Our Best Standing Desk Picks for 2017

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Our Best Standing Desk Picks for 2017
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There are several options and features that we evaluated when picking the best standing desk in 2017   our top five comparison. Gadget Review staff all have made the change because we enjoy the  benefits of standing desk  because it can help you burn calories, improve your posture and help you focus during tasks where your mind can start to wander.

These factors in mind, it is no wonder that the Bamboo Jarvis standing office Fully hit the top of our list with ease. Thank you to its solid build quality, electronic console with preset height options, and overall sustainability in all use cases, if you are curious of the standing desk of revolution or a veteran in space, Jarvis the choice for you.

Top Standing Desks

Jarvis-standing-office-small state agency law
Jarvis Standing Desk StandDesk Stand Up Desk ($50 off – $50SHARE3) UpDesk UpWrite Standing Desk
best standing-office-1 best standing-offices-2 best standing-office-3
Rang # 1 – Editor’s Choice / Best adjustable standing desk # 2 – Best Budget Bureau permanent # 3 – Best Stand Sit office
motorized green check mark green check mark green check mark
Height range 26.5″ – 45,75″ 29″ – 45″ 24.5″ – 50.5″
Capacity 350 lb 225 lbs 300 lbs
Surface 30 “x 48” (larger sizes available) 26 “x 56” (larger available) 30 “x 48” (available size) more
guarantee 7 years on the chassis, mechanical
and electrical
10 years 5 years
Price 455 $ – 753 $ 508,99 $ – 873,96 $ 1,050.00 $ – $ 1,190.00
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Choosing us the Top Standing Desks

When choosing the top   office standing   for this list, we looked at a variety of models, features and prices to suit everyone’s budget. First, it is important to know that there are several different styles of standing desk that can either “hold” on their own (pardon the pun), or can act as an attachment to your office pre – existing to provide additional features on top. Autonomous standing desk (last) are an office that can transition from standing or sitting position, using either a motor or a pneumatic handle to switch from one mode to another.

Whether or not an office was powered was an important consideration, because the last thing you want to do while you are at work awkwardly tries to jack an office position when all your colleagues look pity.

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Then there is the quality of construction of the office itself. This includes factors such as what materials the desk top and frame are (bamboo and aluminum generally do the job without increasing costs), as well as the strength and the overall stability of the office at different heights. One of the most annoying things about hurt standing office is an office that continues to waver at full height, and then there’s no specific metric for measuring “wobbliness” scale of a product, all the choice on this list were ranked by users and critics as extremely stable in any configuration.

Finally, there is the sustainability of the entire standing desk ulimate, and how this relates to the price. As we mentioned in the previous section, cheaper materials such as bamboo can also take some beating if treated with appropriate post-coatings, and will not cost you an arm and a leg for a period years at a time. Since most standing desk (and desks, even standing add-ons) are designed to last at least five years (optimally around 10), you’ll want to make sure that your office can withstand and abuse of office work rigors without denting or buckling in the first months of the property or less.

Why You Should Buy a New Standing Desk

Although the actual health benefits of a standing desk are still  hotly contested by both scientists and doctors  , there is no arguing that standing while working is a good way to get the blood flowing. As someone who has suffered pain in the lower back from an injury to the coccyx at the age of 14, I know when something aid or when it hurts because I’m going to feel sooner and harder than mostly.

Personally, I find that whenever I have a task that I have to concentrate for long periods standing in half or more of it to keep me closer, and give my restless legs a chance to stretch . It also helps to alleviate the stress that my incessant habit slouching puts on the back, shoulders and hips – a pleasure that few office workers get unless they get up to go to the bathroom or get a snack.

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But how to stand in a standing desk is also essential that you should keep your keyboard and mouse to a 90 ° angle while standing (as doctor recommend) so you can improve your office standing posture while burning more calories than you would sit by. Depending on your building, it is said that the average office worker can burn about 50 extra calories a hour while working from a standing position, which can really start to add if you are standing for more than three hours per day, five days a week.

In short; if you are someone who wonders how often you should get up from your desk and want to improve posture, burn calories, and improve their general approach on the specific tasks – then a new standing desk could be in the cards for you.

# 1 Pick Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk – Editor’s Choice/Best Looking Standing Desk

Best standing desk - Fully Jarvis Standing Bureau

Jarvis Bamboo air completely and beautifully done, and the head and shoulders “means” above the rest of the competition

best standing-desk editors choicebest standing-office-4Price:   $ 455 – $ 753   | Read the full article:   Jarvis Bamboo Standing Review Board   | Motorized:   Yes | Height range:   26.5 “- 45.75”

Spend an amount of time in search of the offices up on the Internet, and almost all sites that covers the subject will tell you the same thing: the Bamboo standing desk Jarvis is fully undoubtedly one of (if not   the ) best of the group.

With a large number of add-ons, additional features, and durability at startup, it is difficult to find anything that this office is mistaken. Its programmable micro controller with lush bamboo surface, this office really deserves a standing ovation “standing” (and I promise you it officially the last set of words related to the position of this write up).

Probably one of the most unique features that defines Jarvis out of the competition is the ability to add grommets supplied to each side of the desk, which can make it easier for users who do not have a ton cable length to spare for the height standing without their monitor and accessories are pulled to the side and fall to the ground.

When I reviewed the Jarvis last year  I blown away by how much weight he could lift (a 350lbs) claimed, while remaining incredibly stable almost any height. Although I am not the most around 6’0 person, I was still able to comfortably use the Jarvis in most usage scenarios without much knee or leg pain (thanks  in part due the standing mat CumulusPRO sign of printer  ), and the reception was rock solid propped against a wall during work days and also soft target but frantic gaming sessions.

Jarvis Bamboo is really the epitome of what people mean when they speak of the “complete package”, and if you are on your first standing desk or your fifth, there is no doubt Jarvis is a perfect match for you to home, work or anywhere in between.

#2 pick  StandDesk Stand Up Desk – Best Budget Bureau permanent

Best permanent office - StandDesk Bureau Standing Frame

Because who does not love this person doing yoga in the middle of their work day?

best standing-offices-2Price:   $ 559   | Motorized:   Yes | Height Range:  29 “- 45”

The StandDesk is a minimalist option, and standing high office if you want something without too many frills or high costs out of pocket. Of course, you still get a few choices between colors and there are several optional accessories, including a power strip and a standing mat, but the real emphasis is made here to be on the first simplicity.

Make – to use $ 50SHARE3 to save $ 50 on your order

Materials may not be as upscale as other offices, but you get what you pay for when you’re shopping on a budget.

The StandDesk is now a little more expensive than the Jarvis at the base, but comes with some additional features that leaves you with $ 629 pricetag if you were just shopping with fully equipped kitchen.

# 3 Pick   UpDesk UpWrite Standing Bureau – Best Sit Support Office

Best UpDesk permanent office

The UpDesk is one of the best standing desk today.

best standing-office-3Price:   $ 890 – $ 1040 (depending on model)   | Motorized:   Yes | Height range:  23.5 “- 49.5”

The UpDesk UpWrite also gets a lot of points for simplicity and a minimalist design that maintains the low price compared to NextDesk and standing desk of the same expensive.

However, it also incorporates some points for style, since it is one of the few standing desk with modern curved surface which branches away from boring rectangles and other offices can also serve whiteboard. This can make it ideal if you want to sit next to your monitor or keyboard, or if you are more comfortable when your mouse is held out to right instead of right in front of your wrist.

The only downside is if it also offers power-adjustable for different heights and some cable management options, there are very few extra features to speak otherwise.

Pick # 4  Focal Locus Stand Up Desk – Best adjustable standing desk

Focal bureau permanent

The standing desk Focal is the Cadillac of the best standing desk.

best standing-office-1Price:  $ 1497  | Motorized:  Yes | Height Range:   24 “- 50.5”

This is a standing desk design that has done more for the artist, someone who needs space and light to shine directly on their desk at specific angles, and the ability to work in the digital world . Of course, you can put a laptop on its inclined surface that can tilt up to 15 °, but an additional platform is also available for large screens.

The office also includes a crank to change position, a convenient hole for cords or cups and cable management clips. It is designed to work seamlessly with the office of Locus, which allows you to sit in an upright position – in effect is helping to stretch your flexors of the hip without permanent fatigue, which reduces the problems of the lower back of the Similarly could stand.

5 Do  VariDesk Pro Plus 36 – standing desk converter

Best Varidesk permanent office

The VariDesk ranks thanks to its versatility and size.

best standing-office-5Price:  $ 395   |  Motorized:   No | Height Range:   24 “- 50.5”

This is another add-on option standing desk, with a curious design which made to lock on the corner of a desk and move between a sitting and standing at will. It does this through a

The idea is that if you want a part of the session of the working day, and some standing, you can switch between the two states in an instant. Monitor Stand Set points are particularly handy, allowing a variety of configurations and screens of multiple monitors if necessary. You can also adjust the keyboard flexible support to any height and angle you want, offering lots of customization welcome to your working position, you will not find in any other model on the list.

Key factors for the best standing desk


  • This probably goes without saying, but you’ll need a sustainable standing desk. He who is made of premium materials like bamboo or walnut wood.
  • In this spirit, you will need a standing desk that is strong on his feet and will not easily sway when hit in or when pressed. All our choices are robust and designed to last the test of time. Moreover most of them have excellent guarantees to start, just anything if problem.

Motorized pneumatically ratio relative to the hand crank

  • Personal preferences aside, what ultimately standing desk style powered or unpowered that is right for you will go down how often you switch between sitting and standing daily.
  • pneumatic and motorized offices make it simple to transition, but can also be a little more expensive than the versions crank.
  • That said, a hand-crank office may also have problems with stability and durability if you are not very careful with them each time you pass, which can be a pain if you find yourself often do .

Grommets / Cable Management

  • This may not seem like a huge deal, but when using office standing how the cables are managed can become a bigger problem than you think.
  • Options such as the best standing desk on this list, Jarvis, offer two different eye styles: Standard holes that power to your computer, or hobbies son powered / USB making it act as an extension to be sure that you are getting tangled up.
  • Be sure to measure the length of all the monitor cables, keyboard and mouse cable before purchasing a standing desk to be sure they all will hit your desktop or laptop when the office is completely lying to standing height.

Ease of use 

  • Now, I prefer electric motors, simply because it makes switching between sessions and standing. But if you die hard, you opt for a manual standing office only because it forces you to be more active by cranking a handle to come and go.
  • Indeed, this will make you more support, but he could sit more because you are reluctant to get up and crank.
  • All offices standing above provides extremely efficient and low engines, but one that is crank the focus. And you can buy it with a standing chair for added scratch – I suggest you take a look around this accessory if you plan to this office.


  • Stability is of course very important to have a standing desk, but there is a bit more to it than meets the eye.
  • Let’s say you put your desk directly up against a wall. Even at the maximum height with the help of the wall to support the standing wobbliest office will always sit still enough as long as it is a flat surface for support.
  • That said, if you use a standing desk against a cabin wall or weaker in the middle of an open plan office,

Mistakes to avoid

Going Too Cheap: If you go cheap, you’ll likely be okay in the short term, but find yourself in need of an upgrade not too long after. Largely because cheaper standing desks don’t have the level of sturdiness you need when you’re working at full height. There is one cheaper option on this list, but keep in mind most of the savings are there because it’s designed to go on top of a desk, which is another cost that will have to be factored into the final price. That said if you already have a desk that’s sturdy enough as it is, this might be the most optimal choice for you.

Match your size:  In theory, 48 “maximum height for the best standing desk should be enough for most people, and will be sufficient for users who are up to a height of 6 ‘5”. Ideally no matter how high you are, you want the height of the table to be at a level that does not cause you strain the shoulder or arm over long working days. This is the angle of 90 °, we talked about earlier, and if your arms close around the height that hides Frankenstein, you do it wrong.

Not easily adjustable:   It may not seem like a big deal, but if you have to turn the crank hard to arrive at a standing height, you’ll probably end up completely avoid. Or if the electronic motor is slow and strong you avoid upsetting your office colleagues, provided that you do not work at home. All offices provide standing above fairly quiet and smooth operation, either crank or hydraulic motor.

What you should think about

There are clearly many standing desk benefits, but make sure you follow this standing desk guide on how to use it properly. And while our list of best standing desks is helpful, you might want to also read our standing desk reviews as well learn about some of the features to look for in a standing desk.

Finally, you’ll want to also take a glance at our list of the best  office carpet standing to be sure you get the most comfortable surfaces to stand on as possible. These mats can reduce general fatigue and keep you well standing – beyond the normal limit your colleagues could hit, and also prevent you from wearing down your knees or straining your back as you can if you were standing on wood or carpet alone.

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