UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker Review

UE Roll 6 speakers
UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker Review
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Radical and practice? This could better describe newer EU very portable high – Bluetooth speaker, the EU roller. The once helmet company unveiled the roll it a few weeks ago. And while I could nab it beforehand, I have turned to the test to ensure that I can provide a thoughtful examination. So here goes.


The EU has just roll in one form, but in a variety of finishes. And I do not mean black, yellow or green. Although they offer black, purple and blue. But there are also fun (and colorways names) such as Reef, Piñata and Sriracha. Of course, it keeps things spicy. Like their Origami inspired packaging.

Any of the best high – Bluetooth speaker is sealed, and well done so with a rubber support and a tissue as the face – even the buttons are covered in fabric. The speaker power buttons and the required pair. They are on the back, which is how will primarily be placed EU roller; on his back, at least when it does not hang up.

On the face are the EU signature buttons; more and less to do than you know what. press them together and a voice sound will indicate the remaining life of the battery. The tag is made of fabric. And while it’s a nice touch that makes the speaker feel a little more organic, it is just for show.


EU Roll-7

But it is not for the show is the elastic cord attached to the back. It is quite possibly the best thing to never, yes, never happen to a Bluetooth speaker. Hanging on a door or a shower is an understatement. But less obvious, or perhaps in my painfully obvious case is strapping the handlebars of a bicycle. Other Bluetooth speakers have tried to solve this problem by providing what ultimately becomes a heavy frame. The EU roller UE is the opposite. And when the bungee jumping is not necessary, he carefully puts.

Waterproof – if you are in what’s called swimming, beaching or as some tend to do – is a default feature. As is the resistance to dirt, all thanks to a plasma coating. Officially is IPX7 EU Roll, which means it can last up submerged in a meter of water for 30 minutes without problems.

And yes, it will sink if placed in the drink. Unless of course you inflate the flotation device included, which allows you to get stares, questions and probably a few jokes. It works, though. Just inflate, insert the bungee through the holes and you are in business, provided you do not have an Olympic pool which COULD “Outrange” the 30ft speaker or range.

For more control, including power-EU roll on and off remotely, there is an application. This is not the same application as the big brothers, but the EU said they have plans to unify the roll things. With it, downloaded and paired you will be able to change the EQ EU roller and two to another EU roller for stereo sound and what should ultimately be a step better sound. EU says soon you will be able to match 3 or more with a maximum, I think, 8 speakers. For now, however, you can set an alarm and wake up to music or a simple chime.


Roll EU-8

It is a small speaker. You’ll need to give in on the low end of things. This means that it is what it is; a little “light” Bluetooth speaker. Because it is a circle actually, it provides sound cover 360, and with it the filling of the chamber. Loudness does not seem to be a problem, because it can handle especially given its physical size and weight of only 12 ounces “Awesome” is what many have called when playing at full amplitude.

Strapped to my bike handle bars, it does not move around or slide down despite being held in place by a simple but effective bungee cord. My fellow drivers do not have much to say about it, that is up until they noticed that he did not play. Thus, the EU confirms that roll absence makes the heart grow fonder (Bluetooth speakers).

Finally: the battery. It’s always a difficult question to assess. specs EU has 9 hours of use, depending on how strongly you play it. I am able to reach about 2 hours of use where a battery check said 60% of the juice was left. Not exactly 9 pm, but not bad.


Being at the top of the list of the   best high – Portable Bluetooth Speaker, t  – it the EU can not have same audio roller Gusto other high – Bluetooth speakers, but there are some things to consider. First, it is only $ 99. Second, it has an integrated elastic cord, which means it can be used wherever you can strap; Shower, bicycle, car, surfboard. Third, it is waterproof to water and dirt / dust (hello beach!). Fourth, it is very portable thanks to its slim size and weight of only 12 ounces Needless to say, there are a variety of high – Bluetooth speakers that perform the above. But good luck finding one that does all.


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