This hidden library door makes your home mysterious

This hidden library door
This hidden library door makes your home mysterious
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Everyone loves a good mystery! The suspense of guessing and unraveling the mystery can be a great feeling and now mystery researchers can claim to be their own Sherlock Holmes with the hidden library door. Outside, the library can look like any ordinary case filled with books, trinkets, decorations and more, but in reality it’s a secret passage to a hidden room in your home. You will be able to reconstruct your favorite mystery scenarios in your home through your own hidden secret passage. The library door is made of fine cherry wood with a high strength rail system and will deceive anyone who comes in contact with it.

Nobody will know that this is really the point of entry into another room in your home except you and your family. This will surely surprise guests when you show them the passage! It also has a glossy finish, with dimensions of 88 “x 66”. But like many beautiful things in life, this library is not something that will come cheap. Unlike those at Ikea, this library will cost you $ 4,150 at Fancy!

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