Our best permanent desktop converter choices for 2017

Our best permanent desktop converter choices for 2017
Our best permanent desktop converter choices for 2017
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If you are one of the many who have remained idle (no pun intended) while the craze for standing has taken off, but you’re not sure you can take the leap, the Standing desk converters can be a great way to keep one foot in both ends of the pool.

Stand-up desktop converters sit on top of ordinary desktops and give your monitor, keyboard, and mouse extra height for sitting or standing. But what are the best permanent desktop converters for 2017?

Read on in our guide to find out!

1. Fully Cooper Standing Desk Converter


The Fully Cooper can squeeze a whole lot of weight onto its adjustable surface.


The Cooper Standing Desk Converter is made and shipped by the company, which has been printed with the Jarvis Bamboo, our pick for the # 1 Standing Desk of 2017. the best of the world, the best of the world.

When we reviewed the Cooperative we found it was very stable, and we did not experience too much of the same problems that lesser converters might have had for you. More importantly, they also say that the most traditional spring style for a hydraulic actuator, which can transition the entire desktop to a squeeze.

With stability to match the best price, it’s no wonder why the Full Cooper Standing Desk converter is the best model on shelves (and desks) for 2017!

2. VariDesk Standing Desk Converter


The Varidesk is one of the longest running – but still the best – standing desk converters out there.   

For years, the VariDesk Standing Desk converter was one of the only models to offer a stable platform that you could raise and lower to achieve the luxury effect. The rest was either too cheap, too fragile, or too shaky to be worth the headache. But even though VariDesk may be one of the block’s veterans, that does not mean he still can not stand with more recent options like Fully’s.

The VariDesk converter uses an older spring mechanism to elevate your desk in up to 11 different standing positions, so you can find the height that suits you best and stick to it.

A small criticism that some users have raised about the VariDesk is that, because of the way the mechanism actually raises your desktop (up and to the user), this can be difficult for anyone in a space more compact work. It also allows you to stay further away from your desk, so if you have something on it, you have to interact with it often (drink, pencil, post-it, etc.), you want to make sure it’s on the raised surface before you change your position to ensure that it stays at arm’s length.

3. VertDesk Standing Desk Convertervertdesk-standing-desk-converter.jpg.pagespeed.ce.LYAS325OD9.jpg

                                                                The VertDesk is one of the most stable z-bar standing desk converters you’ll find today.

Unlike the Fully Cooper converter that uses an “x” bar style to increase its platform, the VertDesk Standing Desk converter is one of the few to use the so-called “z” style. Z-bar upright desktop converters are prone to distortion on the front, and can even tip over completely if you’re someone like me who heavily presses their wrists on the surface in front of their keyboard.

Fortunately, VertDesk engineers seem to have found a solution to many of the problems faced by older z-bar upright desktop converters, thanks to a ridiculously robust base that redistributes weight and balance from the front of the mechanism. to go down to the office itself, where it belongs.

This avoids spills while offering a very resistant work surface that can withstand the most severe types among us (me included).



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