LiveSmart 360 Review – The First 30 Days

LiveSmart 360 Review
LiveSmart 360 Review – The First 30 Days
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LiveSmart 360 made their global launch May 15th with all the hype afford every other network marketing company that came before it. The company promised much more than any of the others, however. So how does their report card look at the end of the first 30 days in business? They chose a very innovative pre-launch strategy of simply signing free members with little information other than it would be “the last network marketing company you will ever join”. Then they opened the flood gates to over 160,000 members.

The first week of business showed a total of over one million dollars in sales. This of course can be traced to the influx of all the new members wanting to take advantage of the various starter packs offered by LiveSmart 360. The next two weeks shifted focus to getting the remaining free members to upgrade before the deadline. They had a good business strategy and plan going forward to bring additional members into the fold.

The company does not get very good marks for getting the first week orders out in a timely manner as some members were still lodging complaints that they had not yet received orders by the third week of business. I think I can cut them some slack here since the huge influx of orders had to be quite a mountain to climb.

During the next week or so while they worked to coordinate all the responsibilities and bonuses for that first wave of members, the IT group worked very diligently upgrading the member back office to bring it up to professional standards (improvements are still in progress as of this writing). Several members seemed to be concerned as to why it was taking so long to calculate these bonuses as the expected pay date was postpon several times. However the leaders explained that they wanted to make sure all the responsibilities were accurate and everyone received the “rank” they had earned that first couple of weeks. All and all, even though the responsibilities were calculated much later than first expected, they did a good job making sure that membership was kept informed as to the progress.

Finally, once they had all orders processed they updated the Lock Your Spot. site, which is the marketing arm of LiveSmart 360, to launch the next wave of prospecting for recruits. They did a fair job of revamping the site including a marketing plan of offering a free trial for sign-ups. They failed to change the intro video very much except to say that they had a launch date. Otherwise it was pretty much the same as the pre-launch video. I think they should have made mention of the trial offer in the video rather than only on the sign-up page. We will see if this strategy works as well as the first wave which produced over 160,000 pre-launch members.


The company did a pretty good job of getting things pulled together after the launch even though some things took much longer than anticipated. After all is said and done I think LiveSmart 360 leaders did a pretty good job faced with a daunting task. With everything now in place to run everyday operations more smoothly, the future looks bright for this new MLM company.

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