The Ultrasonic Levitation Machine You Lets Levitate Objects Using Soundwaves

The Ultrasonic Levitation Machine You Lets Levitate Objects Using Soundwaves
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You are the life of the party once you show your levitation skills! Okay, maybe you may not have the power to levitate anything personally, but with the ultrasound levitation machine, you’ll be able to demonstrate how it’s done! And you will not need a doctorate in science to do it through the Kickstarter campaign that uses sound waves to levitate objects. Developed by Richard Haberkern, the Ultrasonic Levitation Machine is the first in his series that will teach you all about the science behind technology so you can claim to be a mad scientist in the comfort of your home.

Fascinated by the sound, Haberkern was surprised to discover that there were no kits or complete circuits available on the internet and found his own. The device uses an ultrasonic sound beam that targets a reflector to levitate an object. The machine can produce an ultrasonic wave of 28,000 cycles per second with a wavelength of 12.14286 millimeters, while using up to 70 watts of power to produce an intense sound wave powerful enough to levitate objects. Because of this, you will need to wear ear plugs to limit the long-term exposure to wave pressure that the machine emits, which can damage your hearing. Haberkern also mentions that this soundwave technology could be the answer to creating a real hoverboard! Give your brain a boost by promising yourself $ 119 or more to get your own ultrasonic levitation machine, which can be used for a variety of things like impressing your friends and even as a science fair project for your children!




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