The BuddyGuard Flare is the Most Advanced Security Cam We’ve Seen

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The BuddyGuard Flare is the Most Advanced Security Cam We’ve Seen
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BuddyGuard just had a very good day: the company is trying to bring one of the  best new home security systems  on the market and have moved away from a successful financing round with 3.4 million euros at startup. money (mainly from a group of interested angel investors) – enough for a very successful expansion.

The Berlin-based company recently launched its flagship product, the Flare BuddyGuard, after spending a few years funding the crowd. The Flare is, at first glance, a smart home  security camera  . We’ve seen them before, and they’re getting a lot more popular these days. You can walk to the store and buy a Nest Cam or Skybell Cam right now. But the Flare does many things differently, and innovation is the reason why it has received so much funding.

First, the BuddyGuard uses advanced additional recognition software in its sensors. Many cams can turn on when they detect motion, and are also smart enough to disregard things like  pets  .

The Flare goes even further and recognizes faces and unusual sounds that do not match with an empty house, then starts up and warns the owner that something may be wrong. The owner then gets a home alert flow, which is much more useful when you’re away because you do not have to log in manually to check your house. There is not much information on how the cam just learns about the difference between, say, broken glass and a barking dog, but apparently it is equipped to do it.

Webcams: BuddyGuard Flare

A safety cam with a very good ear.

Second, the Flare offers a private lifestyle for those who are worried about being filmed. When people arrive at home – like after a day of work, the cam is apparently smart enough to recognize the faces of the family and put on a shutter – basically, paused. Convenient!

There are also plenty of extra home cam features, including an anti-perversions sensor and two-way  audio  to talk nannies, delivery men, and so on. You can activate a warning siren too. The power supply is wired, which removes some installation options, but there is a battery backup in case of power failure.

As for the camera itself, it is a 1080p model with a 130-degree viewing angle and support for infrared LED night vision. The holder uses a magnetic base so that the cam can be quickly detached if necessary.

Overall, it is easy to see why Flare becomes investment money. Keep in mind that the BuddyGuard Flare is currently an EU product, and will only be released in America next year. In addition, it is quite expensive. The current version of the cam  sells for around $ 470  , which is pretty steep for a single cam.


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