Jevo Jello Shot Maker Uses Keurig Like Pods to Make Jello Shots in 10 Minutes

jevo jello shot maker
Jevo Jello Shot Maker Uses Keurig Like Pods to Make Jello Shots in 10 Minutes
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Selling alcoholic beverages in a bar: usually not a problem. After all, it’s a bar. As far as the sale, however, is another story. And that’s where the automated manufacturer Jello Jevo comes in.

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In just 10 minutes of typing the “Start” button, you can have a tray of 20 jello shots infused with the alcoholic beverages of your choice. Traditional jello shots, those made in ash houses, take up to 4-5 hours to produce because the gelatin has to solidify.

It is not entirely clear how the Jevo accomplishes what some might call this “magic feat” in less than 5% of the time of normal jello shots. But one thing is for sure, Jevo has developed special Keurig pods that contain aroma and gelatin. Pope one in the machine, drop a bottle of alcohol and you’re ready to go. And yes, it corresponds to a bottle of alcohol.

It is likely that bar owners will appreciate not only sales, margins and that Jevo will treat alcoholic beverages, but that the device is connected to the Internet, allowing it to automatically rearrange debits when the inventory is low . And if you’re wondering about cleaning, do not do it. The Jevo is apparently autonomous.

Jevo was created by Jeff Jetton and Tyler Williams. The duo raised $ 4.2 million, spent $ 3 million over 3 years to produce the jello shot manufacturing machine.

Want a Jevo? You can book your account now.

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