The Best Types of Tudor Architecture

Tudor Architecture review
The Best Types of Tudor Architecture
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Luxury mansions with Tudor architecture are something which is now once again in demand in the United States of America and especially in the more upscale suburban regions of Los Angeles California. Coming with ornately designed interiors and pretty characteristic interiors, these homes make for one of the most luxurious choices of living which are used mostly by the rich and the famous but now are being chosen by an increasing number of people and hence there are a number of contractors and realtors are getting into providing the best choices for the homes with the style of the old world Tudor architecture. This style of homes was the trademark of the Tudor dynasty in England and it was from here that this style entered the world architecture and saw an international revival in the nineteenth and the twentieth century. Now, as we have said, it has become once again very popular in the erstwhile British colonies and in other parts of the world. This style of architecture was popular in the days of the old school Hollywood and with its revival here in Los Angeles, one can experience the glory days of the studio era.

Structurally, these houses bear signature styled slanting roofs with wooden paneling on the walls. More modern designs also incorporated styled bricks such that one can save on the costs of getting the specially treated wood that is needed for construction like this. The interiors of these homes are something which is very noteworthy. The varnished hardwood floors and ornamental styled fireplaces are something which are the most attention grabbing in the parts which are indoors of these luxurious homes. Although the older norm of the Tudor style homes was to have very large rooms, the latest designs have given way to more nominally sized indoor rooms but with a very high degree of decoration. Furthermore, there is a high degree of imitation fixtures which are also used inside these homes especially with the slanted wooden beams which are specifically aged and are actually made from light grained wood and not the more expensive variety which would have needed otherwise. Along with this, due to the more restricted amount of real estate which is available today, builders also often experiment with the classical designs and add a little something here and there to give all the owners something new for their homes made with this style of décor .

The small rooms are however for the more economic options for this style of construction. However with the larger Tudor homes those are available in the LA region, one gets larger rooms along with the center piece of the reception hall which is missing in those smaller Tudor homes. Therefore if one goes in for a luxury home built in the old style of Tudor homes, then they will get the high class old world luxury along with some elements of the new such that you can experience the best of the style of comfort which is bought by the English Tudor architecture while you are in Los Angeles.

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