Let Mr. Bartend your next party

Bartend your next party
Let Mr. Bartend your next party
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Bartenders can be quite expensive, which is why only fancy parties have them. But with the new Kickstarter campaign, sir, you do not have to spend a lot of money every time you party. Sir is an artificially intelligent robotic bartender who will always serve you the perfect drink and learn your personal tastes and suggest you new ones. He has learned thousands of drinks and can expertly make them at the touch of a button. Just use the touch screen to browse the list of cocktails with beautiful pictures and interesting information about each drink. The accuracy of its software and pumps allows features like the force slider: choose ‘normal’ or ‘light’ or ‘boss’. Over time, Sir will learn your taste for pre-adjusting your drinks so you do not have to. Use the “Surprise Me” option to try something new and it will make you a succulent drink that will probably be your new favorite drink.



But you can also customize your Mister by downloading a theme pack. Sir comes pre-loaded with 12 different theme packs each containing about 25 drinks in each theme. Theme packages include: modern, Tiki bar, sports bar, cigar bar, Irish pub, Cinco De Mayo, classic, girls’ party, happy holidays, Mardi Gras, alcohol-free, modern.With automatic recharge, the device can send a grocery list or you can activate the automatic reload option, which informs your local liquor store to schedule a delivery (specific to the location) via SMS or email. And its mobile app allows you to order your drink from anywhere and you can share what you thought of drinking with all your friends on social media. Get the Mr. Minis with four pumps promising $ 1,499 and the biggest with eight pumps for $ 2,299 or more.


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