Steelcase Leap Office Chair Review

Steelcase Leap Office Chair Review
Steelcase Leap Office Chair Review
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Although new and improved looks always attract the attention of consumers, sometimes proven can still triumph. As in the environment ergonomic desk chair, where a model has been around for over 10 years with a single updated version remains one of the best office chair in 2017 of the options you will find. My  office chair review Steelcase Leap  will show how this rate of long-term design against newer counterparts on the market.


Summary:   Strong design and great build quality have enabled the office Steelcase Leap chair to remain a major player on the market for fresh furniture for many years.

WHY IS A TOP PICK:   chair tried and true design apportesoutien etconfort

Price:   $ 799 1 $ 924 (depending on the design choices)
Available:  Now

What we liked

  • A good lumbar support that is adjustable
  • Very comfortable to use for long periods
  • Dozens of different combinations of colors and design available
  • Excellence in build quality; feels very sturdy

What we have not

  • Armrest design is not quite as good as what is available on the new office chair models
  • Price rises quickly if you choose leather and other options upscale design
  • May take a few days to adjust the chair to suit your needs just

Design and construction

Steelcase Leap Chair

Or headrest without headrest – you decide.

Steelcase Leap chair covers her in dozens of different colors in fabric or leather, so you can order custom design to fit any type of color scheme and design you have in an office. The colors range from basic black to bright orange and yellow to deep blue and gray if you choose fabric upholstery, while the leather colors are limited to more neutral and dark colors.

The frame is available in polished aluminum, platinum or black, all that elegant look in the overall design of the chair. You can also select the design of arms, headrest, and the wheels, allowing you to customize the Steelcase leap to adapt what is necessary in your office. You can even choose more design chair with a footrest in a circle down, this design should fit your office better. It’s great to have so many items to customize in an office chair.

The backrest and the seat cushion are made of polyurethane foam, providing a good combination of comfort and support. And the material in the seat cushion feels very durable, which should allow it to keep its shape throughout the working day, which can be a problem on cheaper office chairs. Leap chairs are designed to support up to 300 pounds of weight without losing performance.

And President Leap is nearly 100% recyclable, which is a great bonus feature.

I ajustabilité

A large office chair should provide a lot of support in the lower back, and the office chair Leap excels here. You can adjust the bottom to support the firmness of the back, as well as the setting of the support zone in the middle of the back.

An interesting aspect of the jump Steelcase is the ability to completely remove the arm of the chair without compromising the stability of the unit. And you can order replacement parts from a Steelcase dealer if wearing parts after a few years of use. However, you must order the headrest and back in one piece.

Leap Steelcase contains adjustable armrests in four directions, that is great. However, the design of Leap comprises conventional telescopic arms of models, where some newer chairs, like Gesture Steelcase, have more of a ball and socket design in the arms, which allow larger adjustments in all directions.


While the Steelcase leap at first glance may not seem very comfortable, looks can be deceiving. The jump is one of those chairs that when you sit down, you pause for a second, just to enjoy how it feels, before going to work. You will need to spend a few hours to a few days to get a good idea of ​​the chair and make the adjustments necessary to achieve a maximum level of comfort, but it’s worth the time you invest in established and adjustments.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of Leap office chair is the variable back stop and depth adjustable seat, you can adjust the amount of pressure needed to support your preferred angle of inclination in the chair. And the chair automatically adjusts the seat slides forward and back, relieve pressure on your knees as you lean back. If you are someone who likes to lean back as you think, this chair does a good job supporting you without making you feel like you might lose your balance or putting pressure on your knees by forcing you to lift your feet On the ground.

You may notice that the jump can be a little uncomfortable if you are in an office where you can not control the room temperature. Mesh office chairs can be supported cooler than the strong back of the jump, especially for someone who sweats easily. I have not noticed a major problem with sweating during my tests, but some people might. Ultimately, I prefer the solid case against this chair mesh chair, as the jump is better for someone who needs lumbar support to prevent a bad back after a long day of sitting.


If you’re only interested in new designs for office chairs, you’ll probably be past the jump Steelcase looking for a newer model. After all, the original Steelcase Leap chair won best Wall Street Journal office … Price in 2005. But do not let her fool you age. Steelcase continues to offer the Leap office chair because he is a great design, offering a strong combination of comfort and reliability. You can order the Steelcase leap in a variety of patterns, which is helpful. Just keep in mind that some design improvements can double or almost triple the cost base of the chair.

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