The Best Laptop Desks – Xpad Laptop Desk

Xpad Laptop Desk
The Best Laptop Desks – Xpad Laptop Desk
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You could never use the laptop on your lap for prolonged periods of time. The intense heat released by the laptop over long periods of time can easily cause lap burns and soreness. As ‘heatless’ laptops have yet to hit the shelves, those of us who love to use our laptops on the couch or on the bed would have to make do with a laptop desk.

Xpad is undoubtedly one of the best laptop desks in the market, depending on what you are looking for. It weighs a little under a pound has a very ‘course’ and minimalist design. It is also kind of a little chunky and bulky. Some have called the Xpad the ugliest laptop desk ever to be mad!

On the other hand, the Xpad scores well in terms of functionality. The pad has very minimal contact with the laptop (a small ‘x’ area on the sides). Because of this, a big portion of the laptop’s bottom surface is exposed to air, creating a great cooling effect for the laptop. Despite the small contact points, the pad has a great grip on the laptop, holding it well in place even at a tilt.

Test results have shown that the Xpad laptop desk is able to cool a laptop be nearly 4 degrees. This figure is, at the time of writing, unmatched by any other models. It even has a non-slip rubber padding beneath to provide extra grip and heat insulation.

For me the practicality and functionality of the Xpad more than compensate for its compromised looks. It is 13 inches wide, perfect for supporting small and medium sized laptops.

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