Top 5 Best Blenders of 2017

Top 5 Best Blenders of 2017
Top 5 Best Blenders of 2017
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Blendtec Designer 725 Blender Vitamix 7500 Oster Versa Cleanblend Nutri Ninja – Ninja® Blender system with Auto-iQ
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Rang # 1 – Editor’s Choice / Best Smoothie Blender # 2 – Best Blender for Juicing # 3 – Best Budget Blender # 4 – Best Blender for money # 5 – Best Blender personnel
full review Blendtec Designer 725 Revue Vitamix 7500 Review Oster Versa Review Blender Cleanblend examen Blender Nutri Ninja iQ 1500 Watt Blender review system
Amazon Note 4andhalf-stars 4andhalf-stars 4andhalf-stars 4andhalf-stars 4andhalf-stars
Engine 3.8HP,
1800 watts
? -Watt
? HP,
1400 watts
? -Watt
1500 watts
Blades Super Safe green check mark rouge-x-icon rouge-x-icon rouge-x-icon rouge-x-icon
guarantee 8 years 7 years 7 years 5 years 2 years
Price 695 $ 528,95 $ 189,99 $ 199,00 $ 235,00 $
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Every great leader, professional or amateur, knows that the best Blender can be can be a vital tool in the development of the perfect recipe. In fact, a Blender can be used in a variety of capacities, including preparing meals, frozen drinks craft, make green smoothies, or even make your own rice flour house. Or maybe you just want the best blender to crush ice. And it is because of these requirements that I chose the following top Blenders. All are well-made, powerful blender that can still perform and again in a variety of scenarios.

And that is why my   # 1 choice  is the  Blendtec blender Designer 725  . It may – be expensive, but well worth the extra cost because this Blender will last not only the test of time, but offers the highest degree of versatility with a Blender on the planet today.

It has 3.8hp, allowing him to easily tear through a fibrous material, such as kale, and is strong enough to convert ice cubes in the snow. To this end, the designer blades 725 are dull to the touch and include 5 jar face ensures an almost perfect mixture every time, whether it be soup, smoothies, ice cream, or anything in between.

So with that in mind, do not spare too cheaply on a better Blender. If you go cheap (under $ 100), you’ll probably throw in the trash no longer buying. thus causing you invest more money, as you will surely want to switch to one of my choices below.

How we choose the best blender for 2017

As for Blenders and what distinguishes good apart from the bad, there are some key elements that all top models need to have to make our annual list. First, we do not just Blenders who had pots with less of at least 32 ounces of capacity because although it is a lot of space for your smoothie in the morning, when it comes to a many drinks for a party or mixing a large pot of soup for dinner, you’ll have at least 32 ounces, if not above, or 64 ounces.

Next was the power of the engine. To this list, we considérions blenders who had at least 1400 watts or more, because in our personal tests and experiments with the blender was the minimum amount necessary to get really good smoothies blended and other recipes in a minute or less time mixture. Speaking of mixing time, programmable functions were more on some of the models we tested, but not a must for others when it came to choices like the Vitamix. If you are not confident in your ability to assess when a particular drink is mixed to perfection, you’ll probably want to stick to models like the Blendtec and pre-programmed mix of models that change depending on the food you plan to do.

How a blender is easy to clean is a huge deal for connoisseurs smoothie every day, because those who have done you can say: the more you let them sit, the more they are clean. We examined blenders that do not have many corners or recesses on their panels that could collect dirt over time, as well as housing pots sealed blades that allow you to simply put a little hot water and soap pump inside and rotated once for all clean container in less than 30 seconds.

Last was the additional accessories that we could take or leave us, but know that many people like to have a Blender that can double as Magic Bullet food processor and all of the same base. This is where Ninja Nutri truly surpasses the rest, with the addition of quick and easy takeaway cups that attach right to the base. This makes it you can load your ingredients the night before in the fridge, pop it in the morning, and get the rest of the day while your loan is automatically smoothie in the background.

Unfortunately, all the blenders on this list are extremely strong (a little harder than others, but all will still be enough to wake sleeping roommates / family members), how they recorded decibel levels was not really fair able to make them stick by.

Why do you need a new Blender

Three words: power, durability and versatility. Sure, you could spend $ 50 on a cheap-O Blender and make still slightly chunky smoothies for a few months, but with daily use, you can expect fast-wear parts, and unless you sign up for the extended warranty you ‘ll probably find yourself right in the checkout line spend another $ 50 before the year is out.

With these Blenders, although the initial cost might be a bit of a sticker shock, they more than easily pay for themselves in the long run through parts of reliability and high quality tip that will not break in half after the second time you put it to use.

Last there is the issue of flexibility, options like Ninja Nutri have in spades. This is a Blender which also functions as a food processor in a pinch, thanks to attachable bowl that puts all the same power, but with a slightly different blade configuration so you can whip up recipes like pico de gallo and guacamole without turning all the ingredients to mush. You’re certainly not find this kind of options on a sub-Blender $ 100, so with that on the way we will go to choice!

# 1 Pick  Blendtec Blender Designer 725 – Choice / Best Smoothie Blender deéditeur

Blendtec Designer 725 Blender

Without exception this is the best Blender you can buy. It is everything and more you would like a Blender.

best-mixer-editors choicebest-mixers-1Price:  $ 659  | Read the full article:  Blendtec Blender Review Designer 725   | Engine:  3.8HP | Warranty:  8 years

WHY IS A TOP PICK:  powerful, easy to clean and versatile.

I Blendtec Designer reviewed last 725 years and enjoyed my mixed experience. It is expensive, yes, but for that you get one of the best money can buy Blenders. Moreover, it is feels like it’s built to survive a battle.

The base engine is powered by a 3.8 hp, which is enough to power a small car (a very small car). Seriously, this thing can cut through even the most demanding of products, easily crush ice quality of the snow cone, reducing the rice flour and obliterate even the toughest foods, including kale and equivalents fibers.

In addition, all buttons are backlit capacitive, which makes them not only easy to read at a glance, but easier to clean without reversed smoothies, shakes or protein powder. And about these buttons: they are each programmed to perform a specific task, such as creating a smoothie, ice cream, soup, iced drinks, or even clean Blender – just add hot water and one or two drops of dishwashing liquid. Finally, this slider you see is actually a power button, allowing you to manually control mixtures. It can also be set to “Pulse” that allows you to type your finger on and off quick bursts of power.

And if that does not convince you, Blendtec blender packed it with Smart Blend technology which detects problems with the mixture and then tells the user via the LCD, to secure them. However, in my time using this Blender, I’ve never had a problem or a mixture that did not qualify. And it is so powerful and fast, this Blender can both do and reheat the soup simply by rotating its ultra secure blade.

Still do not believe me, ask the people of Blendtec, which mixed everything from brooms to iPhones. Seriously, check out their YouTube channel.

Blendtec Ice

This is what a Blendtec makes the ice into the snow.

Included is Blendtec Wildside jar (5 sides) patented which eliminates the need to push the Blender contents down (longer provides a melt) and an 8-year warranty. If you are interested in making rice flour or almost, I suggest you pick up the  Blendtec Twister Jar.  .

Note: Blendtec blades are not sharp to the touch, making them more security, but when powered, it will not matter.


# 2 pick  Vitamix 7500 blender – Best Blender for Juicing

Vitamix Blender 7500 Best Pick

The Vitamix 7500 is an excellent commercial and residential tool for even the most demanding chefs.

best-mixers-2Price:  $ 479  | Read the full review:  Vitamix 7500 Blender Review  | Engine: 2.2HP | Warranty:   7 years

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   Easy to use etpuissance audelàraison.

Thank you to a 2.2hp engine and ultra easy to use controls, Vitamix 7500 blender made our list as number 2. In fact, one reason why it is ranked 2 in my book is simply because controls are a little too simple.

However, a low profile jar 64 oz (only 17.5 inches tall – three less than the Vitamix 5200), it is easy to store because this Blender and simplified controls, easy to use, especially in high situations pressure, such as restaurants. At full power the blades can spin at 270 mph, allowing the Vitamix 7500 to crush, pulverize and mix even the toughest foods. And on that note, Vitamix dB reduced production of this model, compared to the previous model 5200, by a whopping 40%. In other words, the Vitamix 7500 is much quieter than its predecessor.

Both professional chefs and weekend warriors kitchen will enjoy simplified controls the Vitamix 7500. The left pulses stored switch starts and stops the right mixtures, and the dial center, increases or decreases the power Blender that makes easy to get the right mixture that is thick and thin or crushed.

Three colors are available, including all white, black and red, a 7-year warranty.

# 3 Pick Oster Versa – Best Budget Blender

Oster Blender Versa Best Pick

You can not beat the price and the versatility of the Versa Oster.

best-mixer-3Price:  $ 190  | Engine:  1400 Watts | Warranty:   7 years

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   At fair price for its ettaille power.

With excellent grades on Amazon (4.5 stars), it is difficult not to neglect the blender Oster Versa. Under the proverbial hood is a 1400 watt motor, and included is a BPA free 64 oz jar many as the Vitamix is ​​low profile.

Controls include a variable speed dial, the control pulse, and three predefined settings which include smoothies, dips / spreads, and soup. There is also a variable speed control in case you’re looking for better control beyond some parameter – which is essential if you produce recipes oriented texture.

The stainless steel blades rotate at more than 250 mph (thanks to the engine 1400 watts), which is more than enough power to spray the vegetables rich in fiber, crushing ice, or even make a butter nut squash .

Do not worry about longevity. As Oster gave up the traditional plastic connecting parts, and instead replaced by the metal, ensure that you can mix when you need … every time.

The Versa Oster on the low end of the price of my choice, but it still has a 7-year warranty and 2 cookbooks.

# 4 pick  Cleanblend – Best Blender for money

Cleanblend Blender Best Pick

The Cleanblend is affordable and yet offers power comparable to the best choice.

best-mixers-4Price:  $ 199  | Read the full article:  Cleanblend Blender Review   | Motor: 3HP | Warranty:  5 years

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   Comparable moinsargent power to the big brands.

energy need and not cost too much? Commercial blender was Cleanblend, providing 3hp raw power at their fingertips. This should be powerful enough to chop through just about anything you can throw in, including ice, frozen fruit, leafy greens, and can even make soups from scratch.

Read:  Notice of Blender

The blade assembly is food grade Japanese stainless steel, which means it will last the test of time, and probably far exceed the guarantee of this Blender 5 years. The founders say their Blender offers the same features and power than the competition (here’s looking at Blendtec and Vitamix), but less than half the price.


Test Cleanblend with kale always tough and fibrous.

And of note, Cleanblend ensures that their pot 64 oz bottle is BPA free (virtually unbreakable) and all parts of Blenders that affect food, juice or ice are made from food grade materials. Bonus Cleanblend includes a tamper wand, without charge, which is ideal to push down safely frozen fruit and other food products that do not always succeed in the blade.

This is our choice for the best Blender for the money, but keep in mind the pot 64 oz bottle is too big for most countertop with cabinets. And power is not equitable to that of Blendtec despite specifications. I know, I tested, comparing crushed ice and kale than Blendtec and Cleanblend while admirable could not follow.

5 Pick Nutri Ninja Blender System with Auto-iQ – Best Personal Blender

Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ

Ninja Nutri Auto-iQ is compatible with almost every meal plan that you can throw its way

best-mixers-5Price:  $ 235.00  | Read the full article:   Nutri Ninja Blender system with Auto-iQ Review   Engine:   1500 watts 3HP | Warranty:  2 years

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   A great Blender that goes beyond the Blender.

Ninja Ninja blender Nutri System is my shot to pick money. Not only includes a motor, 3HP 1500 watts, but it comprises a food processing bowl XL 8 cups and two Nutri Ninja cups with sip lids and seal. This and a cookbook to help you get started.

Just like the Vitamix, the use of this Blender is simple when you want it with the ability to use only the power on / off and pulse – but that’s not the only thing he has in his sleeve. Auto-iQ system makes it simple and easy to whip a quick smoothie at the touch of a button, or get the best out of your salsa with pre-programmed mixing models. These take the mixture of guesswork and make sure that you end every time without fail with a consistent product, tasty.

The only drawback of the Ninja Blender Nutri System with Auto-iQ is the only manufacturer offers a warranty of 2 years, which is less than half the time of all the choices above. That said, this is one of the best Blenders for green smoothies.

Key factors and features a good Blender

Quality Seniority:  If you’re not familiar with the blenders – is easy on appearance. Especially when you’re just compare them on paper. But it is usually not until you get home Blender you realize how cheap the base is, or how low quality materials. For example, the rubber should last the test of time, including dish washing cycles. You must also be able to what some mechanically toss the pot in the sink and not worry that the blade or the bottom break or crack.

Warranty:  Good warranty exceeding two years is almost a must. Most of my choice, but one or more offer 5 year warranty. Hopefully you never have to use, but if you do, you’ll be glad you have it, especially if you use this commercial title Blender.

Ease of use:  Do not rely too much in features. Yes, I like the Blendtec Designer 625 and the ability to hit a button that pulses automatically, and increase or decrease the speed. But when you look at the Blender, the heart is a set of fairly simple options including energy and pulsing. You will also think about how easy it is to clean a blender. The designer buttons 625 and largely base is sealed, making it more than a few wipes far from clean.

Blade:   You’ll want lasting blades. Stainless steal is a requirement, because they are resistant to erosion. I especially like the configuration of the blade Blendtec. First, it is not strong. Second, the whole blade system is sealed in the base of the pot, which reduces the risk of contamination. To clean, simply add soap, hot water, and run through the cleaning cycle, or put on a high-speed environment.

Heat output:  Some blenders, thanks to their powerful engines, tend to be very hot and potentially fire. I ‘ve never had this happen with my Blendtec but am – I use it in a commercial scenario. So pay attention to this and if you plan to use this Blender in your restaurant, make it -you can withstand the rigors of the preparation or production of heavy meals.

Mistakes to avoid

Seeking Noise:  All Blenders, one way or another are strong. It’s just incredibly difficult, almost impossible, to keep them quiet. So do not let the calm is a guiding force. If you are really worried about the noise, you can upgrade to  the Professional 800 Series Blendtec  , which includes a cover that houses the entire pot and reduces the output dB slightly.

Avoid a high price:   Face it. A good Blender will be expensive. As any piece of kitchen gadgets. But in this case it will last, as evidenced by their willingness to provide guarantees beyond that of 1 year. But as I’ve said, if you are not expensive, you pay for, both in the cooking success (or lack there of) and have to invest in another Blender.

All specifications are:  the specifications are just the tip of the ice berg. What is – to – say all 3HP Blenders are comparable. Take for example the Blendtec vs. Cleanblend. The Blendtec, while more expensive, and seems to offer the same specifications, is indeed more powerful and able to spray kale and conversion of ice to snow. Yes, snow!

Blender is good for me

This list includes a broad spectrum of prices. For some it is purely up to the usefulness and simplicity.  Vitamix  hit that mark with a shovel, but it has not the characteristics of  Blendtec  . In this spirit, the Blendtec may – be better for the cook who is new to the mix, such as preprogrammed keys remove an equation variable and can result in more success in the kitchen / mix. And amidst these are either the other three, with  Cleanblend  offers what is a solid product and a good story little guy (he began in a San Diego garage like Amazon).

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