Building a Desk for Your Laptop Is Easy With Desk Woodworking Plans

Desk Woodworking Plans
Building a Desk for Your Laptop Is Easy With Desk Woodworking Plans
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Everyone sees to have a laptop computer-teenagers grow up with them. They have made life so much easier and convenient, but they were not really made to be used on your lap. Medical evidence is starting to emerge that points out that they may even be harmful to you. Most of the time it becomes very uncomfortable if you use your computer for long periods of time. To avoid all of these issues you can build your own laptop desk with these Desk Woodworking Plans.

Some of the materials that you would need in order to get your desk woodworking plan started would be 1/2 yard of heavy-duty fabric
1/2 yard of quilt batting
2 clamps
2 pieces of 1/2-inch quarter round molding (each about 12 inches long)
2 pieces 1/2-inch plywood (cut to the size of your laptop with an extra 1-inch border)
1-inch finishing nails

In addition, you would also need a foam brush
measuring tape
staple gun
wood glue

Take note that your laptop desk would be a bit bigger than your laptop. Begin to measure the length and width of your laptop and each measurement must be added with 2 inches more for your laptop desk. Next would be to prepare your two pieces of 1/2-inch plywood by cutting it in accordance with the measurement you took with the use of a circular saw. You may also have the option of purchasing pre-cut plywood at any lumber supply store. Make sure you have 4 pieces of 1/2 inch quarter round. Make sure that this is cut to the length of your plywood pieces.

The next step would be to cut one piece of heavy-duty fabric which is similar to a canvas or corduroy. These should be the same size as the plywood – with an additional 2 inches. Next would be to cut the quilt batting into two pieces using the size of your plywood as a basis.

After that, you should layer the fabric followed by the quilt batting and then the one piece of the plywood. With the use of a staple gun you should smoothly pull the fabric up over the edges of the plywood and ensure that your second piece of plywood rests evenly before stapling all of it together.

With the aid of a foam brush, the bottom of the other piece of plywood should have a good amount of wood glue all over it. The plywood which has the fabric stapled to it should have the glued plywood positioned above it. Both pieces of plywood must be pressed together. You then wait for the glue to dry up.

Use the finishing nails to connect the 2 pieces of quarter round molding on the two sides and bottom edge of the laptop desk. You will know if you did this right if your laptop fits in-between them. This will effectively keep your laptop secure meaning it would not slide to your lap when you use it – nor will it slide off the desk.

Finally, you can do the finishing touches on your desk woodworking plan by painting your laptop desk. It is recommended to use a color that would go well with the fabric on the bottom. When it has served, you may begin to enjoy your labor of love.

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