Martin Aircraft is almost ready to sell you a Jetpack

Martin Aircraft is almost ready to sell you a Jetpack
Martin Aircraft is almost ready to sell you a Jetpack
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This is one of the dreams of all the nerds who went to see The Rocketeer; strapping in your own personal jetpack and take in the sky. While you probably will not be able to take off the ground and touch Mach 2 anytime soon, the jetpack is, in fact, almost ready to be sold to the general public.

Rocketeering of real life

First of all, know that even if it’s a jetpack, it’s a relatively slow speed: the maximum speed is only 46 miles per hour, so it’s probably even faster to do the shuttle with a car, especially since it is unlikely that your boss wants to let you land on the roof. But, unlike many of the models that have been announced, it’s really a jetpack; you fly using jets, powered by a premium gas tank.

Less on distance, more on height

Of course, you will not go very far either; the suggested range for the craft is about twenty miles. But that’s not really the goal, as Martin Aircraft has demonstrated more than once. Although it is sold to the public, the first units are not aimed at rich people but at emergency helpers, with the idea that they can fly over rough terrain, land and start giving help while other services come by land. help.

An expensive dream


Finally, as you may have guessed, it’s not going to be cheap. You will have to pay a deposit of $ 5,000, but it is only a deposit of $ 200,000 that you will pay if you want to fly like an eagle and risk running out of gas a few thousand feet in the air.

But, come on, $ 200,000 is well worth it, especially since your other alternative is to jump from an airplane with a small plane attached to your back.

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