HolograFX: Turn your smartphone into a magic kit that produces a hologram

HolograFX: Turn your smartphone into a magic kit
HolograFX: Turn your smartphone into a magic kit that produces a hologram
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Magic kits are a rite of passage for many children, especially children who love science, mechanical objects and / or attention. And as technology progresses, it becomes possible for small children to try to impress adults with their magical powers. Meet the HolograFX: A magic kit powered by a smartphone that you should not give to a child in the first place.
Seriously, it is a big defect in all this: who gives a child of eight years a smartphone? But, as long as you’re ready to do it, the HolograFX uses the phone to create a “hologram”. Then you interact with her using what amounts to a series of fairly standard magic tricks.
Since this is a magic kit, they do not reveal the secret behind the fear of the wrath of the Wizard’s Alliance. But looking at the press material, it does not seem like a real hologram, but rather a rather smart application of Pepper’s Ghost, a real-time visual effect of the old school that Disney fans are very familiar with. You make turns behind a transparent screen and the hologram is returned to the viewer. So it’s not a true hologram, but honestly, only far-off physicist parents in the world will be petty enough to point it out.

It also seems to be a tribute to the old FMV games from Sega CD, mixing fairly standard illusions with a terribly appalling game. This toy does not hesitate to bring the cheese; we’re pretty sure these actors were on Power Rangers or something like that.


Either way, it’s a pretty neat application of old school magic tricks and the visual deception involved can be used to teach kids about physics. Or disappointment. Anyway, the HolograFX will be available soon, with a cost of $ 36 for a pre-order.

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