Home Allergy-Free Air Purifiers: Best Air Cleaners for Allergy Sufferers

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Home Allergy-Free Air Purifiers: Best Air Cleaners for Allergy Sufferers
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When it comes to finding the best home allergy air purifiers, it is worth doing some research to find your best option. Because the investment you make once, will help bring more health and peace for you and you family at home.

Perhaps you are allergic to a certain odor, or simply the common pollution in the air. Or depending it is one of your family members who is allergenic, or even suffering from asthma.

So choosing an effective indoor air purifier for your home sounds like a wise idea. Because not only they help you eliminate what you are specifically allergic to, but the HEPA filters also help clean the air around you from various types of bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen spores, airborne chemicals, and much more.

So when you compare air purifier reviews, it is important to make sure the filter helps eliminate the following pollutants …

1. Germs

Germs are very common to find all around us. When you step out of the house, you are exposed to all sorts of germs in the air and on the places you touch – especially when using public transportation.

So when someone has some kind of allergy in your family, they are usually extra sensitive to germs and other types of unhealthy triggers. So being exposed to too much germs can make it easier to form an allergic reaction o other things.

2. Airborne Chemicals

As you know, nowdays chemicals are used in almost everything. From deodorants and soaps, to clothes, hair products, and even carpets. So when someone has asthma or allergies, these chemicals (especially those with a stronger smell) can cause an allergy attack.

3. Dust Mites

No matter how clean your house is, these tiny little creatures always find their way to sneak in. And they can be the perfect trigger for an allergy or asthma.

The good news is, sunlight kills them. So if you have large windows and attract plenty of sunshine into your home, chances are, you are getting rid of most these dust mites. And the rest can be easily cleaned using an effective anti-allergy HEPA air purifier filter.

So by making sure your air cleaning system has the above filters, you can turn your home into a healthy, allergy-free environment. And not only for the person suffering from asthma or allergies, but also for the rest of your family. After all, you know prevention is always the best cure.

Best Air Purifiers For Removing Dust

Air Purifiers are important to many people. Asthmatics, sufferers of allergies, and people who love clean air are all great fans of the many different air purifiers that can remove dust. However, do you know the best air purifiers for removing dust are those that you never hear about on TV? Well, it’s true! Let’s take a look at the many different options and features that you have for finding an air purifier that removes dust.

The first machine that many people look at when trying to find an air purifier that will remove dust is the Honeywell 50250. The Honeywell 50250 is considered a workhorse. It is able to clean the air of a 375 square foot room with ease. This is a model that you should consider not only for its abilities, but for the cleanliness that it provides at a rock bottom price. You no longer need to pay seven hundred dollars or more in order to find an air purifier that will give you the results that you need. The Honeywell 50250 only costs around $175, an affordable price for just about anyone!

The Whirlpool Whispure is one of the most powerful, as well as, most expensive models of air purifiers for removing dust. While the Whispure does have a greater capture rate of small microns thanks to its HEPA filter, the price increase from the Honeywell 50250 to the Whispure is quite shocking. The Honeywell system has a CADR air quality rating on 250. The Whispure has a CADR air quality rating of 330, and costs nearly five hundred dollars more depending upon which retailer you purchase the system from. This is quite surreal, however, to get the best, it sometimes pays to spend a little bit more on the system. Many people who own the Whispure are quite happy with it, it is quite and is able to clean the air quickly and efficiently. The only real drawback is the price of the system.

Our last system that we will be looking at is the Hunter Permalife. I want to recommend Hunter Permalife to anyone who is suffering from any type of dust related illness. The system works almost silently, allowing people to continue with their everyday lives. Another great feature of this particular air purifier is that is cleans the air throughout a larger room. That means that instead of needing two air purifiers, the single Hunter Permalife can clean a room up to a 510 square foot room. You will not find many other air purifiers which are able to clean that large of a room by themselves. Another unique feature of the Hunter Permalife is that unlike many other air purifiers where you need to purchase a new filter every few months, the filter in this system is permanent. All you need to do is take a vacuum to it every few months and you will be able to continue to breath clean air for many years down the road

What’s The Best Air Purifier For Pets?

What’s the best air purifier for dogs, cats, or other pets? That depends on several factors-what type of pet, what types / sources of pet odors (feces, urine, general pet odor), how many pets, how large the pet area is, your budget, and other factors like how severe the odor Egypt allergies are, etc.

Interestingly, many pet odors and human allergies have a common cause: dander. What is dander? Pet dander is composed of dead skin cells, oils / particles from the animal’s skin, small fecal particles, bacteria, bits of hair / fur, saliva, etc. When this dander becomes airborne, by itself or mixed with dust, we often sense in the pet’s area, and if we have allergies, start sneezing or have some other allergic reaction. Odor, of course, also comes from a dog’s, cat’s, or other animal’s urine or feces. And as hard as we clean, sometimes that odor lingers.

So which air purifier is really the best for eliminating odor from dogs and cats, a and airborne dander / dust particles? The bottom line is to get the one that has the features that best suit your personal situation. Here are some tips: 1) If the main issue is allergies from breathing in dander / dust / particles, make sure the air purifier has a true HEPA filter. 2) If pet odors are the issue, look for activated carbon or charcoal, and the more the better as this carbon traps the tiny, airborne organic molecules that come from pet dander, skin oils, urine, etc. Those elements are what our noses detect as the ‘odor’. 3) Get an air purifier that covers the amount of area where the animal lives / movements. If the dog, cat or other animal is in an enclosed space, you’ll need a smaller unit than the dogs / cats runs freely in the home. Just look at the total square footage of where the animal can roam and compare to the listed coverage of the air purifier (most will show this in the technical specifications).

And if you can get it, choose an air purifier with healthy negative OH- ions, not ozone, as these ions cause particles to fall out of the air before we breathe them, and they kill airborne bacteria / viruses. The two main units that we would recommend for pets are the Blueair 450E and the Winix 9500. The Blueair 450E has a powerful HEPA filter, activated carbon for odors, and negative ions, plus automatic sensors, and a remote. The Winix 9500 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier has similar features, but less carbon, and is a little cheaper. Both are good, but if you can spend a little more, we would recommend the Blueair 450E over the Winix unit because of the superior HEPA filter, increased carbon, and lifetime warranty.

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