GADGETS THE MOST COOL This kit allows you to install a simple hidden door

GADGETS THE MOST COOL This kit allows you to install a simple hidden door
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It’s a classic of mysteries, horror movies and TV shows; a quick search of the library, the right book pulled, and a hidden door opens to offer the hero more evidence or access to a new area. But of course, installing it in your home is a pain. Unless you buy a kit!

Instant intrigue, just add the library

It’s actually an awesome little system that was designed here. Essentially, it’s a simple set of flat hinges that allow you to rotate the library in and out of the facility. You simply install the hinges on the top and bottom of the bookshelf, and move it when you need to go through the door. You will need to do some measurements, and provide your own library, but it’s a small price to pay to have a door that you can open at the right time.

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Another factor, of course, is that it allows you to use a library as a door, or allows you to swing or swing a library as needed. If you are a bibliophile, or if you like rooms to have some privacy, this gives you a way to get that while giving you more book storage. In addition, you must admit, being able to swing an open library and show a hidden passage in your house is just incredibly clean, no matter how you do it or your motives for it. This is not currently available, but keep an eye on; hidden doors are never unpopular.

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