PopMask allows you to wear everyone’s face

PopMask allows you to wear everyone’s face
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Since Mission: Impossible has popularized the idea, it’s something we’ve always wanted to do; own a mask so realistic that we can deceive others. Unfortunately, doing this is much more difficult than you think: just ask the Mythbusters. But you can still get the mask, or something like that, through PopMask.

Front face

PopMask comes from the rather bizarre company that also brought you PillowMob, which is basically slapping your face on a pillow and then leaving it on your couch to freak people out. And, realistically, the technology is pretty much the same, just with masks instead of pillows. Yet the results are … something special. Also potentially very scary, depending on the situation and the photo you choose, because really, you are running wearing someone’s face. It’s probably something you do not see very often. At least we hope not.


Regarding the process itself, you submit a photo of the face you want to wear. You will need to make sure that the face in question is uniformly lit so that all the details will be transferred correctly: Think about the photo of the passport, not the snapshot. Then you have just scored a few points to make sure that the mask makes sense and that you can wear it and then ship it. A little time and $ 20 later, you have someone’s face that you can wear and potentially some new entries in other databases.



OK, I’ll stop with word games. I would say I wonder how the subjects of this process will feel after receiving a charge from your mask (Hey, this is not a pun, if it’s true.) But, if you have no qualms about to wear someone else’s face, and can get a good photo of them and $ 20, you can play scary jokes on your friends!

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