The Whisky Advent Calendar Brings Drunken Cheer To The Season

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The Whisky Advent Calendar Brings Drunken Cheer To The Season
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Holidays are a good time for most of us to start drinking, at least modestly and in some cases extravagant. And really, if you increase your alcohol intake this time of year, you should do it in a chic and tasteful way, really explore the different ways to get money all over the world. This is where the friend of all the holiday drunks that the Whiskey adventure calendar enters.

Tenor Whiskey

As you may have assumed the name, and yes, the lack of an “e” is actually important for some people, the Whiskey adventure calendar is not deceptive. You can mess up what’s in the calendar if you really want to watch, but we do not recommend it. Come on, not knowing what happens in the mix is ​​part of the fun.

What you will know is that you will get a little less than a whiskey value (or a dram, if you wish) in each bottle, that there are twenty-four bottles to enjoy and that you have a wide variety. Anything from scotch that costs hundreds for a full bottle to Japanese whiskeys to stuff you would not even have heard of will be included, and hey, drinking, that’s all in the spirit of the season, is you do not?

Whisky Business

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