Huggies creates a pregnancy belt for dads

Huggies creates a pregnancy belt
Huggies creates a pregnancy belt for dads
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Huggies does not want fathers to be excluded from the whole experience of pregnancy, so they decided to build a gear that would involve dads a little bit more.

The Argentinian Huggies has created a unique advertisement called “Huggies: Dad’s Pregnant Too”, which is a bit odd for some. The ad’s video shows how they created a “pregnancy belt” for dads so they can feel the baby kicking in real time while they are in the belly of their pregnant wife. It took four months to develop, they invited future dads to try them so they could feel the kicks of their future baby in their own belly. The device is quite massive and seems a little uncomfortable, but it is at the same time interesting. The video shows some emotional partners and even some tears dude (which could be staged for the video). While some make fun of the addition for its strangeness, others praise it, commenting that it is sweet to include men in such an intimate feeling that women just experiment.

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