Google Home Mini Runs Into Eavesdropping Issues

google home mini eavesdropping
Google Home Mini Runs Into Eavesdropping Issues
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When Google tried to reach the  top –  Bluetooth Speaker highly competitive  market with Google Home, it was obviously a competitor  Echo Amazon  with integrated voice assistant Alexa.

This comparison is even more obvious with the release of the  Google Mini home  , essentially the same as the  echo point  except with Google Assistant instead of Alexa and the wireless option. In theory, it’s a good idea that makes voice assistants more flexible around the house, but in practice, the Mini home is already struggling, even without looking at Amazon’s top market share.

If you do not know the news yet, Google is fighting a wave of bad press after the company was forced to admit that the mini-house was  listening to random conversations  around the house, even without a keyword (“OK, Google “) and  recording these conversations  .

Smart Device: Google Mini Home

Home Mini is easier to place than the original home.

This is an incredible disaster for Google, and probably a blow to Apple and similar products from Amazon, too: if there is a consumer thing to worry about these voice command devices, it is that they could be the only eavesdropping on private matters.

Now that this nightmare scenario is confirmed for the Mini home – even though it seems to be a mistake – the future of this device is uncertain. Google has currently released an update that makes the Mini Home activation button useless (apparently this activation button has been causing some of the issues), and we would not be surprised if the product is removed from the market for a certain time.

But if Google decides to wait for a better time to sell the Mini House, let’s take a look at its features: Essentially, the Mini House offers the same features as Home does, with the ability to ask questions ( time, recipes,  sports  scores, the usual voice assistant things), and control the  smart home appliances.

The smart side of home home appliances is particularly strong, since Google has great relationships with smart home brands and a lot of compatibility with all common smart devices.

The mini home draw for the house is that the Mini is more affordable at $ 50, and that it is much smaller. Home is intended to be placed in a central living room or the location of the family center where it can air tunes and hear people around the house. The mini is designed for the bedside table or the kitchen, where it will not play a lot of music, but rather give simple reports and control smart devices. Of course, you must get on all things first eavesdropping.

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