The Canine Treadmill Is Perfect For Lazy Dog Owners

canine treadmill
The Canine Treadmill Is Perfect For Lazy Dog Owners
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The new canine treadmill from TheFancy presents itself as a walk solution for dogs in places with defective weather conditions, but we know the truth: this is perfect for lazy dog ​​owners who do not want to get up from the couch !

When you can not tear yourself away from Game of Thrones, just turn on this “silent” dog exercise machine and let your dog walk around. (“Most pets will enjoy 45 minutes of moderate activity,” says the site.) The treadmill is suitable for breeds of dogs weighing 60 pounds or lighter.

The sturdy rubber belt of the canine treadmill is soft on the paws of your pet; Meanwhile, the side rails keep the dogs’ attention ahead. You can adjust the speed, distance and incline of the treadmill with simple controls. (See further information in the instruction manual included).

The machine uses a 1 hp motor and has an operating area of ​​47 1/4 “W x 17” W with an inclination of 0 to 9%. It operates at speeds of 0.5 to 8 mph, plugs into an AC adapter, and is also equipped with an on / off switch and a built-in cup holder.

Unfortunately, the convenience of the Canine treadmill is not cheap: the exercise machine will cost you $ 1,850. You will also need to understand how to let your dog go to the bathroom.

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