CocaCola Sharing Can Makes Easy Splitting, Germ Free

CocaCola Sharing Can
CocaCola Sharing Can Makes Easy Splitting, Germ Free
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Coca-Cola is no stranger to viral marketing. Recently, they teamed up with Ogilvy in Singapore and France to create what is a sharable Coca-Cola can.

Yes, a can of Coke, or a drink by nature is shareable. That’s if you are ready to exchange germs with your co-drinker. What makes this Coca-Cola different is that instead of sipping the same opening, the bobbin itself splits in half which is probably two half-pints, a size of Coca-Cola available in the United States for 10 years. .

Unfortunately – and this is where it gets a little disappointing – there is no way to drink the whole box as if it were whole. Nevertheless, the splitting of cans is a rather remarkable process that has probably earned the soft drink company additional credibility among a generation that is increasingly wary of the consumption of soft drinks.

All that said, “misery loves the company”.


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