Husqvarna Mower Reviews

Husqvarna Mower Reviews
Husqvarna Mower Reviews
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Lawnmowers may not be the most fun thing to spend your money on, but when it comes time to buy one you want one that is going to last. A person only buys a few lawnmowers in their life, so it makes sense to get a good quality one. If the mower also makes the job easier, then that is a big plus.

There are many good and reliable brands to choose from. The Husqvarna mower really stands out. Husqvarna has been making lawn care products since 1918 and been in business making other quality products since 1689. They started as a weapons foundry and through the years were Husqvarna sewing machines, kitchen equipment, bicycles and motorcycles. Today they are the largest maker of outdoor power products in the world. The company makes products for consumers and for professional industrial size uses. Husqvarna mowers offer reliable and quality products.

There are many different types and models to choose from. The size of the lawn and the type of terrain determine which is right for you. They have whatever you need from a manual push mower all the way to a 29 horse power zero turn riding mower. Husqvarna even has tractors.

If your lawn is under an acre you are probably looking for a regular walking Husqvarna mower. If your yard is really small and easy to mow, you might even want one of the manual push mowers. If the yard is tiny and you don’t want to mess with having to keep gas and oil in a motor, or emissions the manual mower is fine. If the yard is on the larger side you may choose a walking mower that is self-propelled, especially if the yard is hilly or has thick grass. For these types of yards you also want areal rear drive mower.

For acreage Husqvarna offers either the Rider with articulated steering, which means a very small turn radius, or the Zero turn mowers. There are two rider mowers to choose from and over twenty zero turn mowers.

Another Husqvarna mower product that is pretty cool is the auto mower. The auto mower also called the robotic mower comes in the models. These are automatic mowers that work around the clock. They cut small amounts of grass continuously and in no particular pattern. These are cool because you do virtually nothing and your yard is always crisp and clean and fertilized!

Whatever your lawn mowing need is, I have found that the Husqvarna mower line has something that will get the job done.

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