Essential Bar Accessories – Running a Bar and What You Need

Essential Bar Accessories
Essential Bar Accessories – Running a Bar and What You Need
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Running a bar, like any business, is all about being prepared and ensuring you have the right tools for the job. In ordering bar accessories or buying bar supplies it does not pay to cut corners or by poor quality equipment.

The requirements for running a successful bar differ from bar to bar, location to location but there are some essentials and basic bar equipment that all bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs should have. Whether it is a local pub or uptown club, there are basic drinks and equipment that every establishment should have in stock.

Here is a list of the most essential bar equipment and accessories ::

The essentials

These items should be behind every bar. When purchasing look for quality and durability, there is no point in buying bar accessories that are cheap if they break and need replacement. For most food or drink accessories always look for stainless steel. It’s easy to clean, strong and hygienic.

  • * Corkscrew– no bar can function without being able to open wine bottles
  • * Cleaning products– For wiping surfaces, bar, the pumps etc. A bar has to be kept clean so a good supply of clothes and cleaning items should always be kept in stock.
  • * Bottle Opener– How else are you going to open the mixers
  • * Ice Bucket and scoop– People do not like warm drinks so ice is a must as is the bucket, scoop and tongs.
  • * Measures– necessary for spirits. Look for stainless steel measures although glass is nearly as good – although less less if dropped.
  • * Towels– necessary for drying glasses and the hundred and one other jobs bar towels find themselves tasked with. 100% cotton is by far the best option.
  • * Cocktail accessories– everything from the stirrer, shaker, garnish, to occasional an electric blender. If cocktails are asked for you need to be able to at least serve the basics so ensure you have enough cocktail accessories and equipment.
  • * Cutting board and knife– needed for lemons, lime and other fruit. This too needs to be easy to clean. So get a good sharp stainless steel knife and easy to clean cutting board.

Okay, the bar accessories market has gotten a little out of control. There are so many different bar gadgets out there now that, if you bought them all, you’d freak out trying to find a place to out them! Clearly, you don’t need all the hokey and gimmicky stuff you see on TV. But, what supplies should you have at the ready in your home bar? Read on to see what I like to call “The Three Absolute Must-Have Bar Accessories For Every home Bar.”

1. A Blender

Remember when a blender was all you needed to make a margarita? Nowadays, manufacturers would have you believe that the only way to enjoy a margarita in your own home bar is to buy their specialized (read: only has one function) margarita machine. Obviously, all you really need is a trusty heavy-duty blender to crunch all that ice and make the best frozen margaritas. Well, that and some tequila, lime juice and triple-sec, of course.

2. A Combination Bottle Opener

This one is probably an obvious choice for a must-have bar accessory, but you’d be surprised how many people skip it. The thing is, if you or your guests enjoy drinking beer or wine, then you should absolutely have one of these openers on hand. A combination bottle opener allows you to pop the tops off your beer bottles and has a corkscrew for opening bottles of wine. The fancier ones even have a knife so you can remove the capsule (the foil covering the cork).

3. A Cocktail Shaker

A good cocktail shaker is another absolute must-have for home bar enthusiasts. If you or your friends like to drink any kind of mixed drinks at all, then you know how much of a pain it is to try to mix drinks without one. There’s a reason every single bartender in the known universe wouldn’t be caught dead without one. You can mix any mixed drink easier, faster, more efficiently and make less of a mess when you use a cocktail shaker. There are two basic kinds of cocktail shaker out there: three-piece cocktail shakers and shaker tins. Shaker tins are usually made out of stainless steel and have a wide-mouthed top (into which you can easily fit a pint glass). Basically, you put your ingredients and ice into the shaker tin, cover with the mouth of a pint glass, and shake your drink. You’ll need to pour your drink through a strainer if you don’t want any ice in your drink. Three piece cocktail shakers, however, have a cover with a built-in strainer that allow you to shake and strain your drinks without you having to have a pint glass or a strainer.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about what I consider to be the three must-have bar accessories for every home bar and I hope you’re able to put the info to good use. It’s good to remember that even though there are a multitude of awesome bar accessories for sale out there that you really only need three.

Accessorizing Your Home Bar

Bar accessories help to elevate the drinking experience. When hosting parties, sophistication is key. By having a wide range of accessories, all guests are satisfied. For the wine drinker in your life to the hard liquor lover, the variety of wine and bar accessories available will satisfy any drinker.

Wine accessories

Wine accessories include racks, cabinets, glasses and corkscrew. To class up your drinking experience, wine charms are also available. Also, a wide range of bar furniture is offered for wine drinkers. From hanging wine racks to pine wine racks and wrought iron styles – There are wine racks to fit any taste or decor.

Bar furniture

The overall look and feel of a bar is very important. The drinking atmosphere is very important to the overall success of the event. Bar furniture such as tables, chairs and bar stools are offered for every drinker’s style to match any themed decor.

From bar stools to tables that collapse and include cabinets within them, a wide range of bar furniture is offered to accommodate each drinker’s needs. Retailers offer different varieties such as wood and wrought iron styles to ensure that the customer’s needs are met, and the style accommodate one’s décor.

Shot glasses

Shot glasses are a necessary part of the home bar experience. Shot glasses are usually fairly cheap and are available in many different colors, sizes and printed designs. This wide range something to accommodate any personality. Shot glass gift sets are also a great idea for Christmas or other holidays.

Bar Supplies – A Host of Useful Restaurant Supply Items

An important part of restaurant supplies are the bar supplies. These are the various items of supply for the bar with unique ice crushers to bar blades, special glasses, cocktail shakers and even ash trays being included in the range of products offered. Such items are the ones that are needed to ensure smooth function of any cocktail bar or mini bar. These items are to be carefully selected, no doubt, for ensuring brighter prospects of the bar.

By judiciously introducing unique bar supply items in the bar an added impetus can be provided towards making perfect cocktails and for ensuring smooth flow of service in the bar. The serving trays, important bar supplies, see to it that customers visiting the bar are pampered in style with the desired drinks coming along on them. The trays coming in various shapes and sizes help ensure speedy and efficient delivery of drink orders.

The use of hygienic knives of superior quality for cutting bar fruit is also very important in a bar. These should be having sharp edges to facilitate slicing of lemons and limes for drinks or for preparing a garnish for cocktail. A good looking napkin dispenser is ideal for keeping the bar tidy. They help meet sanitation and cleaning requirements and act as good waste management systems.

A premier coffee or espresso machine is a must for every bar. A coffeemaker that brews well can be an asset for any bar. Different coffeemakers need to be tried out by tasting the coffee produced by them to finally secure the one that delivers the perfect drink.

Usage of elegant table number sets in bars helps set a little different and a little unique ambience in the bar. The table numbers serve more than one purpose. While bar staff find it easier to serve customers the person making the bill also never mix up bills by mistake because of numbering of tables. Decorative ashtrays are worthy additions to the bar too. They help ascertain that smokers in the bar smoke in style.

Glass washers too feature quite significantly on the list of bar supplies. These are especially useful for those in a hurry. These help keep glasses well cleaned. The ones with taller brushes help clean better. The glass washers are particularly useful for busy clubs.

Beside, there are a host of other objects too that come within the ambit of bar supplies. Condiments, mats, shakers, openers, pourers and containers, jiggers, ice buckets, straws and sip sticks, mixers, blenders, ice scoops and plastic cups- all have their respective utilities in a bar.

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