The Best Blenders Under $100

nutribullet blender
The Best Blenders Under $100
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Our best mixers of 2017 can be a little expensive for some. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best mixers under $ 100. In order to compile this list, we looked at sources such as Consumer Reports, top ten reviews, general consumer sentiment on the Web and Amazon user reviews. That said, our experience with mixers – which at this stage includes 100 hours of manufacturing smoothies, flour and everything in between – gives us a comprehensive sense and understanding of what to look for in a good mixer. Now it’s important to keep in mind that these mixers are less than $ 100, so they will not stand up to the performance and quality found on our best 2017 blender list. But at the very least, they all serve of an excellent starter blender, allowing you to finish (and justify) more powerful (and expensive) mixers.

1. NutriBullet Juicer NBR-12

nutribullet blender

The Nutribullet ships with 12 pieces and offers a small footprint.

Price:  $69.99

We have a few friends who have used this blender to make smoothies and even rice flour. Rice flour, if you do not know it is not an easy achievement, so there is something you can say alone. What we really like about this model is the small footprint and the innovative design with which you can use the jar as a drinking cup. TopTenReviews mostly used this mixer and rated it as 7.25 / 10. The main drawback was that not all the fruit pulp was mixed, which we found surprising since we know it is able to grind rice to flour. Amazon customers, on the other hand, have tested this mixer more than 7,500 times and have received 4.1 out of 5 stars.

2. Ninja Professional Blender (BL610)

ninja bl610 blender

With three blades, the BL610 can tear through just about anything.

Price:  $79.99

With more than 1,400 reviews and a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, you simply can not go wrong with this model. Its footprint is a little larger than the Nutribullet, but it costs the same at $ 79.99. What we like is that it offers 1000 watts of power and at a reasonably low price.

The complete blender, including the pot (which is BPA-free) is made of plastic. However, do not be fooled. Opinions indicate that it does not feel cheap and that the super-sharp blades, 3 of which are wrapped in the jar, are able to wipe out even the most fibrous materials. What we really like, apart from the action of the triple blade, is that the lid locks and fires to facilitate pouring. Although this may seem like dubious features, they are not. And you’ll know if you’ve ever had a blender cover blow in the middle of the mix.

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