Pentax K-S2 DSLR Review

pentax k s2 review
Pentax K-S2 DSLR Review
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Photographers digital SLRs tend to be brand loyal. Ask a room full of brand DSLR photographers who they prefer, and you will almost certainly begin a passionate argument between Canon and Nikon loyalists. But do not mistake, Pentax DSLR owners deserve to have a voice in the discussion. Advanced Pentax cameras provide many of the same features as the Canon and Nikon models, like my  review DSLR Pentax K-S2  shows.

The camera Pentax K-S2 did a good job of mixing automatic and manual control settings, allowing this model works well as best DSLR camera for beginners. Its easy to use features allow you to have success first with the camera and your photography skills improve, you can take manual control functions.


Summary:  input digital SLR that includes test of time in the body of the camera and a good range of easy to use and advanced shooting options.

WHY IS A TOP PICK:  Weather proofed coating makes this DSLR robust artist

Price:   $ 509.99 with the 18-50mm kit lens
available:   February 2015

What we liked

  • weather sealed camera body provides basic protection
  • Very good picture quality in all lighting conditions
  • LCD is hinged
  • Offers good value for a digital SLR camera

What we have not

  • The video quality is lagging behind the other DSLRs entry
  • Only 11 points of autofocus, although nine are cross-type AF points
  • Can not have enough advanced features to appeal to everyone, but beginners
  • Burst mode options could be better

Design and construction

pentax k s2 backScreen 3 inch K B2 with 921,000 dots

During my test Pentax K-S2, I really enjoyed the feel of this camera. It is in my hand well, and his weight is well balanced when using it with the kit lens. It is also lighter and smaller than most photo Canon or Nikon cameras like the Nikon D810.

The K-S2 is the most efficient model fast, and you will be especially impressed if you’re more familiar with the best point and shoot cameras there – there. The Pentax K-S2 model works particularly quickly during the use of the viewfinder, which has a 100% coverage of the scene. You can also use the LCD screen to frame the scenes, although the “Live View” mode will slow the camera’s performance. And the screen can be rotated from the camera body while offering 921,000 pixel resolution, which equates to an impressive display in this price.

Ricoh, which manufactures cameras under the brand name Pentax, gave the K-S2 a traditional mode dial, some of his predecessors have disappeared, making this model easier to use. It also has a flash unit pop-up that works well, or you can add an external flash to the hot shoe.

One reason that Canon and Nikon are the popular choice among digital SLR photographers is because of the large number of interchangeable lenses available for them. Remember – you our introductory article – What – what a digital SLR camera? – that every DSLR has a special lens mount on which only certain objectives suit. Lenses are less available for mounting Pentax KAF2 only for Canon and Nikon cameras. Although there is a beautiful collection lens for Pentax digital SLR cameras,

The weatherproof material covering the body of the camera from Pentax K-S2 is a great feature of this device, and something that is not commonly found on other digital SLRs. Although this coating does not make the K-S2 capable of working under water or in heavy rain without additional protection, it provides basic protection in a light rain.

Image quality

pentax k s2 screen openselfie the way anyone? The 3 inch K S2 can open, swivel and rotate.

The image sensor K-S2 APS-C size contains 20.1 million pixels, which is an impressive number of all starting DSLR. The size of image sensor APS-C is significantly larger than what is in the best models in the compact digital camera list, although the APS-C sensors are smaller than is found with DSLRs advances.

Ricoh gave this DSLR camera with 11 points autofocus entrance, which is a bit behind most digital SLRs on the market. But nine AF points are cross-type, which is more desirable than other types of focus points, allowing the K-S2 to perform well, picking up even sharp focus in low light scenes.

Images taken with the objective of K-S2 kit were pretty good, as Ricoh tend to offer pretty nice kit lens for its Pentax DSLRs. You always want to migrate to richer functionality and well built at one time lenses, but the kit lens easily meet the needs of most from entry level photographers.

You can shoot Full HD video resolution with K-S2, but unfortunately does not offer 4K video. quality video recording has never been a strength of DSLR Pentax. While K-S2 outperforms some Pentax models older DSLRs in terms of video recording, it still lags behind the Canon and Nikon models.

Burst options is a bit below average with the Pentax K-S2 compared to other DSLRs. The size of the buffer, it is limited to about 30 JPEG or 10 RAW photos before the device needs to pause to copy the data on the memory card. These figures are not able to compete with most of the best digital SLR cameras.


If you are looking for some more advanced features in your digital SLR, the K-S2 may not meet your needs. It is a digital basic entry-SLR. When considering the you will find the K-3 Pentax K-S2 vs K-3 has a display on the top panel, more points of autofocus, and a larger buffer storage area for fashion more efficient burst. But the price point of around $ 500 for the camera and kit lens is extremely desirable, leaving much less than the price of K-3. Do not be shouted down by Canon and Nikon users: The Pentax K-S2 can not come from the two largest manufacturers, but is a solid first DSLR and well considered.

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