Fugoo Sport Bluetooth Speaker Review

fugoo speaker review
Fugoo Sport Bluetooth Speaker Review
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Over the last 5 years I have probably heard and tested several Bluetooth speaker best I can remember. In fact, it is the truth; most Bluetooth speakers are forgettable, at least these days. Especially because they all offer similar specifications, with some offering outstanding features and excellent sound quality.

Enter Fugoo magazine Sport.

Price:  $ 169 at Amazon (special)
Available:  Now

What we liked

  • sound quality superior
  • Waterproof up to 3 feet
  • battery life incredible Seriously

What we have not

  • Unboxing was difficult for the speaker
  • Unable to remove the jacket

Fugoo Sport Specifications

Battery life 40 hours
Raincoat green check mark
pilots 6 Drivers Neodymium
Frequency response 60hz – 20Khz
APTX soutien green check mark
Bluetooth 4.0 et BLE green check mark
3.5mm input green check mark
Microphone and speaker green check mark
Cut 2.3 “x 7.4” x 2.9 “(59 x 187 x 73mm)
Weight 1.1 lbs
Charging time 100% 3.5 hours

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Fugoo Sport Design & Build quality


One Word: unpretentious. This is probably the biggest drawback of Fugoo Sport. Because it could really be a top – Bluetooth speaker. And if you are not wiser, web crawling in search of the right speaker, you can just assume such. But it is also the only drawback, at least for those who do not have up – Speaker Fugoo Sport Bluetooth. But that does not mean it is not attractive or well built. On the contrary, in fact, and therefore why it is the top of our list of the best high – Bluetooth speakers.

Inside the enclosure waterproof, is not only a battery that is good for 40 hours reading, but two 28mm Neodymium tweeters, woofers two medium / aluminum neodymium 39mm domed. Both are supplemented by two passive radiators that are designed to increase the bass – do not worry, I’ll get into the audio quality early. That all in mind, Fugoo said that drivers face in all directions, providing 360-degree sound.

In the hand, the Fugoo Sport is as strong that they come, at least for a speaker of this size, which measures 2.3 “x 7.4” x 2.9 “and weighs only a few ounces more 1 lb (538g) – small enough to be thrown into a bag or purse. Part of this weight can be attributed to its included sports jacket, which is removable, provided that you can leverage loss of herself pregnant. I could not, despite the instructions provided. However, it allows the Fugoo Sport to take a drop of 6 feet and keep on ticking, but something tells me that he could handle a greater height.

And although it is waterproof up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes, the headset and microUSB charging port are not waterproof. This is contrary to most high – Bluetooth speakers, such as Ultimate Ears (Boom Review EU), which has a rubber flap that seals the 3.5mm input and charging port. Because of this, I believe the Fugoo sports could still be waterproof without his sport coat, but this is conjecture and I have no way to say otherwise.  Update:  the jacket is sold separately and seems to seal in the water. Conversely, you can remove the jacket, and in turn reduce the weight of Fugoo. You can replace it with the style jacket, which is also sold as a set or separately. Update 2:the speaker is impervious to water by default, but Fugoo recommends the jacket because it protects the drivers.

Returning the Fugoo reveals two screw holes that hold the sports jacket firmly adhering to the base of the enclosure. Screws expedient in the box and can be added after the fact. By my account, you will not need in place to keep the jacket joined. But I must warn you that the screw holes are used in the packaging. Fugoo wants you to unscrew a set of throw plastic screws for the unboxing, but good luck with that. I ended up snapping the plastic support base screen apart until I could relieve enough pressure plastic until it saw that I could turn the hand. In other words, the unboxing Fugoo Sport was probably the hardest part of owning this speaker. This and remove the sports jacket.accessories  .

Finally, the left side of the enclosure houses the power button and Bluetooth. While the above include the volume buttons and an additional button to activate Siri, Google Now or initiate a phone call. And speaking of Fugoo Top – Bluetooth Speaker has an integrated microphone with echo cancellation.

Fugoo Performance

The Bluetooth speakerphone Fugoo naked (without the jacket)

You will verify your ears twice when you start to play music from your Bluetooth speaker Fugoo, because yes, it seems that good. For such a small box that is compatible speaker BLE can turn the crank.

Compared to Boom EU, it does not seem quite as clean, but it is almost certainly the same. The soundstage for a small high – speaker is impressive, as is the amount of bass and all the amplitude together, he can hunt. And yes, it is loud enough to fill most rooms with audio, but there is an inevitable limit, simply because of the power source and the speaker size it – even.

I especially like the fact that sound plays in all directions. This avoids the need to rotate or turn the speaker in the direction of those who listen.

And unlike most high – Bluetooth speakers on the market, the Sport is Fugoo  aptX  compatible, which means better sound quality if you have a compatible device. However, on 6 and iPhone 6s (and all models before it) does not support aptX, so you have to look at an Android device to find it. Although, I have often found that the iPhone produces some of the cleanest audio from a handset even when streaming music Spotify, but its highest reading frame. So a question irrelevant to the iPhone users.


Aside from the challenges of removing the top – Speaker both the display area and the sports jacket, nothing – zero, zilch – wrong with this high – Portable Bluetooth Speaker. For the sake of full disclosure, I could not put her to the test Fugoo Sportbatterie 40 hours simply because, well, I do not have time to sit and watch 40 hours audio playback. But until now, after hours of use, the battery has decreased very little, which by the way can be determined by pressing the power button on top of the speaker – it emits a voice that will indicate how much battery remains. Arguably, one could say that the Sport Fugoo is a bit on the heavy side. But in this case, I am more concerned about the physical dimensions of a Bluetooth speaker, and with respect to this output. And in this case, the Fugoo Sport Taking on all cylinders.


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