An Ultra Real Got White Walker Mask That You Must See

White Walker mask
An Ultra Real Got White Walker Mask That You Must See
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GOT, as in Game Of Thrones, has just completed its third season. If you watch the show, I know you already want more. Unfortunately, you will probably have to wait 12 months to once again attend what could be the most debating and entertaining show on television. Until then, you can take this film (or in this case TV) ready White Walker mask from Composite Effects.

Composite effects, also known as CFX, make legitimate silicone masks. Unlike a traditional Halloween mask, which simply covers the face, CFX masks actually mimic the facial expressions of the person, albeit in a limited way.

And now, the company is proposing a White Walker mask from Game of Thrones. However, it was sold as the mask of the month of May, so we do not know if they will be ready to reproduce it, but they say you can still ask. That said, the cost is well north of $ 1,000; $ 1,425 to be exact. But with that comes a strange amount of detail and realism that you would find difficult to find elsewhere. This includes long white hair, beard, and unparalleled dehydrated skin that adds the perfect touch of undead.




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