Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR Review

canon rebel t6i review
Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR Review
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If you are old enough to remember the commercials Canon Rebel camera with Andre Agassi tennis player, you know that this line of full-length interchangeable lens cameras has been around for over two decades, getting his start as a camera 35mm film. But as my  Canon Rebel DSLR T6i examination  shows, the new Rebel camera ensures that this well-known entry level line of digital SLR cameras remains strong in the future.

Canon Rebel T6i referred bluntly to those looking for a first DSLR camera, as was the case with the rebels for more than 20 years. But Canon Rebel line has provided several updates required with many introducing the T6i, providing the best levels of performance and the highest image quality of any EOS Rebel.

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Summary:  digital entry level SLR that provides enhanced image sensor, image processor and autofocus system compared to former Rebels

WHY IS A TOP PICK:  DSLR camera at budget prices above – provides an average image quality

Price:   $ 749 on Amazon
Available:   January 2015


What we liked

  • high quality image under $ 1000 DSLR
  • The camera fit well and your hand does not carry excess weight
  • The display and articulates has touch capabilities
  • Q menu screen works great with touch screen camera

What we have not

  • Button function changes viewfinder Live View mode, which can be confusing
  • Battery life is less than the average compared to other digital SLR
  • The wireless features of the camera are clumsy and drain the battery quickly

Canon Rebel T6i Key Features

Type Image Sensor APS-C
megapixel 24.2
Articulated screen green check mark
HD video green check mark
ISO 100-12,800
Auto Focus Points 19
Avg Battery life 440 Photos
Weight 18 oz
Cut 3.98 x 3.07 x 5.2 inches
Price $ 749 (with lens)

The right handle is on the Canon Rebel T6i is a great size, making it easy to hold and use this camera. This is also one of the lightest DSLR cameras on the market, making it comfortable to use for long periods of time. The body of the device is mainly plastic, which means that the Rebel T6i not quite the high quality construction of some units more expensive SLRs, but it still feels like a reasonably well-built unit.

Canon has done a good job with the button placement on this model, with most of them easily accessible so they can be used naturally. However, the way the buttons work T6i can lead to some confusion as you learn to use your camera. When shooting in viewfinder mode, some buttons have a function. But when you switch to Live View mode, where you use the monitor to frame the scene, some buttons change to another function. Some menus also change when you switch shooting mode of the camera, which is frustrating.

I did like the fact that Canon has created a Q menu screen with the Rebel T6i, which provides a series of shortcut icons on the screen to the most common functions of the camera. Make sure you find the Q button and make a habit of using it to improve the speed and efficiency with which you can interact with the camera.

Canon has given this model a large display screen which measures 3 inches diagonally with more than 1 million pixels. The LCD is a touch screen unit, which further simplifies the use of the menu screen Q. It is also an articulated screen, which means that you can twist and rotate the screen from camera body, making it easier to shoot photos odd angle.

The new image processor included with the Rebel T6i – DIGIC 6 – allows this model to work quickly in a variety of situations shooting, although most DSLRs, the Canon T6i performs much faster in the viewfinder the Live View mode.

The new auto focus system in the camera is a system of 19 points, which is an upgrade from its predecessor.

Although Canon has provided Wi-Fi capabilities integrated with the Rebel T6i, using Wi-Fi is much more complicated than it should be. (At this point, the Canon T6i box includes a printed user guide 150-plus-page that is just for the use of Wi-Fi!) And with a model that already has below average battery performance , which makes the Wi-Fi usage wipe the battery too quickly, so that the Wi-Fi option is really convenient to use, unless you have purchased a second battery.

Image quality

One of the best upgrades Canon EOS Rebel T6i is in its image sensor. While Canon has maintained the size of image sensor APS-C as its predecessor – the rebel T5i – used, the T6i has 33% more resolution to 24.2 megapixels. The size of image sensor APS-C is certainly not as big as some you find in cameras more advanced DSLR, but it is still much more to 22.3 x 14.9 mm (0.88 x 0, 59 inches) from the best point and shoot cameras and smartphone cameras.

Additional megapixels in the image quality of Canon T6i are certainly noticeable, as this model is better than you’ll find in relation to all older Canon Rebel cameras. With the improved image sensor, the video quality T6i is strong too, but you are limited to HD video quality, such as a resolution option 4K are not included.

Considering this is a digital SLR entry, Canon has a good low-light performance in terms of image quality, even if you have to use ISO midrange parameters. The Rebel T6i offers three levels of noise reduction features, which also contributes to the low light image quality. It would have been nice if Canon had provided the possibility to adjust the ISO settings T6i by a third of a stop, which is common in digital SLR cameras today. , You are limited instead to change ISO by a full stop.

You have the option of shooting in JPEG or RAW image formats with the Rebel T6i. Canon has given the unit a few options Shooting of special effects, which will help those migrating from a point and shoot camera in the Rebel T6i feel more comfortable and have more fun when you use this device more complex, which is also a great option for travel with a camera.


If you own Canon in the past, EOS Rebel DSLR cameras, you know that they are solid models that offer good image quality and a good level of performance. Not great, but good enough for many non-professional photographers. With the EOS Rebel T6i, though, Canon has pushed the rebellious family a step forward. This model includes an enhanced image sensor, an improved image processor, and a system put in improved auto focus, all of which give the T6i stepped up significantly older rebels performance. It is probably not precise enough to meet the needs of photographers of advanced digital SLR, but T6i carries a big price as a digital SLR entry.

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