A Blender – The Most Important Gadget In A Modern Kitchen

A Blender - The Most Important Gadget In A Modern Kitchen
A Blender – The Most Important Gadget In A Modern Kitchen
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Over the past eight decades, blenders have become an increasingly essential kitchen appliance. Blenders have a long history – the first blenders were developed in the 1930s in Europe and America. The early blenders were very basic – they were mainly drink mixers and fruit and vegetable juice extractors. Today, the blenders are multi-functional and very advanced, and they are used for many functions in the kitchen.

So, what is a blender? It is a kitchen appliance that is used to puree, mix, blend or mash food substances. Blenders are used in both home and commercial kitchens, and have a wide range of purposes, listed as follows:

– Make purees of semi-solid food, such as meat or vegetables
– Crush solid food substitutes such as grain or seeds into powder
– Blend and mix different food substances
– Dissolve solid food substances into liquids
– Crash ice and mix with other ingredients such as fruits, yogurt or milk to make smoothies and milk shakes
– Crush ice and mix with alcoholic beverages to make cocktails

There are different designs of blenders. They range from stationary blenders that have a blender jar with a blade at the bottom, with a rotating motor on the base, to blenders with a motor at the top, linked by a shaft to a blade at the bottom, which can be used with any container – and the container can be plastic or metal.

If you are cooking enthusiast, you have probably noticed that many recipes – from cakes, deserts to main meal dishes, require the use of a blender. Buying a blender for your kitchen is there before an important decision – you want to buy one that will meet all your requirements, and one that will last a long time.

So, what are the key things you should look for when buying a blender for your kitchen? The purpose or utility of the blender; the brand, price and performance are the key factors to put into consideration. You want to buy a blender that is best suited to what you intend to use it for – you should expect to have maximum performance for what you want to do with your blender. The amount of money you’re prepared to spend on your blender will also influence the type of blender you will get.

Now, let’s talk about the best brands of blenders. There are blender manufacturing companies that have invested a lot of money in research and development to create the best blenders that are easy to use, and have long durability. So, why should you take the risk of buying an un-known brand blender when you can get a blender manufactured by a well-known and trusted manufacturer?

The most known brands of blenders are Black & Decker, Vitamix, Oster, Cuisinart, Waring, Hamilton Beach, Blendtec and KitchenAid. You can expect to pay between $ 300 and $ 500 for a blender, depending on the brand and the uses. These brands have been proved to have high performance.

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