Increase your productivity with the Nap Pod

Increase your productivity with the Nap Pod
Increase your productivity with the Nap Pod
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Feeling a bit slow lately? Or maybe you have noticed a drop in your productivity? Well, anyway, get out with the Nap Pod! The rejuvenation space is supposed to help you wake up and get back to work after a 20-minute nap. Apparently, there are studies from NASA that prove that you can improve your concentration by 34% if you take a nap. The Nap Pod is supposed to provide you with a comfortable space to do just that.
It is a contoured cushioned bed that offers users optimal ergonomics for napping by lifting the feet, relaxing the lower back and bending the knees slightly, which promotes blood circulation. To provide semi-privacy while you nap, there is a spherical dome housing, while a privacy visor provides extra insulation. There is also a built-in timer that is set to a pre-programmed 20 minute nap that is controlled by the armrest, but it can be set to any favorite nap time. And if you need quiet sounds to help you take a nap, it’s equipped with a built-in 200 watt Bose speaker (or headphone jack) to eliminate surrounding distractions. To wake up, there is slowly the light and vibration that are supposed to decrease the groggy.

For those who want a more sophisticated place to take a nap than their car, Hammacher Schlemmer’s Nap Pod will cost you $ 16,000.

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