Best Xbox One Headset

Best Xbox One Headset
Best Xbox One Headset
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If you are a player that knows what they want, and that is the best Xbox Headphones – well, we have some good news for you. After the inspection, testing, and generally tinkering with a flood of the latest games consoles for headphones, we limited the choice for the best helmet Xbox One … and find headphones that you can not do without.

Best Xbox One Headsets

Astro-A50-3 Tortue-Beach-Ear-Force-XO-Sept-Pro-Prime Plantronics-Rig-Flex-LX Tortue-Beach-Wireless-Ear-Force-Stealth-500X Astro-A40
Astro A50 Turtle Beach Ear
Force de XO Seven
Premium Pro
Plantronics RIG
Beyerdynamic MMX 300 2017 ModelEar Stealth Force
500X prime
Patriot V370
Rang # 1 – Best overall wireless gaming headset # 2 – the most durable Xbox headset # 3 – the most affordable alternative Xbox One Helmet # 4 – Best Xbox Wired headphones # 5 – Best Mid Range Headphones
Amazon Note 3.5stars-2105 4andhalf-stars 4andhalf-stars
Driver size 50 mm 50 mm 40mm waiting 40mm
Frequency Range 20Hz –
20Hz –
20Hz –
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Wireless green check mark rouge-x-icon rouge-x-icon rouge-x-icon rouge-x-icon
7.1 Surround Sound green check mark rouge-x-icon rouge-x-icon green check mark green check mark
Price 289,98 $ 119,99 $ 53,99 $ waiting 59,99 $
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# 1 Pick Astro A50 Headset: Halo Xbox One Edition – Best Overall Wireless Gaming Headset

Astro A50

The best headphones Xbox One is a wireless beast that accepts no compromise.

best xbox-one helmet choice publishersbest xbox-one-1 headsetPrice:  289.98 $   | Weight:  13 oz | Battery life:  8-10 hours

WHY IS A TOP PICK:  amazing, its not customizable and surprisingly comfortable lead.

Astro is a great  game  helmet, no doubt, but as soon as I took the weight A50, it was obvious that this was something special. With excellent capacity 7.1 surround sound to additional features that you actually use it  best Xbox Headphones  puts all other pretenders to shame. Others have their advantages, but Astro model brings together the best specifications in a stellar package. Here are some – some of the features that I could not get enough of:

  • Wireless Features:  Yes, the headset is wireless (more on this below, where I mention an important caveat). This means less stringed deal: I was actually also means a sexy stand to put the helmet down to reload when I do not use, I preferred to leave actually a tangle on the couch.
  • EQ Customization:  A bunch of gaming headset there – come with low EQ, but Astro has done a great job these settings something you’ll really tinker. An adjustment is made for the general multiplayer mode, focused on raid. A parameter is designed specifically for FPS games. The final adjustment is made for watching movies quietly. It should be noted here that the last A50s also live fit, and similar Oculus VR helmets for a more immersive experience.
  • Battery:  These headphones seem to last about 10 to 12 hours, a very respectable number considering the characteristics other than the A50 is juggling.
  • Organic Mic:  The microphone is great and powerful on the A50, and has a really cool feature that lets you instantly mute just flipping up, which is a great feature set of accessory to deal with interruptions.
  • Cup:  Headphones are a little tight, but far from being ill at ease. The extra large on the design of the ear never troubled me, and the padding is very utilitarian – these cups earrings are here for business, and that business COMPLETES its premium directly to your noggin. It is good that the greenhouse – head is so broad and support, as this is a pair of headphones enough weight.

One point that really need clarification for this gaming headset is the wireless function. If you watched a wireless headset for Xbox One, you probably know that they are not always as “wireless” because they often need to connect to the Xbox controller (proprietary hardware is usually the issue here) . The latest version of the facts for Xbox A50s  come with an increase in the base station that helps provide its wireless real – it’s a little more time to set up and requires a clear signal to use, but it works. Note that these models are still with headphone cables to attach if needed, and that Astro is working on providing mod kits for PS4 A50s which also let you use the Xbox One. However, these mods are for the latest Gen 3 headests A50.

# 2 Pick   Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Pro Premium Xbox headset sustainable -more

Turtle Beach Ear Force de XO Seven

Turtle Beach is known for its helmets comfortable game … that still sound as good.

best xbox-one-headset-2Price  :  $ 119.99   | Weight  : 11.8 oz | Connectivity  : Xbox One Controller, Mobile / Tablet

WHY IS A TOP PICK:  pouridentification audio sound customization

Turtle Beach has remarkable gaming headsets in a certain price range, and despite the long name of the Ear Force model is one of the best models available for gamers Xbox One. There are many presets and settings for all headphones, including audio customization for all to hear the sweet sounds of Footstep (stealth or survival) to focus more on other natural sounds (RPGs and sandboxes). There are also a lot of EQ options for improving the bass, treble and more traditional options. Drivers are 50 mm, which means that emphasize the bass sound from the beginning.

Please note that there are several different versions of this helmet: I recommend the Pro because you get some of the most useful features, and the price difference is still manageable, but you can look at others options too – and take a look at my other recommendation Turtle Beach on this list.

# 3 Pick   Plantronics Flex Rig LX – more affordable alternative Xbox One Helmet

Plantronics Rig Flex LX

The Xbox-compatible version of this helmet is affordable, light and sound.

best xbox-one-3 headsetPrice  :  $ 53.99   | Weight  : 7 ounces | Connectivity  : small cable with microphone online and most cable headset

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   Lightweight, comfortable and affordable.

These lightweight headphones have great clarity and are perfect for less intense gaming sessions when you want something easy and comfortable to wear. While some of the other headsets sounded better to me, it’s easy to see what Flex platform models are so popular: They moderate the features and size to provide a headset that emphasizes loyalty, with a price everyone can afford. Notably the microphone has options for mobile games and more serious sessions console where is more important quality.

You will need to be careful with this headset because the Flex is not always bundled with an Xbox One adapter for the Xbox controller. This adapter is absolutely necessary to use the headset with the Microsoft console. Look for Rig Flex LX options that are specifically compatible with Xbox and ship with the adapter … or buy another adapter of your own.

# 4 Pick  Turtle Beach Ear Force sans fil furtif 500X – Best Xbox One Audio Personnalisation

Turtle Beach Ear Force stealth without wire 500X

Turtle Beach a un grand – casque sans fil avec le 500X – et léger.

best xbox-one helmet-4Prix : 199,00 $  | Poids : 11.3 onces | Autonomie de la batterie : 15 heures

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   Tetherless, wireless connections etgrande specific kind audio customization.

Why did I put two Turtle Beach headsets on the list? Well, stealth 500X feels like a different helmet than the Pro, in particular as regards 1) all wireless capacity, including unattached needed, and 2) surround sound. Furthermore, while the drivers of 50 mm heavy bass-driven are the same, the audio options are quite different. They focus more on the push chat, sound surround modes, and audio presets for specific genres – more suited to FPS multiplayer and customization in general. This option surround sound is hard to beat, and you can even download additional settings for more options. The downside is that these presets tend to reduce the battery life up to 10 hours

# 5 Pick  Astro A40 Wireless Gaming Headset – Best Mid-Tier Option helmet

Astro A40

The A40 is a cheaper helmet A50, but it still has incredible clarity.

best xbox-one helmet-5Price  :  $ 159.99   | Weight  : 11.4 (without cable) | Battery life  : 10 hours

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   personalization Xbox, low distortation, and some options for fun decal.

This Astro headphones, lighter than the A50, comes with a special edition Xbox so that compatibility is ensured (and a  Halo  aesthetics). It focuses a little more on customizing the A50, allowing you to adjust the game to voice audio balancing exactly what you want.

Moreover, like other high Astro options there is almost no distortion, cups ears are large and comfortable, and you can customize the headset with a variety of stickers if that’s your thing. This model, the A40 can not be as good for the A50s chat, or be as wide a range of frequencies, but they are a less expensive option for the player wanting a high quality helmet.

Note:   while the headphones are wireless, they still need a attaches to your controller.

What to look for in the best Xbox One Headsets

Xbox compatibility  : Search for headsets designed to work with the Xbox One controller, or come with adapters for this.

Audio Personalization  : Some audio customization is a good thing (too much is not – check the mistakes to avoid below): -. Look for options to adjust the audio balance or choose different presets for each game you play.

Chatting Features  : The features easy mute, noise cancellation, and choose the cat in particular to improve the sounds will make all your parts-ups much, much smoother. Do not buy a cheap microphone!

Low distortion  : the distortion tends to be particularly important with the Xbox headsets for tethering to your controller exacerbates the problems of distortion sub – behind. Look for low ratings distortion where you can find them.

Comfort  : Game Often helmets come inform of pressure greenhouse – head and other information showing how well they rest. There is a lot of variance, but a tight helmet usually do not bother: Do not think a helmet will “relax” over time.

Mistakes to avoid

First of all, never assume that a headset will work with your Xbox. Many PC gaming headsets are easily compatible with PlayStation, but not with the Xbox One: This happens because of different formats, technology laws of copyright, and many other complex reasons, but unhappy.

Also, do not buy based solely on appearance. Some Xbox helmets are really, really good cool – but not the sound of competition or characteristics that make them valid. Big headphones tend to have deeper bass Headsets and more uncomfortable … but not necessarily better.

Finally, beware of too much customization features. I know that I recommend helmets with many setting options, but this is not always a good thing. In fact, most players are only presets pair they like and switch between them.

The most important features

  • Quality of ear Cup  : Search for ear cups that rest around your ears loosely a part of them. Earpiece material must be flexible yet firm, not too much and not too plushy faux-tanned. Headsets tend to wear out quickly, so durability is very important here.
  • Battery  : Battery for wireless headsets is slowly but surely to the head almost 20 hours per charge. That said, some helmets are still stuck down to 10 hours. Storage often the headphones on the charging cradle will allow it to become a problem.
  • Mic  : The microphone on your headset to be discreet, but also easy to adjust. The best microphones can be quickly switched or changed for different purposes – or are hidden in the ear cups altogether.
  • Fidelity  : Fidelity generally refers to how loud and clear sounds. Look for headphones that have very specific frequency responses and high fidelity for a sound experience. Surround sound can often help.

What is the best Xbox One helmet for you?

If you have pre-existing loyalties to brands Astro or Turtle Beach, your choice should be very easy here – just based on your current budget helmet. If you prefer to go lighter and cheaper, the Plantronics option is probably best for you. If you really do not care and just want the absolute best sound experience you can get on Xbox One, the A50 is tethered where he is.

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