Best Microwave for 2017

Best Microwave
Best Microwave for 2017
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We have reviewed and tested some – some of the new mic models – the most popular waves and results are: the   Quick Touch Breville  ($ 233.20) exceeded the pack with its high-tech features and size to be named the best micro – wave on the market in 2017.

Note 1 100 watts is enough to atomize easily even  thick foods, 1.2 cubic capacity is large enough for most  dishes, and smooth screen interface makes it easy to choose between power levels 10, 33 smart menus and  sensors that detect the  humidity and more. Unless you absolutely need  a more-range micro – wave  , this Breville model will bring in the new era fast cooking.

Top 5 microwave Compared

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Breville touch fast BMO734XL Kenmore 7212 GE JVM3160RFSSGE JVM3160RFSS LG LCS0712ST Cuisinart CMW-200
Rang # 1 – Choice / best features editor # 2 Pick – Best Countertop Microwave Oven # 3 Pick – best on the microwave range # 4 Pick – best small microwave # 5 Pick – Best Convection Microwave
Amazon Note four stars four stars four stars 4.5stars-News four stars
watts 1100 1100 1000 700 1000
Capacity 1.2 cubic feet 1.2 cubic feet 1.6 cubic feet 0.7 cubic feet 1.2 cubic feet
One Touch Buttons 30 seconds, the extra time, 33 to chip Menus 30 seconds 6 Smart Touch Options, Options thaw 30 seconds, 2 food Buttons, 6 Options Cook Express, thaw, drinks 30 seconds 9 menu buttons 30 seconds 3 Options convection roasting, 6 Microwave Power Options, Options Food Express
Power levels dix dix dix dix N / A
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How we choose the best microwave

To find the best choice of brand microwave and ultimately what is the best microwave, we examined several important specifications. Let’s talk about them a bit to give you a frame of reference:

  • Size and Capacity  : We have taken into account the best micro – compact microwave for those with less space and more temporary configurations, as well as extra-wide models for huge oven ranges. But the interior is even more important, and the micro – medium wave we have preferred to see the capacity of at least 1 cubic foot, if not closer to 1.5. For smaller models, we went down to 0.7 cubic feet (although there are some impressive models there – there that are even smaller).
  • Options One Touch  : A touch buttons take care of all the work for you. We particularly like the buttons that combine sensors with a cooking time pre-programmed to automatically adjust depending on the food you put inside the micro – waves. One touch buttons for common foods like pop – corn, potatoes, hot – dogs and more are also a plus – as the time saving buttons for immediate heating, melting, defrosting, and so on .
  • Menu Button  : Menu buttons offer more complex options that function keys. We gave a micro credit – waves if it allowed you to program cooking multistage projects or combine with express buttons food buttons to create your own cooking surface. However, things can get too confusing, so it is important that the menu buttons are easy to read.
  • Power levels  : major micro – waves tend to have 10 power levels to choose from. This is a good indication of a high quality, micro – Customizable waves (especially with the  technology of the UPS ), but less necessary for compact models. The power levels are also closely related to power, which should be over 1000 watts if possible.

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Why you should buy a new microwave

What is the role of a micro – wave in your home? Do – you need  the best micro – compact oven  to fit on a small counter and travel with you when you switch apartments? Do – you need the best built in the micro – wave oven that works with your range? Whatever your situation, if you’re stuck with an awkward, micro – waves ugly, it’s time to improve your cooking situation.

A new microwave can provide additional options that you may not have not – including sensors for more precise cooking time, inverter technology that creates more accurate power levels and customized cooking menus for food you like. If you do a lot of cooking, a modern microwave oven can also be used for assistance measure, with programmable defrosting, melting butter, and warm-up functions that make your kitchen projects much easier. One of these new models can also provide faster cooking time, children locks for greater security, and cooking / thawing more uniform for a variety of foods.

And do not forget about design! Microwaves are available in today’s sleek, stainless steel frames that will look great in your kitchen and correspond to your other devices. microwave doors are easier to open, too. And if your current microwave is a bit too small inside your plates or cups, you can always upgrade to more cubic feet of space for you to use the flat of your choice!

# 1 pick   Breville touch fast BMO734XL – deéditeur Choice / Best Features

Quick Touch Breville

handy, high-tech microwave Breville can handle anything.

Price  :  233.20 $  | Watts  : 1100 | Capacity  : 1.2 cubic feet | One Touch  : 30 seconds extra time, 33 Menus smart | Power levels  : 10

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   The best features of the microwave affordable today.

The Quick Touch Breville does everything well. With more than 1 000 watts and 1.2 cubic feet of space to work, you will not have to worry about whether or underpowered wear too quickly. But the model is really impressive when you start looking at programming options. There is an IQ ability of the sensor to heat or cook, that detects the steam from the food and programs accordingly, and there is a “Bit More” option and, adding additional time depending on what you cook in case the IQ sensor n ‘t get it quite right.

The turntable included is easily removed for cleaning and the general setup screen lets you specify power levels, cooking time, and the menu options and shortcuts more complex cooking tasks. If you are not a fan of all these automatic options, and there is an amazing 33 different options for menu buttons that can cook a specific food types. Thank you this excellent LED screen, which allows the microwave to provide many more options than traditional models (seriously, why do not more microwaves have this function?).

When you add the relevant power and interior space, which is large enough for the biggest plate in your house, it’s hard to see what this model Breville is not right. Even the design is refreshingly modern and easy to clean in case of grease Staines. This microwave really impress at all levels … but it is not on the range model, which may limit your options.

# 2 pick   Kenmore 7212 – Best microondescomptoir oven

Kenmore 7212 micro-ondes

Kenmore Countertop solid is particularly affordable.

Price  :  $ 79.84  | Watts  : 1100 | Capacity  : | One Touch  : 30 seconds 6 Smart Touch Options, Options | thaw  Power levels  : 10

WHY IS A TOP PICK:  Clean, efficient and very affordable, this model is a great choice centrist.

The Kenmore 7212 is a simple, powerful micro – wave which is ideal if you want an effective counter model that does not try to confuse you with too many features. He always provides excellent capabilities as a moisture sensor that automatically adjusts the cooking time depending on its results, but les six intelligent touch buttons base make things easy, without the need to learn new controls. The model also sports an interior, such as Teflon finish designed to allow you to easily wipe spills (although if you’re wondering  how to clean a micro – wave that is really dirty We have more information for you).The model is also available as white and stainless steel, although the stainless version is much more expensive, so you may lose on the excellent cost savings that come with this Kenmore if you choose this option instead.

This model is particularly affordable, this is a good time to mention that prices can fluctuate depending on the inventory and other factors. We can not guarantee necessary that our prices shown are the rule of law. The good news here is that they can file and save you even more money! But this model Kenmore remains one of the choices that we have found the most affordable of the group.

# 3 Pick   GE JVM3160RFSS – best on the range Microwave


power on the microwave range GE has an additional space.

Price  :  $ 180.00  | Watts  : 1000 | Capacity  : 1.6 cubic feet | One Touch  : 30 seconds, 2 food Buttons, 6 cooking options Express Defrost, beverages | Power levels  : 10

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   An ideal range on the model.

Over the range microwaves are another kind of beast – they usually have additional features such as air flow fans as their base (used to remove smoke stoves, which can add to the cost) and tend to be larger than other options. With 300 CFM of airflow and two control the fan speed, the GE model can handle over the scope of tasks as needed. That spacious 1.6 cubic feet of space is also ideal for large dishes.

Additional options are many here, including the ability to change off the deck, the ability to automatically select the power levels for foods and detailed defrost options. There is not much of a touch-sensitive buttons, but you do not receive one for popcorn and one for potatoes, which are useful for almost all types of microwave.

Pick # 4   LG LCS0712ST – Best small microwave


This compact model provides very little, while saving space.

Price  :  $ 137.00  | Watts  : 700 | Capacity  : 0.7 cubic feet | One Touch  : 30 seconds 9 menu buttons | Power levels  : 10

WHY IS A TOP PICK:  This compact microwave manages to incluregrandes characteristics of saving space.

The specifications of this LG model are significantly lower than our best choice – which is a must for the best compact microwave options. While you only get 700 watts and 0.7 cubic feet of cooking space, you also get a smaller model that goes well in tiny spaces and corners (although you may have to adjust the cooking time for a lower power based on your past experience).

It is a rare compact model that is equipped with 10 power levels, but this model LG offers them. It also features an unprecedented amount of menu options, one touch buttons for potatoes, ground meat, poultry, popcorn, and so on. You save on space without giving up anything with this model, which we call a solid victory!

5 Pick   Cuisinart CMW-200 microwave convection – Best Convection Microwave

Cuisinart CMW-200

feature-rich, large space, and convection oven capabilities set this model apart.

Price  :  $ 215.99   | Watts  : 1000 | Capacity  : 1.2 cubic feet | One Touch  : 30 seconds 3 Options convection roasting, 6 micro – wave Options of Food, Food Express Options | Power levels  : N / A

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   permetchefs convection power to turn this big in a small microwave oven at a moment’s notice.

If you are interested in a microwave that goes classier and beyond traditional features, this model is Cuisinart for more professional kitchens that require heating capacity / low reheating. The convection fans on this 1000 watt microwave can heat or cook food more traditional way, essentially turning the microwave in a convection oven on request. There is also a reversible grill rack and turntable 12 inches inside crowded space of 1.2 cubic feet of the unit, depending on how you prefer to cook your meals.

Defrost Options (depending on the type or weight) are ideal if you want to heat something in the microwave before cooking with the convection setting. If you have a busy kitchen and want multiple ways to cook food (instead of just nuking the occasional bag of popcorn), Cuisinart offers. The only thing he’s missing the ability to set power levels, but with all these features, it is a small problem to have.

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Microwave Features to Look For

A large enough capacity for your dishes

  • The capacity is a measure of the cooking space inside your microwave, and can vary greatly from model to model. In other words, the food entering your old microwave can not enter into a new … which is why the capacity is an important element for the best brand of microwave.
  • Microwave less than 1 cubic foot may not be big enough for all the plates, dishes, cups or large. space saving is great, but do not do it at the expense of the dishes you prefer microwave.


  • Many microwave, especially larger versions come with turntables that convert your food as it is cooked. The function is particularly necessary, except when cooking large amounts of food, so it’s either going to be very useful or be unnecessary discomfort.
  • To find out who! Some questions to ask: what size the hub I want? Do I want a turntable that can be locked when needed? The turntable easy to take and clean?

intelligent sensors and functions

  • In our experience, sensors and other smart features make micro – waves more useful than they were in the past. Technology that can detect moisture in your food or note the size of what you cook –  and  take cooking decisions for you based on these data – is almost always worth it. Remember – you give these features a try instead of ignoring them!

In the specifications Range

  • If you need a new microwave oven range, it must have the characteristics for your configuration from the oven. Not only does not need to fit in the same space, but you also manage the same (if any) of ventilation capabilities. GE Our choice is a great option because it can be adapted in many different cuisines, but you have to match the characteristics of your needs.
  • Also, if possible, always try to stick with the same brand as your oven for aesthetics and compatibility. If you are looking for the best combo oven / microwave wall, make sure that characteristics such as gas and electricity lines are compatible before buying.

The right kind of door

  • microwave doors are usually either buttons or push handles to open, and they open either right or left. We are fans of the door handle version, allowing you greater control and is easier on to become the long term of the door. However, in leadership be sure to note if you need a microwave right opening to adapt your kitchen layout.

Easy to clean Buttons

  • An under-appreciated feature of modern microwave is the button layout. If you are wondering how best to clean the microwave surfaces, looking for touch screens glass without cracks that could hide dirt and grime for months without you knowing.

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Mistakes to avoid

No measurement before buying  : We can not repeat enough: Always measure and compare your space with the dimensions of micro – waves you plan to buy in advance. This is absolutely necessary if you have a cabinet or specifically for micro – waves, but it is also important if you buy a micro counter – waves. The best microphone – cheap waves in the world will not you much good if it does not fit into this corner when you are short of kitchen space.

Ignoring how power levels work  : If you really want power levels that operate with precision, for a micro – wave with an inverter. What – is a micro – wave UPS? Essentially, it uses a different type of micro production – waves that does change the power levels and heating. Set power to 5, and the inverter will make sure the heating is 50%. Other types of micro – waves will use a method of cycling, where power is always 100% but at level 5, he half as many cycles at 10. The inverter technology tends to make much more efficient and responsive power levels but anyway it is important to know what you are getting into.

Not adjusting for Wattage  : Wattage is not only the size but also the power of the micro – wave is. If your micro – wave at 1000 watts or more, it will be very effective for heating. If it has a lower power, you may – be temper your expectations: the best way to micro – wave a potato, for example, can vary depending on the power, especially if you make a big change from your old the new model.

Ignore Airflow and additional features  : For a micro – waves on the beach, you need the right kind of air flow for your configuration, and you may need additional features like the ability to control the oven range fires. In the range of units are specially designed for these tasks, but they vary from one model to another, so do not be complacent when buying. Know what you need to keep your stove clear of smoke first!

Based on the purchase of new features, not the buttons you use  : This error can occur when buyers get a little too excited. When all you concentrate on is, “When the micro – waves out? “And” At – it the latest features? “So you do not consider how you  currently  use micro – waves, which is equally important. If you use one of these menu buttons or defrost functions now, you probably will not use them on a new micro – wave, either. Buying micro – wave depending on how you want to use them, not on the latest flashy features.

Worry about radiation “What – that the radiation micro – wave? Is it dangerous? Are micro – waves safely “We see these issues a lot, so let’s clear up once and for all: this type of electromagnetic radiation can be dangerous at high levels, but we used to micro – waves for decades and it was never a problem. Indeed, from the net to the door locking mechanism, micro – waves are specially sealed to prevent radiation from escaping, and design works really, really well. However, if your door is damaged or if you think something is wrong, call a contractor and test the radiation levels. It only takes a few seconds, and you will know for sure.

What you need to know

In addition to our   # 1 Pick  , you can take a look at similar devices to see what can complement your kitchen. Interested in the difference between the  grill oven – bread compared to micro – wave patterns? Take a look  at the last gate – new bread oven   for how these units are different and that foods cook better in one versus the other.

Of course, once you buy  your favorite model micro – wave  , you have to start thinking about what to put in it! Fortunately, we can help there too. We also got the answers if you’re wondering  if Styrofoam is microwave – safe  – or try to find the  best of pop – corn micro – wave  for a movie night (even low-calorie options). You can also follow the latest inventions micro – waves there – there,  as micro – wave frying healthy Samsung  !

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