Braven BRV-1 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Braven BRV review
Braven BRV-1 Bluetooth Speaker Review
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rugged devices often result in a bulky design. Just take a look at any ruggedized smartphone, comparing it to his fragile counterpart and you’ll probably agree. Moreover, their functionality is a class less, with less choice and together pizzaz. But this is far from the case of VRL-1 Braven, one of our best high – Bluetooth speakers, which bucks the trend mentioned above -.

Consider as one of the   best high – Portable Bluetooth Speaker, t  he VRL-1 Braven is resistant certified PX5 water and shock absorbing. So it can withstand splashing water (rain and spills), but do not dunk in the pool or bath, it will likely be short – circuit. Basic functionality of the built – in speaker is largely not very different from that of a high – Bluetooth speaker – it works up to 30 feet and connects to almost any intelligent device that can pull music via Bluetooth (protocol A2DP required).

Aside from the back and front, VRL-1 is covered with rubber, added some protection and grip when held in hand. A standard set of buttons covers the upper part, which include power, more volume and less, and a Bluetooth pairing button. By maintaining the volume buttons for more than one second cause the track to skip forward or backward, which is a feature if you do not have your phone within arms reach.

Once powered VRL-1 will beep and did the same when powered down – the tones are different to indicate what happens accordingly. Meanwhile, an LED light on the front of the speaker, just above the grille, lights to indicate when it was activated.

Playing music on the VRL-1 is a pleasant experience astoundingly given its relatively small size. It is slightly larger than the speaker s $ 100 Logitech UE still reproduces a fair bit of the audio spectrum with the two 1-9 / 16 “full range drivers – there is also a passive bass harbor – and 3 watts of power per channel. It is difficult to refect amplitude in words, but given its small size (just under 2 pounds), it is impressive to say the least.

Adding more speed, beyond its audio quality is the battery on the map. Needless to say it is rechargeable and can be used to power the speaker himself. Unscrew the waterproof cap and you reveal a USB port that can load any device 5V 1 ampere. To keep tabs on the battery, there are 4 LED lights that illuminate with you press the button of the control battery. Overall this a nice feature and makes the Braven BRV-1 even more useful, especially for trips to the lake, pool or beach.

So to be honest, I am rather surprised by Braven BRV-1. It is small, relatively lightweight, robust and produces a quality that many believe from a larger speaker. In addition, it can charge your 5V devices in case you run out of juice.

However, the price is probably a bit steep at $ 180. That does not mean it’s not worth your hard earned money, but given its small size, outward looking in, many expect it probably cost just north of $ 100, not only south of $ 200 . Just keep in mind that it is the battery bank (good up to 12 hours of playback on a single charge) and includes a speaker phone with a microphone noise cancellation.

Bottom Line:  a high tough – Bluetooth speaker that offers a smooth, rich fair to a high – speaker greater.

Editor’s Note

[Note: 4.5 / 5]



  • Excellent sound quality for its size
  • The backup battery for 5V devices
  • Highly portable and waterproof

The inconvenients:

  • Cher; 180 $

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