K TV for you?

One of the best parts of 4K TV is that whatever size you choose possibly go with, you are guaranteed to get a picture resolution that looks great in any distance in the lounge.

The higher the resolution, the better your movies, TV and video game marathons emissions in the late evening look, all without eyestrain and angles of vision uncomfortable prevailing on other HD 1080p lousy games.


Best 55 “  Samsung 55 inch 4K TV UN55JS9000

Samsung SUHD TV

Samsung offers a resolution TV she SUHD under the brand, but it’s just the name of the company for 4K TV.

Price:  Currently unavailable   | Features:   240Hz CMR effective refresh rate, curved screen color correction peak Illuminator Pro

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   automatic color adjustments that incredible films.

Samsung is a manufacturer that changed the game and the Smart TV UN55JS9000 is the incursion of the company in the television 4K market that continues this proven tradition. It has an amazing contrast ratio that delivers deep blacks, rich and clean technology “Auto Enhancer depth” of Samsung, which actively detects what is displayed on the screen and can adjust the color accuracy on the fly to ensure you get the best picture, whatever the occasion.

Heavy applications and with one of the best color accuracy engines around, this screen 55 “illustrates the best of all that LED technology has to offer on OLED, while remaining faithful to the basic benefits that the average consumer should expect both sides wing. That’s why we call our TV TOP 4K under $ 2000.

Best 70 “   LG 70UF7700 70 pouces 4K TV

70UF7700 LG 70 inch TV

The LG 70UF7700 offers a 4K image quality and perfect energy efficiency in a stylish package.

Price:  Currently unavailable   | Features:   240Hz effective refresh rate, IPS 4K display, webOS 2.0

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   LG 70UF7700 refresh rate are impressive for 4K gaming.

The LG 70UF7700 may not have the sexiest name out there, but when it’s 70 “4K TVs just can not be topped. With the dramatic energy efficiency and a great image looking to start the UF7700 combines a huge screen footprint with a price that will not destroy your wallet, while offering many features that we expect to a flat-screen TV.

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Its net refresh rate and a respectable contrast ratio is just the beginning of what LGUF7770 make a perfect choice for your next event basis. All this is included in the new and improved LG webOS 2.0 Smart TV system that takes the hassle of navigating through your content thanks to you remotely enabling grassroots movement to point easily and click on any application or content you want to see next.

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