Best Small Microwave

Best Small Microwave
Best Small Microwave
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While large microwave ovens are great for managing large heating projects for the whole family or for cooking more easily, small microwave ovens tend to be more user-friendly. They are easier to transport for frequent movers, and the  best  2018 microwave devices can be used anywhere without sacrificing important features – or dragging cooking times.Go to:  Top  Small microwave features compared  .

The challenge is to find the best microwave counter options that still offer enough customization and food options for the foods you prefer. That’s why our  # 1 choice  is easily  the LG LCS0712ST  ,that at 0.7 cubic feet of cooking space is small enough to fit in tight corners, but does not give up useful features like 9 menu buttons and 10 power levels.

Best Small Microwave 2018

LG LCS0712ST Farberware FMO07ABTBKA Whirlpool WMC20005YB
Rank # 1 – Editor’s Choice / Best Microwave Around # 2 Pick – Most Useful Shortcuts # 3 Pick – Ideal for tight spaces
Amazon Rating 4.5stars-new four stars four stars
watts 700 700 750
Capacity 0.7 cubic foot 0.7 cubic foot 0.5 cubic foot
Dimensions 12.2 x 17.9 x 10.1 “ 17.8 x 12.9 x 10.1 “ 13.8 x 15.4 x 14.1 “
One Touch buttons 30 seconds, 9 menu buttons 30 seconds, 6 hot buttons, 6 menu buttons 30 seconds, Popcorn
Power levels ten ten N / A
Price $ 250.00 $ 60.00 $ 116.00
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How we choose the best microwave

Of course, we first examine how compact the dimensions of a microwave are to find the best small microwave, which averages about 0.7 cubic feet of internal cooking space. This is usually sufficient for medium sized plates and cups (things over six inches may not fit, but there is variance here). This size is ideal for apartments, dormitories and other living spaces where counter space may be limited. Then we have carefully examined the ease of use: if you want a model that does not require new orders, you probably will not be interested in a small microwave convection oven with too many useless functions. Finally,

Why you should buy a new small microwave

Because they are growing like big microwave ovens – except more affordable! If you are looking for compact microwave dimensions to fit in your own unique (and a little small) space, these are the units that will help you. If you are trying to find a backup microwave for that little dormer edge or looking for a compact model that can sneak into this too small apartment corner, these little microwaves can help. Whether they’re university students or microwave buyers for the first time, they’re a great choice – and you do not have to give up features if you buy the right model.

# 1 Pick   LG LCS0712ST – Best Microwave All Around

No features are compromised in the manufacture of this model.

Price  :  $ 139.99   | Watts  : 700 | Capacity  : 0.7 cubic feet | One Touch  : 30 seconds, 9 menu buttons | Power levels  : 10

WHY IT’S A TOP CHOICE:  Power, durability and ease of use combine to make this unit smaller just as impressive as the large microwave ovens we’ve seen.

This LG model can be small, but we were very impressed by the few sacrifices for its size. All the features that make the greatest microwave useful can be found here too. There is a rotating turntable, 10 different power levels to choose from (but keep in mind that with a 700-watt microwave, you can choose a higher power level than usual) and options defrosting. The menu buttons include nine different options for specific foods like popcorn, potatoes, minced meat, poultry, and so on – more than we expected from a small microwave. In addition, from a purely aesthetic point of view, the stainless steel design looks great and can match any kitchen:

LG also has some unique features that we found valid. There is the “EasyClean” coating inside the microwave, a smooth layer that is designed to help you clean up splatters or splashes of food without the use of harsh, smelly chemicals. We do not know exactly how long the coating will last over the years, but it will complement regular maintenance. In addition, the LCS0712ST comes with a child lock that you can turn on or turn off – not all microwaves, but smart for countertop microwaves in a family with curious and growing kids. Finally,

# 2 Choosing   Farberware FMO07ABTBKA – Most Useful Shortcuts

With a ton of customization features, this small microwave is ideal for those who like to play.

Price  :  $ 70.00  | Watts  : 700 | Capacity  : 0.7 cubic feet | One Touch  : 30 seconds, 6 hot buttons, 6 menu buttons | Power levels  : 10

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK:  With many predefined options and plenty of power to handle any type of food, the Farberware does not even know it’s tiny.

The LG model won first place for its high quality design and deep functionality, but this Farberware model manages to include many of the same features at a much lower price. We were not so impressed by the design (it’s not great with fat fingerprints, for example), but if you want to save money while getting a powerful little 700-watt microwave is a good bet. In addition, it is a little smaller than the LG model, which is useful if you have this corner or corner for a microwave, but need a very small model to fit inside.

With 10 power levels to choose from, a glass turntable, and a child lock, this Farberware also has many features that were once relegated to large microwave ovens. However, it was the preset, one-touch options that impressed us the most. The six preset menus include a few different options that we usually see, like preparing frozen vegetables, and we loved the express cooking options, which let you choose between one to six minutes with just one button. Once you learn how your microwave heats the foods / drinks you love, these express buttons are perfect for quick, personalized startups. There are even options for saving the most common cooking and multi-step settings for complex cooking tasks. Overall, it is an excellent model for more complex microwave cooking, even at its small size.


# 3  Whirlpool Pick  WMC20005YB – Ideal for tight spaces

Need a microwave for a tighter space? Try that one!

Price  :  $ 150.00  | Watts  : 750 | Capacity  : 0.5 cubic feet | One Touch  : 30 seconds, Popcorn | Power levels  : 10

WHY IT’S A TOP CHOICE:  The corner-oriented design of this model certainly does not limit power or super easy interface options.

For some people, 0.7 cubic feet is small but not small enough. In this case we offer this very tiny Whirlpool model, which is about as small as you can get without switching to a toaster. The 0.5 foot cubic feet and curved back make this unit a perfect tool for super-tight corners in busy lofts or apartments where the counter space is slim to zero but you still need a microwave. It’s not just about size, we’ve also been impressed by the 750 watts of power, which is much more power than we expected for this model. This makes the option of customizing power level 10 a lot more meaningful, while making sure not to lengthen your cooking time by giving up size. Speaking of size,

Otherwise, this model is short on customization features and one-touch buttons, focusing instead on simplicity. The tap-to-active buttons (located at the base of the template) are basic options, with a choice of 30 seconds and a lone popcorn button – which, perhaps, is all you need. Overall, it’s a great model for the small living space that really needs a microwave for fast-warming meals, but it can not really take the place of an oven. The only potential disadvantage is the price, which is high for such a compact unit.

Small microwave features to look for

  • The right steps:  focus not only on internal measurements, but also on external sizes! For example, we like microwaves like the RAC RMW1414 or the Samsung MG14H3020, but they are huge microwaves well over 1 cubic foot inside, let alone outside, and they can not just do not go into small kitchens. The best little microwave options are usually between 10 and 13 inches wide and deep: If necessary, take out your measuring tape before you start buying.
  • Power:  Our top choices all have power levels in the 700-watt range, which is about as low as microwaves. Fortunately, the modern design makes these microwaves very efficient and the addition of power levels gives you a good amount of heating. Remember, in large microwave ovens, increasing power does not necessarily mean you’re getting more heat, just a larger space that needs to be heated. So look for new compact microwaves with a lot of features here.
  • Short cut options:  Microwaves are great for saving time. Think about what you nuke most often in a microwave, and check to see if there are one-touch buttons for these items.
  • Popcorn Buttons:  Automated buttons for foods like popcorn or potatoes are convenient shortcuts, but can be much more. On the best microwaves, these buttons use sensors that microwaves use to detect moisture, amount of food and more. They can save time and adjust cooking times to avoid burns or burns!
  • Cleaning Options:  Everything that makes a microwave easier to clean, from coatings to settings, is well worth it.
  • Price:  The prices of small microwaves can fluctuate a lot. While they may be cheaper than larger models, this is not guaranteed, so keep an eye on the price when choosing the size!

Errors to avoid

  • Cooking at the same time as before:  Small microwave ovens tend to have lower power and lower power than larger versions (not always, but often). When you make the switch, you will probably have to change your average cooking times too. Do not stick to what has worked before because it might not be as effective.
  • Ignore the features you have:  We’ve made a big deal about all the improved features that small microwaves have these days, but they do not mean much unless you use them. We know it’s easy to get stuck in a microwave rut to push the same buttons over and over, but if your microwave comes with menu buttons and power levels, it makes sense to make experiences with them. You do not know what you miss!
  • Installing a Small Microwave Permanently:  One of the good things about small microwave ovens is that they are easy to move around if you have to change cities or apartments on the fly. Make sure your microwave stays easy to move!
  • Forget about measuring your dishes:  We talked about measuring space, but it’s also important to measure your dishes to make sure they’ll fit in a smaller microwave!

What else you should know

After taking a look  at our choice of microwaves  , you may prefer to do some shopping and know the terrain before making a purchase decision. If you really prefer to use your microwave for complex tasks and complete cooking or intensive reheating, a small microwave oven is probably not your best choice. There are many other modern options for  cooking micro  –  waves  and even  microwaves that will help you follow a diet  there. Micro   intelligent waves  can detect food  or  provide high-tech touch screensfor programming will help you more, even though compact microwaves are cheaper. Sometimes, spending more money is worth it. Finally, keep up with the latest news from Gadget Review to learn more about the latest cooking technologies,  smart gadgets  , kitchen apps and more!

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