New Study Shows More Standing Benefits for Women

More Standing Benefits for Women
New Study Shows More Standing Benefits for Women
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We are interested in the topic of high quality desks for the money, and we are particularly interested in the American Journal of Epidemiology on the limitations of standing desks.

The study is a large one, encompassing more than 7,300 people who work at least 15 hours a week in various industries. These workers were divided into groups based on their job entailed. Then their health, especially their risk of heart disease.

The results of this study are the result of their jobs.

The primary reason to be able to get into the blood flow through the human body: when standing up, what blood can be done, which can exacerbate heart problems? .


All right, let’s see how much of this can be applied to standing desks. First, this study does not seem to be reliable. It is a good practice, such as socio demographics and work variables, which is a good sign. However, there are a couple of important things to do.

Notably, the results were different between men and women. Like, really different. According to the study, it is possible to have a higher risk for men, but it does not really matter if you’re a guy. Of course, with adjustable standing desks you have an option to sit where you want, they are well-suited to this combination.

We will not only be able to provide services, but they can also increase productivity. So do you feel good about your situation for the rest of your life?


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