Know Everything About Drones

Know Everything About Drones
Know Everything About Drones
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At times, you might have encountered a bouncing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle hovering in the aerospace swaying to and fro, left and ride and what not! The researchers may still identify the device but the people totally unaware might have an extremely agile pulse accelerating curio as to what the gadget is and how does it work. Let us introduce you to Drones!

What is a Drone?

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle also called as a drone is a battery-powered gadget which is designed to fly through a remote controller. The device can hover; flight high and far as per the limitations of the range. Also a drone is capable of clicking pictures, generating mesmerizing aerial videos and a lot more!

Military personnel named them as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or RPAS (subsets of Unmanned Aircraft Systems) i.e. Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems. Though they are primarily used in military services, still the emergence of drones for recreational and commercial purposes is a landmark. They have successfully presented themselves as a utility device which may be used for a variety of agendas.

Drone-producing companies have Parrot, DJI and similar ones at the top who are all committed to manufacture these robotic toys lasting in vast variety of pricing categories. The prices may differ from a few dollars to thousands of dollar as per your choice. However it is advised to be a pro on a budgeted one before investing grand bucks.

Drone History

The inchoation of drones began in early 1900s and was originally planned to be restricted to military usage and none others. Later, an agency named CIA initiated the usage in 2002 during a military operation held somewhere in Afghanistan.

Nevertheless the circumscriptions somehow widened with time and the acceptance stretched to commercial and even recreational concepts.

The 4-rotor design to these quad copters enhances its reliability. As of 2012, USAF has put to use a number of 7494 UAVs. Also 50 countries in the world are reported to be active drone users. The commercial usage of the drones marks USA as the leading enthusiast. There have also been certain development measures and countermeasures incorporated by FAA for the use of drones in commercial aspects.

The progressive decline of manufacturing cost of the drones has allowed the manufacturers to lower the prices and make it quite affordable for the users.

Henceforth, drones have also fascinated media and news houses to use them for optimum purposes.


UAVs are the all new trend-setters that tend to administer the techno-era by eliminating complexities. Despite of the regulations as prescribed by FAA, the statistics of the drone using hobbyists have agreeably increased. In fact, the hobbyists, commercial users have popularized it to the extent where all age groups are into the deed of buying one, nurturing their passion of aerial photography and enjoying the pleasing experience of flying drones.

What’s Good About A Camera Drone – And Why Buy U.A.V.

The unmanned aerial vehicle is not limited to military use, just like flying in general it is not used primarily for military use but the primary use of the skill of flying is that of convenience. To have access to the true three dimensional travel and observing is very much so a convenience, it enables one to view the world from the third dimension, from the bird eye view. It can be used to check on structures that are not easily accessible because of the height or other obstructions in the way.

It was also previously possible with the use of a hot air balloon, but it was more expensive and time consuming. Unlike hot air balloons, gliders, paraglide and real size planes and helicopters the U.A.V or a drone for the civilian use is more like a toy size, which is affordable to purchase and inexpensive to operate.

The joy of flying via a remotely controlled U.A.V is in most part in the modern invention of the digital technology in video and still photography. It is also in the real time visual monitor view from the flying U.A.V that makes it so much fun.

The applications are many, the range of products in drones and U.A.V’s available is numerous, and there are toy size drones suitable for indoor use, other drones suitable for outdoor use.

The basic elements to consider is how high does the U.A.V need to fly, how long for, are there any factors that can be harmful to the U.A.V and potentially work against the joy of flying, e.g. wind, air currents, trees, power lines and bodies of water.

The wrong use of the U.A.V is becoming more of a concern for some people because of the potential disregard to personal privacy. There are the unwanted intrusions of privacy that has become more apparent with the new technologies available, criminal elements with fraudulent intensions to steal and rob others for material gain. But there are also other instruments that can be used for spying on others, if there is apparent need, or just being disillusioned; mobile phones, digital cameras, binoculars, tape recorders, phone numbers, and street address, all that spy stuff that can be seen on movies.

Unlike the above instruments drones are not silent, hidden microphones/cameras and phone taps are silent ears and eyes, but a domestic drone is relatively loud when it is flying. It could potentially fly into someone’s back yard during a busy traffic or absence of the occupants and land on a tree and view what is happening on someone’s back yard, also listen with an audio microphone, and depart 24 hours later, or at some other convenient time. But it sound very much a twisted banal preoccupation, but has been and still are people selling specialized “spy on other people” gadgets, for some people to alleviate their paranoia.

The military U.A.V has much more stealth and far more distance between the platform and the target; they are multimillion dollar platforms that entirely at a different scale to the UAV and drones that are available for a few hundred dollars. The U.A.V for a domestic use is a relatively loud flying object; it can have 3,4,6,8 rotors, with as many electrical motors that increase in volume.

You won’t sneak up on anyone while the engines are running, gliding past on a single wing could be stealth without anybody taking any notice, if they are face down on a beach or if their eyes are closed. There are many good reasons as to why buy a toy drone or a U.A.V, here are some of them: fly indoors, dust the top of cupboards, fly and view the world from the sky, view the local environment from above, take images and video footage from the sky, check the roof for any damage, a new hobby, learn the new skill of remotely flying a U.A.V, and possibly many other environmental and regional reasons.

Depending on the personal interest and need, indoors, outdoors and the entry level for this new hobby, and whether kids will use it un-supervised by an adult, there are several levels to choose from; a toy drone, a serious toy, or an U.A.V.

Which every entry level is chosen it is a new challenge to master, flying via a remote control can be a great discipline, coordination for the cognitive mind and for a sharp eye, yet another reason as to why buy U.A.V.

How to Decide On Which Racing Drone to Buy

About a few years ago from now, if one thought about buying a racing drone, it would be cited as a crazy decision, but over the past few years, the progress that this technology has made is something that has created a buzz. Whether it is for the development of commercial applications or for their amazing technology and popularity, these racing drones have gained a lot of footage.

Here’s a list of things you should consider before you decide upon which racing drone you should buy:

Understand what you want it for.

If you are a beginner, you probably want a drone because you have watched a lot of videos captured from racer drones in the air and you would really love to make some of your own now by flying it around the city and see from the angles and perspectives that you were not able to access earlier. Once you know how important the usage is for you, you can choose what features you want in your racing drone, the main features being:

HD Video Recording

Nowadays even racing drones come with cameras that have the technology to film high definition videos from up in the air, and if you take the filming seriously and would like to show it off later, go for the ones with HD Camera. Almost all racer drones come with one nowadays.

GPS Navigation

While some of the flyer racing drones have inbuilt GPS capabilities, there are also some that do not come with this feature and you might need to get one installed separately. If you would like to race the drones to far-off places, it is better to buy a racing drone that’s the GPS capability already enabled only by investing a few extra bucks in it.

Remote Control Capability

The drones available in the market come with some exceptional capabilities like remote that can be handled via your phone rather than the old fashioned handheld remotes. Therefore, whatever you decide upon, make sure that it has the most recent technological advances to back it.

There also happen to be Wi-Fi hotspot facilities that allow live streaming of videos on your phone. With the technology of racing drones reaching new heights every day, it is time that you settle on the best one for yourself and experience the joy of being a proud owner of one and upgrade the excitement level.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone – Review

The Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone is another improvement that has been added to the DJI’s Phantom series. With a fully stabilized 3-axis 4K UHD video camera, this drone is surely a masterpiece when it comes to taking high-resolution videos and quality photos.

Package Content

The 4K UHD video camera drone can be purchased at a highly competitive price of $1,127.00 (Quadcopter only). With an additional battery, you can also get it at the cost of $1,259.00. A few other accessories that make it worthwhile include 4k UHD video camera with fully stabilized 3-axis gimbal. The inclusion of Lightbridge digital streaming makes viewing of 720p video possible. Flight battery and rechargeable remote controller make the machine fully set to fly. The drone has also been fitted with DJI Pilot app for iOS and Android for possible live viewing and total camera management. This product is restricted to flying within 15 miles radius of the White House.

The box contents are:

Detailed Description

The Phantom 3 Professional continues to maintain the innovation and creative qualities that the DJI’s Phantom series is known for. The fully stabilized 3-axis 4K UHD video camera provides a cutting edge for crispy, smooth videos, and for still photos. The inclusion of a new generation of Lightbridge technology is to make it quite easy for 720p HD digital streaming of live video straight from the drone. Controlling of the camera and seeing a video in real time is possible as one flies this best quality drone.

The DJI Pilot app’s advanced features enable you to share videos as they are produced. The Phantom Professional also comes with optical and ultrasonic sensors also known as Vision Positioning, to allow you to fly this drone indoors even when GPS signally is absent. It also has all features expected in any DJI drone. These include high-power flight battery, a powerful mobile app for Android devices or iOS, GPS navigation including auto takeoffs and auto landings, and a built-in safety database which contains a list of no-fly zones.


DJI has put some restriction measures in place to prevent your device from being able to operate within a 15 miles radius of the White House. Also included in this no-fly zone are Arlington, Silver Spring, Prince Georges County, Montgomery County and Falls Church. Your engine is automatically shut off once in this zone, even though DJI does not warn you of this issue before making your purchase. However, once you are out of the 15 miles radius, your drone should work perfectly fine.

How to Start Off?

Operating the 4K UHD video camera drone is quite simple. You only need to slot in the Lipo battery into the compartment under the V-Cam, and then add the AA batteries in the transmitters and you are good to go. The moment you switch on the system, red light flashes on to let you know that the drone is ready to go.

How to Make Your Own Drone

Making your own drone is a fun task that can be exciting and also beneficial to you depending on what you need it for. A lot of people enjoy making drones as science projects because they have a nice look to them and the idea behind them is pretty neat. A drone is also commonly referred to as an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV. You have probably heard about these in terms of the military. The military uses drones and UAVs to fly over areas and keep an eye on them. The cool factor behind a UAV is that is can automatically fly without having to have a pilot directing and flying it. A UAV will be set to launch and also land using a radio control but once it is in the air, it can be set to auto fly.

To make a drone you will need a few different items to be able to construct it properly and get the best use out of it. The first thing you will need to start with is an RC plane or any type of RC pane that you can get such as a quadcopter, tricopter, helicopter, or the like. You are able to purchase the RC plane with an autopilot feature already included but they typically do not come with one. Once you have the plan or helicopter, you will need to purchase an autopilot for the device. An autopilot is a device that will allow your UAV to run without anyone controlling it and continue to fly in the sky. You can purchase an autopilot from any store that sells them, typically online. The autopilot will also include software that is built in which allows it to operate as it needs to. This software allows you to designate how you want the UAV to fly and also for how long.

Once you have the helicopter and the autopilot, you can consider adding a device typically referred to as a payload. This is a device used for taking pictures, recording voice, or video transmission. The payload can be set to snap pictures every so often or continuously.

Once you have all of the accessories, you can begin constructing the UAV and connecting the autopilot. Set the pilot and payload to the exact specifications that you want and then you are ready to go. Sometimes you can even buy already constructed UAVs if you feel you may not be able to completely construct it yourself.

UAVs are a great recreational device and are fun to use. It is wise to look into the laws and regulations regarding the use of them in your area. Always make sure that you are using them for recreational purposes and not to spy as this can create trouble with the law. UAVs are fairly easy to construct and you can easily have days of fun once you land your drone and look over the pictures. Have fun with you drone and make it unique.

AR Drone Helicopter – More Than a Gadget!

The official AR Drone helicopter reviews have suggested that the product is worth a buy to suit the teenagers’ pocket. The product contains advanced functionality compared to last version. They are far better than the conventional helicopters toys operated from a control panel or remote. The latest product utilizes high end mechanical and electronic AR Drone equipment. The equipment involves 4 rotors, 2 high quality cameras, and a remote control panel to manage the movement of the helicopter. With the inclusion of the latest technology features, the iPod and iPhone can also act as the control panel to manage the movements.

As per the AR Drone reviews, the device uses a Wi-FI network to send video and images over a wireless signal. The heads up display interface is displayed on the iPhone, iPod, or iPad through the wireless network and processor on the iPod, iPhone or iPad confirms the location and images received. The images are sent to the receiver iPhone at high quality and fast streaming rates. This is one of the versatile qualities of the drone helicopter which sets them apart. The company Parrot has manufactured some advanced AR Drone equipment to increase the user experience and technical functions. Through touch devices like iPhone, the experience gets better. They can control the movement of the devices by the touch signals.

The Drone documentation points that the Linux OS is used to operate and manage the gaming interface and has been optimized to increase the user experience. Linux is one of the safest and secure operating systems and is used in many applications. It is written in strong and secure coding style making the applications robust and strong. It is important that USB option available in drone helicopter should be utilized to receive upgrades and extensions from the internet. This will help to download compatible games and stay connected with the latest updates. Parrot has invested a huge amount of investment in drone helicopter equipment and has manufactured the helicopter keeping open source support to technology.

The open source implies that the device does not depend on a specific interface. In the published Drone helicopter reviews, users can feel relaxed to know the auto-pilot mode has been strengthened and battery time has been stabilized to enjoy the gadget experience. It is definitely worth buying because the speed and performance of the new AR Drone helicopter is better than the previous. It costs only $ 300 to acquire the AR Drone helicopter and available online for instant purchase. It is important that users must check the authorized affiliate stores to avoid scam products.

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