Online Predators – The Dangers Behind a Webcam

The Dangers Behind a Webcam
Online Predators – The Dangers Behind a Webcam
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Technology is a wonderful development. Computers, for example, can do everything but fry you an egg. With so many new bells and whistles, computers have made the Internet a hunting ground for child predators. Webcams make it easy for child predators to have access to your child in ways you can not imagine.

Did you realize that by having a webcam you can actually talk to someone through your computer and see them face to face. Using webcams, children can send their image across cyberspace.

It’s new technology so this excites the curiosity and excitation of children. Sites like You Tube allow all of us to show our videos to the world so if your child makes a webcam of themselves and they upload that to You Tube and it will stay there forever. Once uploaded, these videos can be seen by anyone anywhere.

There are some helpful reasons for having a webcam.

Webcams are often better than writing letters when people are separated. Service men and women can see their families when they are away from home. Webcams allow us to see people in the flesh, as they really are.

Webcams can also be used to help us improve our education. We can attend ‘classes’ online and see a real tutor.

What’s the negative side of Webcams

Whenever we take a step forward in technological development someone will always find an illegal or unsavory application for it and Online Predators will use webcams to obtain sexual images of children. Sending messages to children in chatrooms is one thing but webcams allow child predators to see them in the flesh. It’s very worried.

Anyone using a webcam can post their webcam address so it can be located by friends. people do this on Social sites to show their friends, little realizing that their feed can be discovered by anyone around the world. The feed can be tapped into by online predators who make contact with the sender.

The predator does not arouse any suspicion. The predator will manipulate your child into believing they are a friend and asking them to use bad language or to dress in particular clothes. Some children will be easily enticed by money to do something they know is naughty but without understanding they are satisfying the person’s sexual needs.

How can a parent protect their child

You can tell your child when and how the webcam must be used. Keep the webcam in an open area of ​​your house. Children should not and need not have a webcam in their own bedrooms.

Inform your children that what they post on the Internet can be seen by millions of other people. Your child might believe it’s just a laugh to rude on camera in front of their friends on the Social Network site but others may find it sexually stimulating. There is nothing to stop the people who receive your child’s video from posting it to others as long as they have the link.

If our children have not already learned how to make correct decisions we need to help them and guide them in the right direction. We all need to understand the dangers of using webcams but we can also continue to use them for happy events.

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