Nikon D3300 Review

Nikon D3300 Review
Nikon D3300 Review
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The new to the idea of digital SLR photography have two options: Bet everything in terms of gear, potentially spending a few thousand dollars, or look for a good model to end low market prices as a beginner camera. This  D3300 Nikon review  presents a model that fits the latter description, though, despite that it was still in our best reflex camera list in 2016 .. He has good versatility in the areas that really matter, especially with low image quality of light and a great mix of automatic and manual control functions.

If you are still learning about photography, looking for a better digital SLR camera for beginners is a good idea, saving you money, and the D3300 fits this description. Nikon has given the abundance pattern of special effects features that are fun to use and easy to use on-screen guide to help you properly adjust settings.


Summary:   For a digital SLR entry, the Nikon D3300’s versatile features for photographers of varying skill levels, allowing it to work well both as a simple camera in fully automatic mode and an intermediate digital SLR using patterns taken of the manual control.

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   Very versatile digital entry level SLR with a great price point too.

Price:   396.95 $ Amazon
Available:   April 2014
Model:   Nikon D3300

What we liked

  • minimal noise in low light images
  • 24 megapixel resolution works well in the size of image sensor APS-C
  • Camera offers fast performance viewfinder
  • One of the smallest Nikon digital SLR has a great price point
  • Also works well in automatic mode or manual control mode

What we have not

  • Lack touchscreen capability on the LCD screen, which would be great for beginners
  • No WiFi option
  • The camera’s pop-up flash must be opened manually
  • Live View mode causes the camera to work lazily
  • Only the autofocus system 11 points

Nikon D3300 DSLR Key Features

Type Image Sensor full frame
megapixels 50,6
optical Zoom NA, uses EF mount interchangeable lenses
LCD Touch Screen rouge-x-icon
Viewfinder green check mark
HD video green check mark
ISO 100-12800
Avg Battery life 700 photos
Weight 29,8 oz (corps)
Cut 5.98 x 4.58 x 3.01 inches
Price 3399 $
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Design and construction

Nikon D3300 camera reviews

The Nikon D3300 is smaller than the average DSLR camera, but it still creates beautiful looking images.

The Nikon D3300 has each manual control functions that you’d expect to find in a DSLR camera, including the manual mode, aperture priority or shutter priority, all on a mode dial. But for those who are new to digital SLR photography, Nikon has done a great job of including too automatic, easy to use with this device.

A feature for those new to digital SLR photography is the recommended mode of the Nikon D3300. The guide explains the features of the display of the camera you turn, and it can even help you make changes to parameters D3300 when you want to perform certain tasks. This type of help mode screen is simply not found on advanced cameras or other digital SLR cameras, making the D3300 camera for inexperienced photographers or those who are new to the digital photography or new to digital SLR photography.

As with most DSLR cameras, you can shoot in two modes with the D3300 – Live View modes and viewfinder. This Nikon model works quickly when you are in the viewfinder, providing a minimal shutter lag and shot the catch delays. But if you switch to Live View mode, where you frame the scene using the LCD screen as you would with one of the best point and shoot camera s, the time of the shutter can be 1 second or longer. -you Prepare to be checked from time to time in the gloom of the Live View camera when you miss a shot due to shutter lag or shot catches delays.

The D3300 also offers only an autofocus system 11 points, which ranks behind most other DSLR cameras and explains some slow performance in Live View mode of this camera.

When cameras DSLR review, make sure to look at the Nikon D3300 against a Nikon D5300, which features the D5300 has a higher price of about $ 200. And the Nikon D3300 vs D5300 comparison also shows that the D5300 has desirable features including an LCD screen and integrated WiFi tiltable. One way Nikon D3300 DSLR maintained at a lower price is not offering these features.

Image quality

Nikon D3300 DSLR designed around an APS-C image sensor with 24.2 megapixel resolution, which results in a very good image quality. The image quality of D3300 outperforms most models you will find in this price range.

Another feature of this model which leads to a high image quality is Nikon removed the anti-aliasing filter of the image sensor. While you run the risk of moiré without anti-aliasing filter, this is a rare problem with modern image sensors. Thus, manufacturers are more often abducted this filter to allow for sharper images, and it works well with the D3300.

When comparing the D3300 to D5500 Nikon review, you’ll see two cameras have nearly identical image sensor, both in terms of physical size and the number of megapixels of resolution, allowing the image quality two cameras remain somewhat similar. But the price point of D5500 is almost double that of the D3300, because it contains a multitude of additional features like an LCD touch screen and a tilting LCD screen.

Low light performance and video mode

Nikon D3300 camera review

Many buttons allow you to easily change the settings of D3300.

Against comparable cameras, the Nikon D3300 digital SLR camera works very well in low light situations of photography. incorrect pixels (Noise) are minimal in dark scenes, if you choose to use the pop-up flash of D3300 or increase the ISO setting close to maximum native setting 12800. camera (ISO 25600 Large setting a is also available, but it provides some noise.) You can also add an external flash to the hot shoe of the camera.

With auto focus full time, the video recording capabilities of the D3300 are stronger than other DSLR entry. You’ll have access to full HD recording with the Nikon D3300 up to 60 frames per second, which is above average performance compared to similarly priced models.

Battery life

Battery life is one area where the D3300 easily won a Nikon D3300 vs Canon T5i comparison. Nikon believes that the D3300 can record up to 700 pictures per battery charge, while the T5i is rated for up to 440 shots per charge.

Keep in mind that battery life estimates are primarily for the use of these digital SLR cameras in the viewfinder and not live view mode. Tests show that the use of Live View mode causes the life of the battery by about half for the D3300 to what you get with the camera mainly in the viewfinder.


DSLR cameras can be expensive, especially when you add the cost of the additional hardware – beyond the body of the device, such as lenses and flash units. So if you need a versatile DSLR camera at a low price point, the Nikon D3300 DSLR is a great option. It provides 24.2 megapixels of resolution and excellent image quality, which is great to find in a DSLR camera under $ 500. When this pattern matching compared to its predecessor, the Nikon D3300 vs D3200 comparison shows the D3300 has a longer battery life and better image quality in low light, both of which are desirable characteristics.

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