Bread Toasters – Best Way to Toast Breads

Bread Toasters - Best Way to Toast Breads
Bread Toasters – Best Way to Toast Breads
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The electric appliance used in kitchen which is used to toast all types of bread products are called Bread Toasters. The power consumed by toaster is between 600 W to 1200 W. There are two types of toasters

  • Electric
  • Non-Electric

Non-Electrical toasters are used to toast bread products using open fire.

The other various types are:

Pop-up Toasters:

These are also called automatic toasters. In this type of toaster, we insert the bread slices into the slots vertically at the top of the toaster. These slots are generally very large enough in which one single slice of bread can be easily inserted. Once the bread is inserted, the bread presses the lever of the toaster and thus the toaster is started. There is a internal device that determines the phase of toasting. Once the toasting is completed, the internal device signals the toaster to turn off and it also signals to send the bread upwards outside the toaster and then the toaster pops up the bread through the slots of the toaster. The heating elements that are used to toast the bread are kept vertical in parallel direction to the bread so that the bread is toasted properly.

Old toasters has a mechanical timer where we can pre-fix the time of toasting. The user can adjust the timings based on his bread toasting requirements. This method has some issues where the first set of breaks gets toasted well and the next set does not get toasted properly due to the heating elements are not heated well. Some toasters also use a sensors made of bimetallic strip.

What to Consider When Buying a New Toaster

When you decide to buy a new toaster what are the sort of things you need to consider and what functionality should it provide other than obviously making toast.

o 2 or 4 slices toasters – How many slices do you want it to toast at the same time. Things to consider are mainly the extra price you will pay for the four slice toaster as well as the extra space that this is going to take up in the kitchen. Does the need for an extra two slices immediately outweigh the extra cost and space required.

o Color – Always a vital part of the decision. Any kitchen appliance should fit in with the color scheme of the kitchen

Once over these two initial points its now down to how much you wish to spend and what extra functions you want to have included, below are 7 extra functions you can find on various toasters.

o A variable width function will provide the ability to toast items of a different thickness, whether this is homemade bread, English muffins or bagels.

o Having different heating levels will allow for varying levels of browning

o The ability to check the progress of the toasting without interfering the cycle

o A ‘Hi lift’ facility, this is very useful when toasting small items such as crumpets which are often quite difficult to remove from the toaster

o Removable crumb tray, a very important feature for keeping the immediate area around the toaster clean and tidy

o Sound alerts so you know when the toast is ready, no more coming back to the toaster and toast is already going cold

o Cord storage no need for unsightly wires everywhere.

Most of the best toasters have the type of features outlined above, so I hope choosing your next toaster will now be a little more straightforward

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